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Posted by Stephen Brooks on 13th April in Stephen Brooks.

Hey people .. Im Stephen Brooks, although most people know me as Brooksie.

So a little about me ? .. Well I’ve been working for BBC Television for around 16 years now, making all sorts of shows and getting to see lots of the world, along side this I’ve always shot stills (im slightly obssessed with buying lenses) and played around with cameras and kit of my own.

I’ve always had a real passion for cars and motorsport .. in particular the way they’re portrayed in the media and a while back i started shooting cars outside of my ‘day job’. Around 8 years ago I was filming a group of Nissan Skylines in Japan, it was very late on a Saturday night and we were up in the mountains near Hakone, it was pitch black and we just heard the scream of couple of little 86’s approaching. Now, I just thought they’d be racing each other, but as they went past fully sideways on the narrowest of roads my jaw dropped to the floor, it was one of the most incredible things i’d ever seen, it was one of those ‘did i really just see that !?’ moments. From that point on I was pretty much hooked on drifting.

Im really stoked about being a contributor and hopefully i’ll be able to bring you some great content along with the other guys. Im a real people person, I love showing that side of the sport .. without the community there wouldnt be drift. I’ll be shooting the 2010 Maxxis british drift championship this season, so if you see me at an event give me shout and say hi !! … I’ll also be shooting a few other projects, the Okishima! Program for one,  who are a bunch of guys with some seriously cool cars …

As a taster of things to come here’s a short clip from a recent get together of the OP guys … hope you enjoy.


Written by Stephen Brooks


  • Just wanted to say the BDC film looks absolutely fantastic. It has a very non-british feel to it. Probably thanks to the colour grading. I love it.

  • I saw that on Vimeo a couple of days ago, such a sick movie!

  • Bryn Alban

    You best include me covered in Maxxis tyres stickers in the BDC Round1 video!!! hahaha

  • That movie… That was pure eyecandy served on a golden plate. Just wow.

  • Can’t wait to see the BDC footage! Gonna look epically cinematic I think.


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