Everything You Need To Know About Cristy Lee

Few women are more recognizable than Cristy Lee within the automotive industry. Best known for her appearances in ‘All Girls Garage’ and ‘Garage Squad’ – we cover everything you could ever need to know about Cristy in this guide.

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There’s no doubt that Cristy Lee has one of the most impressive portfolios in the motoring industry, and she’s become a perfect role model and inspiration to women looking to follow their dreams.

Not only has Cristy got the beauty, but she’s also got the brains to match, and combined with an incredible work ethic, she’s deservedly become one of the most well-known faces on TV screens across the nation.

Although Cristy may be best known for her role as the star of the ‘All Girls Garage’ show up until last year, her career has covered just about every sector of the automotive world imaginable.

Alongside All Girls Garage, she was also the co-host of Motor Trend’s ‘Garage Squad’, and co-host of the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car auctions live coverage, which featured on Velocity and Discovery Channel.

That’s not all; she’s even DJ’d on 101.1 WRIF FM Radio Detroit and hosted several automotive shows for some of the largest manufacturers in the industry.

After buying her first bike at just 18, Cristy immediately got the adrenaline addiction and has been continually lusting after more throughout the years.

As many of us will be able to relate, she’s continued to find her fix in many ways with various hobbies over the years. Whether it’s at the racetrack, on the street, on a mini-moto, or dirt bike racing, you can bet she’s ticked it off her list.

When she’s not busy at the race track or behind the camera, she’ll most likely be in the garage with the spare time she somehow manages to find, working on her favorite bikes and cars.

One of the most admirable things about Cristy Lee is that despite the fame, she’s remained exceptionally humble and tried to keep her best to keep her private life outside of the mainstream media.

We have immense respect for Cristy and her achievements, and her constant strive for continued growth has been hugely admirable.

She’s determined to be a positive role model, especially for young girls interested in exploring what the automotive world has to offer.

Despite her hectic life schedule, which we’ll take a look at shortly, she’s managed to stay connected and engaged with her deservedly ever-growing fanbase.

We’ve gathered all the fascinating facts you could ever want to know about Cristy Lee (without intruding on her privacy, of course) as we take a look into the history of this incredibly inspiring role model.

Cristy Lee Facts, Bio & FAQ

Although Cristy is certainly not one to often speak publically about her private life, we’ve pieced together the information that she’s shared over the years.

We’ll be clearing up the false (or misunderstood) rumors that have circulated along the way, too.

Where was Cristy Lee born?

Cristy Lee was born in Daytona Beach, Florida. After graduating college, she headed to ‘Motorcity’ – Detroit, Michigan.

How old is Cristy Lee?

If you’ve found information online stating that she’s 42, and you’re thinking ‘surely not?!’ You’re right.

Cristy Lee has often become mixed up with another celebrity, Christie Lee Woods, over the years, who is former Miss Teen USA, who later became both an actress and a model.

The ever-popular Cristy Lee, of Garage Squad and All Girls Garage fame, was born on 1st July 1984, making her a Scorpio. She is currently 36 years old at the time of writing, although she could quickly get away with convincing people she’s in her twenties.

She was keen to clear up the false rumors circulating online regarding her age in 2018, with this post on her official Facebook page.

Cristy Lee Education

After graduating from Florida’s DeLand High School in 2003, Cristy went on to join Daytona State College, where she studied dance.

After several years as a trained dancer, she went on to join the Detroit Pistons Dance Team ‘Automotion’ in 2006, and this is where Cristy’s career began to rise to the next level, which we’ll take an in-depth look at shortly.

Cristy Lee Family

Known for being an incredibly close-knit family, Cristy’s parents have played a significant role in her success throughout the years.

Cristy’s father, Barry MacCoy, owns an auto garage – Import Auto Service – in DeLand, and Cristy’s mother, Jean MacCoy, is a teacher.

A confessed tomboy, Cristy’s adventures with her father Barry, who was previously an instructor at the American Motorcycle Institute in Daytona Beach, initially undoubtedly ignited the fire for her love of bikes.

