Anime vs Reality: The Real Initial D

1st December, 2017 in Drifting Videos

Anime Vs Reality – how close does Initial D get to the real thing?

I caught this video on one of my favourite YouTube channels; Drift Hunter Albo. He lives in Japan and shoots videos around Initial D and the Japanese drifting culture.

Here is what the author, Albo has to say about the video:

“Hey Drifthunters, Albo here!
Thank you so much for your patience with this video! I know the wait took forever and it probably took me over 100 hours of filming, editing, researching, planning etc to put this video together so I really hope you enjoy it. My goal was to make the most awesome Initial D video on Youtube for fans, and I think this was my best video yet. Once again, guys, please follow me on instagram (drifthunteralbo) because Im always posting new stories and pictures, way quicker than here on Youtube because I still have to edit everything.”

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