VIDEO: AE86: Raw

09/07/20137th September, 2013

I’m back again, Drifted readers! While cruising around the internet recently watching drift videos (a pretty common pastime of mine), I saw a video that featured one car with a bunch of raw clips. No music, no editing trickery, no filler, all meat. I’d had similar parts in previous videos of my own, but never actually did a full raw video… likely due to the fact that in the past I didn’t have any mountable cameras to strap to the car and really get close to the action. This past week, however, I managed to score a brand new GoPro, so I knew that I’d have to put it to the test as much as possible before the drift season is over. The result is the video you see above! All meat, no filler – AE86 goodness in the flesh. This was a fun one to edit, and I hope you enjoy watching it!

::Dan Cyr

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