VIDEO: DH Showreel 2010

Posted by Daniel Hovdahl on 10th December, 2010 in Daniel Hovdahl.

Showreel 2010 from Daniel Hovdahl on Vimeo.

This has been such an amazing year for me. My first year filming sideways action and my most productive year ever. I’ve met some fantastic people, made a lot of new friends within the business and most important of all, had fun times doing it.

This is probably my last proper video for a while, as Norway freezes over and several meters of snow surrounds us. It’s time to light up the fireplace, blast some tunes and dust off other hobbies and wait for the soothing warmth of spring.

Drifting | Drifted - Daniel Hovdahl Showreel Drift JDM ALLSTARS POWERDRIFT NORWAY

PS: Snow drifting might occur this winter, watch out for it!


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