AdamLZ 2JZ S15 Build Video

Joe Terrell
09/17/201917th September, 2019
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Check out this video story for the creation of AdamLZ’s wild 2JZ stroker Silvia S15 drift car.

As big S15 fans and big Enjuku Racing fans we couldn’t help but dig this amazing full lifecycle story of AdamLZ’s stunning Formula DRIFT spec pro drift car build.

Adam teamed up with Enjuku to build his latest drift car, originally a fairly beaten up 1999 S15. Enjuku Racing took on the project and went above and behind to deliver an incredible build with a crazy amount of detail.

If you want to learn more about AdamLZ’s iconic mellow yellow 240sx S13, you can read a great breakdown here.

Want to get clued up on the S15? Our Nissan Silvia S15 guide was written just for you.

Want to see more AdamLZ? You can find his YouTube channel here.

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