Posted by Santi Gomez on 12th January in Santiago Gomez.

Snow drifting

Probably the only reason I don’t completely hate Winter, is because of the fun that’s to be had in the slippery, snowy conditions that it brings. (Am I alone on this one?) 180hp becomes 300hp, and if you’re lucky enough to have a working e-brake, you can connect damn near any corner to the next. This is a shot I took of my buddy Chris De La Cruz whipping his E30 sideways like a mad man in the mean streets of Toronto, Ontario. I then proceeded to freeze my ass off… BURR!

Hope you’re enjoying the off season, everyone!

Written by Santi Gomez


  • Sick photo yo….

  • Dan Cyr

    Cool Kids runnin’ shit!!
    Yo Santi, you gotta get maaad kitted out for proper winter shooting. It took me till this year to really figure out what I had to do to keep warm. Dial that shit in!!

  • TC

    Awesome picture!! That looks like a blast

  • Aaron

    I’m doing the same in Calgary, Alberta!


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