At just three years old, Barry would take Cristy around on his dirtbike, and it would appear that her incredibly young introduction to motorbikes fuelled her passion later in life.

father bike three years old

Despite keeping a lid on her personal life, Cristy has been vocal when it comes to praise for her Dad, frequently sharing photos of the two and acknowledging the fantastic inspiration he’s been in her life.

When asked about where her automotive passion comes from, Cristy stated, “I blame my Dad for everything!”

Cristy’s family ties don’t end there, either.

Many will be aware of the 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix she has been eagerly restoring, which belonged to her Grandfather and late Grandmother.

Since her Grandfather is now unable to work on the car, Cristy has decided to restore the Pontiac herself in her (very little) spare time.

Cristy Lee’s Relationship – Is She Married?

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise that this is a commonly asked question online – not that we can blame you for searching!

Cristy’s relationship status has been one that she’s keen to keep behind closed doors, and there’s very little to go on, despite numerous fake rumors online.

AGG all girls garage bike repair

There’s also the confusion with Christie Lee Woods, who’s married to Colin Guinn, both of who won during their appearance on ‘The Amazing Race’ TV series.

Despite being famous for quite some time now, there have been no definite conclusions to Cristy’s relationship status, and we respect Cristy’s decision to keep that to herself.

Given her hectic schedule, we’d be astonished if she has any time for dating at all – sorry, chaps!

Does Cristy Lee have kids?

There have been further rumors that Cristy has kids, but this is another mix-up with the former Miss Teen USA – Christie Lee Woods.

Cristy Lee doesn’t have any children, and we would highly doubt she has any pregnancy plans anytime soon, either!

Cristy Lee Appearances

After starting in TV and commercial work at a young age in the 90s, her first appearance on TV screens was on the TV show ‘Wild On’, where she had a brief feature.

She would then further her education in dancing, and Cristy’s next step into the limelight would come when she joined the Detroit Pistons Dance Team ‘Automotion’, in 2006.

From there, she would go on to join the MISL Dance Team, alongside emcee work as a game show host at a local casino in Detroit, alongside managing a small talent agency.

As she began working as a narrator for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, she soon became a traffic reporter and DJ for 101.1 WRIF FM Radio in 2008, which would set the foundations for the next stages of her career.

She soon became the Detroit Red Wings In-Arena Hostess before working with AMA Pro Racing to develop online content for the American Motorcycle Road Racing Series.

With her portfolio gaining some serious traction, working as a producer, commentator, reporter, PA announcer, and host alongside her vast array of other talents, things were starting to pick up for her career in motorsports.

With her name reaching far and wide, she would soon be asked to audition as a host for a brand new TV series, and before she knew it, she would join an all-female, three-host cast, in, you guessed it – All Girls Garage!

From there, her career blossomed, and before she knew it, opportunities within Discovery Network and Velocity were pouring in.

Then, she opted to become the co-host of the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car live auction coverage, also featuring on the SEMA shows, which included SEMA Live.

interview all girls garage garage squad

As time progressed, Cristy has featured in a wide variety of automotive shows across the likes of Fox Sports, ESPN, and NBC Sports, covering everything from Off-Road Truck Racing to the X-Games.

As a lover of all-things motorcycle, she continued her work with the former AMA Pro series, which later became MotoAmerica in 2015, hosting the CBS Sports Network TV broadcast as a pit reporter.

Her pit reporter career then expanded out to the likes of MotoGP and World Superbikes.

Alongside an impressive TV career, she’s also represented many of the largest automotive manufacturers off-air, such as Ford Performance, Dodge, Kawasaki Motors, Toyota, Pirelli Tires, Triumph Motorcycles, alongside various other aftermarket and motorsport-oriented clothing companies.

Cristy’s fans were left devasted when she left the All Girls Garage trio in 2020 and were left wondering whether she would re-appear soon. Around the same time, she also left the Barrett-Jackson auctions.

Thankfully, her fans could rejoice when she went on to replace another familiar face in the automotive world, Heather Storm.

