VIDEO: Drift Mania at Mirabel

DMCC definitely lived up to its name of Drift Mania at the final round held at ICAR in Mirabel this past weekend. With cars making good friends with the wall fairly early in the weekend, it began to look like it would be more a weekend of survival than tight racing. Still, as the weekend progressed it developed from being dominated by wrecks to getting some really close tandem battles that really gave the judges a run for their money. In the end Pat Cyr wound up on top of the pile, with Marc Landreville and Dave Briggs just underneath. Needless to say it was a satisfying victory for the Drift Posse, as it’s been a pretty crazy rollercoaster ride of a season for this team.

For some reason I had come over all nostalgic in the process of compiling footage for this vid, so I actually edited with a bit of old school flavour that I don’t use much of these days. I’m pretty happy with the outcome I do believe, but don’t take my word for it though, watch the video and see for yourself! Enjoy!

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