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VIDEO: DHB: Danmarks Hurtigste Bil 2012

Posted by Daniel Hovdahl on 27th June 2012

Danmark Hurtigste Bil, or rather how us Norwegians like to call it: Mini-Gatebil. A 3-day event held in the southend of Denmark at a closed down bit of airfield. Scratch that, multiple airfields. That place is MASSIVE. Drifting, dragracing, live music, partying and a whole lot of burnouts was the agenda that weekend. Although some more than other.

The video was made just for the fun of it.

Some screenshots













Written by Daniel Hovdahl

Daniel Hovdahl

Howdy there folks! 19 years of age, from Norway. Currently studying Film & TV at a school named Westerdals in Oslo – but the passion and what keeps me going at night is making movies of cars doing rad stuff, prefferably sideways of course! Why else would I be here?



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