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09/25/201725th September, 2017

We explore TEPS Racing Service, a drifting heavyweight located deep in the heartland of Japan.

TEPS Racing Service front door

TEPS Racing Service is a drift focused workshop located in Chiba prefecture,
47km East of central Tokyo.

Tokyo to TEPS Racing Service directions

Leaving Tokyo it’s just a short one hour hop on the Keiyo Road and follow it all the way out to TEPS’s facility in the countryside.

If you have a love for all things automotive and Japanese I think you will find something to appreciate at TEPS Racing Service.

TEPS approach

As we walk towards TEPS a line of customer cars are waiting outside in the parking lot. This Nissan Silvia S15 is a good example of TEPS’s bread and butter client cars. The car has been modified with coilover suspension, adjustable steering arms, mismatched aftermarket wheels, upgraded tail lights and a full aero kit.

Wild Nissan Silvia S15

But of course what sets this car apart from a sea of modified Silvia S15‘s in Japan is the Itasha vinyl wrap over the body panels and windows. Itasha is definitely a style that polarizes opinions.

Nissan Silvias

TEPS is a specialist at tuning car electronics including ECU’s. Their customers bring a range of cars in for work from mild to wild.

Tuned Nissan Silvia PS13

Walking around the parking area reveals some gems like this Nissan Silvia PS13.

Tuned Nissan Silvia PS13

This Silvia has been treated to a catalogue of upgrades to make it perform on the circuit.

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

The distinctive tail lights of the Nissan Skyline BNR34 GTR attract us to this very special car. This example is an ultra rare M·Spec Nür. Painted in rare Millennium Jade and equipped with a set of low offset Volk Racing TE37s i’m sure many of you would love to have this parked in your garage.

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

The otherwise flawless paintwork is marred by the front bumper being in a disassembled state, perhaps the car is in for some work in that area?

Toyota JZX100

Next up we come across a highly tuned Toyota Chaser JZX100. The car has been prepared to a track specification with a pair of BRIDE bucket seats, no interior and a roll-cage by D1GP champion Daigo Saito’s company.

Toyota JZX100

You have to appreciate the size of that rear wing. Those winglets are larger then my head!

Top Secret Mazda RX7 FD3S

Now we move onto TEPS own demo car; a highly tuned Mazda FD3S RX7.

Top Secret Mazda RX7 FD3S front aero package

The spec list on this serious time attack entry is off the charts but the highlights are a complete custom aero package all round, stripped and light-weighted chassis and Volk Racing TE37 SL wheels wrapped in sticky Yokohama A048 rubber and a surprise under the hood.

Mazda RX7 FD3S Side Exit Exhaust

This side exit exhaust is fed from a tuned Toyota 2JZ-GTE that was swapped with the stock rotary engine. The engine is outputting around 600 PS.

Rx7 FD3S tail lights

It’s nice to see such detailed touches as these tail lights on a dedicated track car.

RX7 FD3S rear diffuser

This shot shows the completely refurbished and upgraded suspension and subframe.

Top Secret Mazda RX7 FD3S aero detail

A bonnet bulge on an FD3S, not something you see very often.

Nissan Silvia S15

Continuing our walk around TEPS we came across more JDM icons. A BNR33 Skyline GTS-T, 180sx Type X and another tuned Silvia S15.

Nissan 180sx S13

I always seem to find myself drawn to a clean S13 as it was the first Japanese performance car that I owned. Over twenty years after it’s launch the 180sx still looks so good – don’t you think?

Mazda RX7 FC3S

A clean and nicely tuned Mazda RX7 FC3S is always a treat to see.

Nissan R31 Skyline

A Nissan BNR31 Skyline and Z32 300ZX are next in line for some mechanical work.

Nissan Silvia S15 front

This great looking Silvia S15 was having some fine tuning done to it’s ECU map.

Nissan Silvia S15 rear detail

Clearly this owner puts importance on high speed stability.

Nissan Skyline R32 Four Door

It’s nice to see some owners adopting the four door BNR32 Skyline platform.

Nissan Skyline R32 Four Door side

This white example looks ready to hit the track.

Tired Nissan 200sx S13.

Towards the back of the facility the is where the donor cars are kept. Turn away now if you of a weak disposition..

Nissan R33 Skyline

This poor BNR33 Skyline has definitely seen better days.

R33 Skyline unloved

Will that polish out? Hmm.. maybe not!


This BNR32 Skyline GTR could definitely benefit from some time with a rotary polisher.

Nissan R32 Skyline GTR

Would you give this Skyline some love?

Nissan Silvia S15 blue

This Silvia has taken a front impact that’s destroyed a corner of the bumper and wing, with a little work i’m sure she will be up and running again.

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T rear

Anybody need a replacement exhaust?

Garage door opening Silvia S15 inside

With the TEPS team busy working on the cars and doing repairs the workshop was a little crowded but we hope to return when things are a little quieter to capture the team at work.

TEPS Racing Service yard

We hope you enjoyed this article from TEPS Racing Service, Chiba, Japan. If you like garage tours why not check out our tour of GReddy, USA?

Photographs by Azami JDM and words by Drifted. Need that rare part or want to import something special? Azami JDM has got you covered.

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