Her latest project as part of ‘Garage Squad’ began in season six and will most likely span way beyond, marking her return to TV screens.

Cristy Lee Net Worth

There are many rumors online saying that Cristy’s net worth is between $13-18 million. Whether this is further confusion with the ‘other’ Christie Lee is unclear.

Cristy has already come out to correct that the rumors, stating, “my net worth is not 18 million, but damn do I wish it was!”

There are no reputable sources online which state her actual net worth at present, and we insist on not publishing fake news or rumors regarding figures.

Is Cristy Lee Still Alive?

You’d think that the false rumors regarding Cristy Lee ended there, but nope – thankfully, Cristy is still alive and well.

The rumors are likely to have come from someone close to Cristy – a former host of All Girls Garage, Jessi Combs – who devastatingly passed away in a jet-car crash.

Cristy Lee Cars & Bikes

With much of her childhood spent at her fathers’ garage, her interest in bikes was perhaps the only thing that could contend with her fascination for cars.

Given that Cristy’s first experience on motorbikes started at the age of just three-years-old, it’s no surprise that bikes still play a significant role in her passions alongside cars.

After spending time on the lap of her father as he rode his dirtbike, the need for speed was embedded early-on, and she would soon be hunting down a bike of her own.

It wasn’t until she was eighteen that Cristy finally got her hands on her first motorbike, and by 2007 she was throwing down laps at the local racetrack.

Having been raised near Daytona Beach and having a shop-owner father undoubtedly helped lay the paths for her thriving career in the automotive industry.

Her main passion when it comes to cars has been restoring her Grandfather and late Grandmothers’ Pontiac Grand Prix.

pontiac grand prix family car restoration

One of Cristy’s most cherished moments was when she had the opportunity to work on the car in the “Grandma’s Grand Prix” episode of the All Girls Garage TV show.

After getting the brakes fixed and the car successfully running on the show, the real work began behind the scenes as she puts her very little spare time into returning the vehicle to its true potential.

If you wish to support Cristy with her Grand Prix restoration journey, she has a collection of posters that will be sure to brighten up any wall on her online shop.

All profits will go towards the Grand Prix restoration, which we’re sure you’ll agree is undoubtedly a great cause.

Cristy Lee – Auto Mechanic

It’ll come as no real surprise that Cristy first began tinkering with vehicles from an incredibly early age, having spent so much time at her fathers’ garage.

After buying her first bike at eighteen and hitting the local tracks in 2007, she soon found herself carrying out more and more of the work herself.

As she began building and upgrading the bikes, as well as repairing them after the occasional slip-up, her inner tomboy began to get re-ignited.

With a deep-rooted passion for all things automotive in her family, it comes as no surprise that Cristy wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, but little did she know at that time that she would soon be doing so in front of millions of TV viewers worldwide.

Where Is Cristy Lee Now?

For those of you that are keen to keep up with Cristy’s whereabouts, your best bet is likely to be with ‘Garage Squad’, where Cristy has so far appeared in both Season 6 and 7 of the series, the latter of which aired in October 2020.

On top of that, she’s ever-present in just about every avenue of automotive media that you can imagine, and she’s likely to pop-up in the least likely places when you least expect her!

Check out this exciting clip of her Snowmobiling in September 2020.

She’s also been working with Ford to present their ‘Auto Nights’ SEMA show:

As time progresses, you can be sure that Cristy will continue gracing your TV screens, but she’s ambitious as ever, and it’s not likely to come as a surprise that she still has some tricks up her sleeve.

Lee is known for engaging and communicating with her fans, so if you’re keen to follow what she’s up to, then be sure to follow her on Instagram @Cristylee09, or check out her website at CristyLee.tv.

After nearly a decade as part of the All Girls Garage trio, it’s time for Cristy to spread her wings and venture beyond.

We’re excited to see where the future takes her, and we wish her all the best on her incredible journey.

We look forward to seeing her pop up on our screens again soon!

So, there we have it! We hope that we’ve covered everything you could want to know about Cristy Lee in this guide.

Thank you for reading our Cristy Lee guide.

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