EVENT: Sportauto Driftchallenge Hockenheim (D)

06/25/201125th June, 2011

Sportauto Magazine is one of Germany’s biggest car magazines. They’ve hosted the Driftchallenge since 2004, at the Hockenheimring. Since its beginnings, the Driftchallenge was the drift event with the most spectators in Germany and one of the most high profile. Like in the past, there was a training day and a competition day, so I got in my car on Friday and drove the 100 miles to the track. When I arrived, the training had already started, so I got my camera out and went for it. The Training on Friday is on a different track than the drift challenge. The training track is more difficult with several tricky corners. The competition course is a easy, high-speed 180° corner with a slight right corner afterwards, perfect track for twin battles.

Before the Driftchallenge starts, there is the TunerGP. The best tuners of Germany compete in a big time attack race. Due to the fact that the time attack race was very thrilling, the crowd was already hyped and couldn’t wait for the drift action to begin. The sportauto hired two of the best judges I can think of: Axel Mack, a German drifter and Team Rowdy member, and Zdenek Wertheim, the Czech drift champion.

Drifting BMW E46

Patrick Ritzmann is one of Germany´s most talented drivers. He built up a E46 powered by a 2JZ.

Nissan S14 Drift Zahnfee Hockenheim

This nice S14 was build by a friend of mine, he calls himself the “Zahnfee (eng: tooth fairy)”. Quite a strange nickname, don´t know the history of it.

Oliver Scheurich BMW M5

I’m a big fan of this guy: Oliver Scheurich, he is successfully driving a street legal and daily driven M5.

Audi Drift V8 Swap

The swiss driver Florian Zimmermann wanted something different, so he built up a Audi with a supercharged V8.

S14 Nissan Drift Rocket Bunny

The owner of this car, Martin Reinsch had a nice street legal S14 which he crashed a year ago in the czech republic. Now he´s back with another properly built S14.

BMW M5 Pickup

A pickup conversion on this M5. What’s interesting is the additional seat on the back. I have never seen anyone riding in it!

Rocketbunny S13 drift RB26

One of my favorites: This S13 from austria is powered by a RB26 and has a really nice rocket bunny body kit on it.

Patrick Ritzmann E46 2JZ

In the training the E46 2JZ was going well, in the competition he barely moved. I really feel sorry for Patrick.

Juri Bianchi BMW M3 Hockenheim Drift

Another nice E46: Juri Bianchi from Switzerland – in the Top8 battles he spun.

Hockenheim Ring Driftchallenge Morning

Due to the fact that my car was too small to sleep in it, I stayed awake the whole night. Early in morning the pit was empty, but that suddenly changed after the gates opened at 9´o clock

Hockenheimring Pitlane

Thousands of visitors came to see the TunerGP and the Driftchallenge. Many Tuning and Tire company’s showed up with their booths.

Hockenheim Driftchallenge

The only drift event in germany where the big  tribunes are filled with people, great atmosphere!

Alexander Gräff  BMW E9 M3 GT2 Driftchallenge Hockenheim

Alexander Gräff presented his new competition car: A BMW M3 with a GT 2 look body.

Alexander Gräff Police Drifter Hockenheim

He had also his old car in Hockenheim, the police BMW E28 with M5 engine.

Charged Hachiroku AE86 Speedindustries Swen Burkhardt Hockenheim

Swen Burkhard had a big accident at the night after this race. On the autobahn a VW hit his trailer at about 160km/h. Luckily no one got hurt and the supercharged AE86 is already back alive.

Harry Müller Driftteam Nissan Hockenheim S15 Widebody

Since this year Nissan Germany has its own drift team; Harry Müller in his widebody S15 called “Batman”, and Michael Scherr in a 300ZX called “Hulk”.

Michael Scherr 300ZX Nissan Hockenheim Driftchallenge

The “Hulk” 300ZX is already well known in Germany, due to several appearances on television.

Driftchallenge Hockenheimring

Great action by Rohan van Riehl (M5) and co-host Uwe Sener (M3)

Clutchkillers Hockenheim Drift Driftchallenge

The “Clutchkillers“, a German drifting and party movement were also around – “Rip the E-brake, hype the crowd”

 mustang Yves Faber Hockenheim

Yves Faber in his Wengler Racing Mustang waiting for the start.

Top16 Driftbattle Florian Zimmermann Yves Faber

Top 16 Battles: Yves Faber chases Florian Zimmermann, Florian reached the sixth place.

Twin Battle Remmo Niezen Michu Sahli Hockenheim

Already in the Top-Eight Battles Swiss driver Michu Sahli had to compete against Remmo Niezen.

Remmo Niezen Michu Sahli Twinbattle Hockenheim

He did well, but Michu had no chance against the “Master” Remmmo, Michu ended up in the third place.

Twinbattle Remmo Niezen vs. Tim Tatje Hockenheim

The big final: Remmo Niezen vs. Tim Tatje

Remmo vs. Tim Tatje

Tim did a great job but Remmo as chaser was just too fast. He needed to take the grass in order to prevent a crash.

Remmo Niezen E30 Drift Hockenheim

When Remmo is leading, most of the chasers have no chance. Congratulations!

Team Driftchallenge HockenheiM Falken

There was a teamdrift competition after the finals. Team Falken had the least cars, but did very well.

Teamdrift Driftteam Switzerland Hockenheim

Winner of the team drift competition: “Driftteam Switzerland” represented by Michael Sahli, Florian Zimmermann, Benno Frieden, Martin Fahrni and Philippe Guillod.

Phillipe Guillod S14 Drift Hockenheim

Philippe Guillod showed some flag for a small country in the alps.

Drifting Truck Iveco Hockenheim

Just for show: The 1500hp Iveco wasn’t built for drifting, but does it very well!

Opel Commodore Jochen Reich

Jochen Reich showed up his Irmscher Opel Commodore which produced the best V8 sound. A great grocery getter.

Alain Thomet Driftchallenge Hockenheim Nissan S14 bosozoku exhaust

Since this year team Speed Industries member Alain Thomet has a bosozoku exhaust on his S14.

Mercedes Driftchallenge Hockenheim Bianca Lankes

Bianca Lankes takes her AMG out for a ride in the gravel. It was the only Mercedes competing, but there are some interesting Mercedes projects going on.

MPS Engineering Nissan Skyline R32 Hockenheim

This R32 by MPS Engineering really caught my attention, such a nice and powerful car

The Results:

1. Remmo Niezen  (Netherlands)

2. Tim Tatje (Netherlands)

3. Michael “Michu” Sahli (Switzerland)

4. Yves Faber (Belgium)

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