Scrapping Your Car – A 4-Step Guide (UK)

When your drift car has taken one too many knocks it might just be time to let it go. We explore the best ways to scrap your car.

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All drifting enthusiasts who take their car on the road will face this situation sooner or later. Either through rust or through getting a little too carried away after playing Drift Hunters and ending up crashing their drift car.

The prospect of scrapping a car can sometimes be a little intimidating. As well as making sure you’ve got a good price for your old vehicle, you’ve got to make sure you can get the car to dismantler – and wrap up all your paperwork when you’re there.

To help, we’ve put together this quick, 4-step guide that’ll make sure you’ve ticked all the important parts of the process off your list.

Step 1 – Cherished number plate?

If you’ve got a personalised number plate that you’d like to keep, you should make sure you’ve transfered it from your vehicle before it’s scrapped (especially if you have forked out for a trick 4D number plate – you wouldn’t want to throw it in the bin when you can reuse it on your next ride). The quickest way to do this is to use the DVLA’s online service – although it’s possible to remove a registration mark through the post too.

It’s important to make sure this process is completed before the car is removed, as it can be difficult or impossible to get your number plate back after the car is dismantled and recycled.

Step 2 – Find a great quote

Although your old or damaged car might not look like it’s worth much – you might be surprised by how much dismantlers could offer. A quick and easy way to make sure you’re getting the highest possible price for your vehicle is to use a scrapping service where you can compare prices from the best local scrap yards.

If you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way and call around for quotes, make sure you’re talking to scrap yards that meet ‘Authorised Treatment Facility’ (ATF) standards. These dismantlers meet with the government and DVLA requirements needed to officially scrap a car and produce the paperwork you’ll need to prove it’s been done.

Step 3 – Organise collection

Whether your car’s failed its MOT, been damaged in an accident or has just become unreliable with age, there’s a good chance it’s no longer suitable for use on the road. If this is the case, driving it to a scrap yard isn’t an option – as the normal rules of the road still apply when you’re taking a car to a dismantler.

Virtually all scrap dealers have the means to recover your vehicle, so, it’s worth making sure this has been taken into consideration when you’re searching for quotes. Having the car collected from your location saves a lot of time and hassle when compared to trying to organise towing or otherwise moving your car.

Step 4 – Tie up your paperwork

The final part of scrapping your car involves making sure all your official DVLA paperwork is correctly filled out and returned.

As the owner or keeper of the vehicle, it’s your responsibility to make sure the DVLA are informed of any changes to ownership – including the transfer to a scrap dealer or dismantler. Fortunately, you can do this quickly and easily with section 9 of the V5C log book document.

You’ll need to complete the date of the transfer, along with the name and address details of the company collecting your car. When this section is signed and dated by both yourself and the person recovering your vehicle, you’ll be able to send it back to the DVLA at the address on the rear.

The scrap dealer will take the rest of the log book away – and will produce the paperwork you need to confirm that your car’s been officially recycled.

Lost V5? You don’t need a replacement!

Struggling to find your V5C log book for the car you’re scrapping? Don’t worry – you don’t need one to scrap your car. A letter detailing the date of the transfer, the name and address of the scrap yard you’re selling to, and both yours and the recovery driver’s signature will suffice – as long as it’s sent to the DVLA immediately after your car’s been collected.

Occasionally, a slightly unscrupulous scrap dealer might suggest they need to knock £25 off the price you’ve been offered to replace the V5C – but they don’t.

They’ll receive the documentation they need in due course – and you’ll save £25!

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