Equality – Form and Function In The S13

15th April, 2011 in Features

Myself and my good friend and fellow photographer, Henrik Oulie, took a little trip early one Sunday afternoon, to take a look at a very special piece of Japanese machinery.

Rolv Anders Jacobsen is the owner and builder of this particular car. He is a 26 year old industrial mechanic, living in Greåker here in Norway.

The car is a Nissan S13 200sx he imported from Germany in late 2004…

… He said, and I quote, it was meant as a daily. Only rims, coiloverkit and minor engine modifications to begin with…

… But that didn’t last long! A couple months after it got on the road, the infamous CA18DET said farewell to the world and a new engine was needed. An SR20DET Redtop, from an 180sx, was sourced…

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At that point, he decided it was time to pull out all the stops and build a Pro spec Drift/track car.

2 years in the making, it stood finished the way he wanted it to be. Engine wise, exterior, interior and suspension was to his liking. Immaculate.

The next two years, the car was a rolling project. It underwent both minor and major transformations, including a respray last year. It does look rather evil in its new colours, doesn’t it?

What adds to the sheer devilness of the car, is the fitment on it…

… When the backside of the lip scrapes the outside of the arch. It’s a static drop too… My mind is blown!

Rolv watches us parade around the car capturing light…

… In all sorts of weird stances to get the right angles!

Rolv is one of a handfull in Norway who can actually call his car Hellaflush

The downside to having a shoot on public roads, traffic.

Enough from this spot. Roll out, Autobots!

Some rolling shots were on the agenda…

To see this car, with its rock hard, static suspension, bouncing over potholes and cracks in the pavement. It is a very special and unusual sight with our road standards being rather poor.

I risked my camera for this shot, letting it hang just a couple feet above ground with no strap. It was worth it.

On our ventures to capture some rolling shots, we stumbled upon this bridge by chance, over the interstate near an industrial area. Half the fun is the hunt, for the perfect picture.

Rolv is a privateer, no sponsors, no team, all for the fun of it. He doesn’t even compete! He drives this thing hard, just for the heck of it.

Another shot of it for good measure.

I know what you might be thinking… Oh this is just another lifestyler car. Oh but it isn’t.

Light was fading fast, so we went to an underpass parking lot, behind a big mall to take one last walkaround the car, before we all parted ways.

Interiorwise this car is fullbred street style. All the panels are original. Just the essentials are added: Cage, seats, harness, snap off and a drift button.You gotta be comfortable, right?

While under this tunnel admiring this piece of metal, I felt like I was 10 years old again playing Need For Speed Underground. It is a sight I will never forget.

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When the light slowly dissapeared, Rolv’s S13 notched a new dimension on the scale of badass…

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If Satan drove an S13. This would be it.

Spec list

  • Engine:
  • Factory SR20DET Redtop , 320hk og 450nm
  • Tomei rocker arm stoppers
  • ARC Sump
  • Relocated oilfilter
  • Aluminium pullys on PSP, alternator and waterpump
  • Power entreprise pullybelts
  • Kazama enginemounts
  • Denso Iridium IK24 sparkplugs
  • Castrol EDGE 10-60 engine oil
  • Induction & exhaust:
  • Ported Garret GT28RS ar.64 turbine
  • Edge manifold
  • Edge elbow
  • Selfmade downpipe
  • HKS Hi power 80mm exhaust
  • Hybrid FMIC
  • Selfmade intercoolerpiping and airfilterpiping
  • K&N Airfilter
  • Cooling:
  • Koyo 53mm aluminium radiator
  • Samco coolantlines
  • Flex a lite coolingfans
  • Earl`s 19 row oilcooler for engine with Earl`s AN10 hoses and fittings
  • Earl`s oilcooler for powersteering
  • Nismo 62 degree thermostat
  • AN6 coolantlines for turbine
  • Redline waterwetter super coolant
  • Fuel:
  • Walbro 255 l/h fuelpump
  • Earl`s fuelfilter
  • Sard type RJ fuelpress regulator
  • Aluminium 3/8” fuellines with AN6 fittings
  • Standard fuelrail with welded AN6 fittings
  • Earl`s hoses with AN6 fittings
  • Drivetrain:
  • HKS 6 speed dogbox
  • HKS GD Pro trippel plate clutch and flywheel
  • Kaaz 2 Way LSD
  • Polyuratane gearboxmount
  • Redline heavy shockproof gearoil
  • Electonics:
  • Varley Red Top 30 racing battery
  • LMA FIA Battery master cut out switch
  • Apexi Power FC D-jetronic engine managment
  • Apexi AVC-R boostcontroller
  • Apexi EL meter 2 control unit
  • Apexi EL meter 2 oiltemp meter
  • Apexi EL meter 2 oilpress meter
  • Suspension:
  • Tanabe Sustec pro seven coilovers
  • Springs12k front and 10k rear
  • Tanabe driftspec front and rear swaybars
  • Uniballs swaybarlinks front and rear
  • DW front and rear lower control arms
  • DW front tensjon rods
  • DW rear camber arms
  • DW rear toe arms
  • DW rear traction arms
  • Aluminium subframe mounts
  • Nismo power brace 2
  • Steering:
  • DW Solid steering column bush
  • Tein tie rods
  • D2 tie rod ends
  • Selfmade alu powersteering tank
  • Brakes:
  • Nissan Z32 master pump
  • Front: D2 365mm and 8 pot callipers
  • Rear: Standard
  • Earl`s AN4 braided hoselines from master and all way round
  • Chassis:
  • Custom Border full rollcage
  • Tubbed front arches
  • Stich welded strut towers
  • Cusco Type OS 3 point rear strut tower support bar
  • Cusco Type OS front strut tower support bar
  • Custom rear crashbar
  • Outside:
  • M-Sports front bumper M-Sports rear bumper M-Sports side skirts Chargespeed 50mm rear fenders
  • D-Max 40mm front fenders
  • Carbon truck
  • Carbon hood
  • Carbon fiber roofscoop
  • Ganador mirrors
  • I-Magic Custom rear LED lights
  • Footwork:
  • Street/show:
  • Work Bersaglio F 10×19 et -13 235/35-19 R 12×19 et0 265/30-19
  • Track:
  • Rota Grid 9,5×18 et0 all round. F 225/40-18 R 225-235-245/40-18
  • Inside:
  • Sparco bucket seats
  • D2 4 point harness
  • Nardi Torino 350mm deep dish steeringwheel
  • Snap off quick relese steering wheel adapter
  • Cusco handbrake knob (Drift Button)

Future plans:

  • ‘Linnerud’ WRC spec Rollcage
  • New rear brakes
  • DriftWorks v2 hub knuckles
  • Acrylic windows
  • Weight reduction

Written by danhovdahl Howdy there folks! 22 year old from Norway making films and having a good time for a living Visit the author's website