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GTA Online’s Terrorbyte is one of the most significant purchases in the game. We cover everything you need to know about it in this guide.

gta online terrorbyte

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After its initial launch in 2013, GTA Online, the multiplayer element of GTA V, has continually evolved, making GTA V the most impressive and substantial title of Grand Theft Auto’s remarkable legacy.

Not only that, but Rockstar has recently announced that Grand Theft Auto Online will finally be released on the “new generation consoles”, finally answering the console-owners’ prayers.

The groundbreaking news means that console gamers who are lucky enough to get their hands on Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will have the opportunity to take advantage of the “expanded and enhanced” game, arriving in 2021.

The standalone game will likely be the answer that console owners have been hoping for since Rockstar stopped providing additional content to the console version of GTA V in 2015, stating a limitation in their capacities as the reasoning.

Sure, it’s not GTA 6 just yet, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

Rockstar hasn’t been shy with already rolling out regular updates to GTA V and GTA Online for PC users over the years, and this has allowed them to implement numerous significant in-game changes. One of their most notable and substantial additions being the introduction of the Benefactor Terrorbyte.

The Terrorbyte arrived as part of the ‘1.44 After Hours’ update on August 14th, 2018, alongside other substantial in-game additions such as the Oppressor Mk II and the Scramjet, this update completely revolutionized GTA Online as we knew it.

As the world of Los Santos and Blaine County has continued to grow over the years, there’s an insane amount of entertainment on offer.

So, whether you’re into printing dodgy money, selling weapons, or running nightclubs, GTA Online has it all and much, much more.

Over time, GTA Online has grown to be so substantial that it’s sometimes easy to get a little lost in the madness.

For those of you that are new to the game, starting from scratch often leads to aimlessly wandering around in free-mode as you repeatedly get blown to smithereens by your online rivals.

For that reason, it’s good to know what to prepare yourself for as you improve with the basics of the game and begin completing missions.

Once you’ve managed to build up your bank balance, you can work towards being the evil-controller behind the screen in your Terrorbyte!

nerve center inside

Alongside its various weaponry such as lock-on missiles, gun turrets, ability to control drones, you can also manage several businesses from the Terrorbyte, making it a must-have addition to any hardcore gamers’ arsenal.

The Terrorbyte certainly isn’t cheap, but it can completely revolutionize your GTA V experience and open up a ton of fun additional options, such as the mini stealth drones that you control on the on-board screen.

On top of that, it also provides several money-making possibilities, making it an excellent long-term investment.

It may not be the most exciting add-on, but it’s certainly up there with the most useful and practical.

Although it may seem similar to the Mobile Operations Center, the Terrorbyte doesn’t have death and mass-destruction at the top of its list.

Despite its wide range of weaponry, the Terrorbyte also provides the ability to connect to GTA Online’s businesses, which certainly adds to its mass-appeal.

Here’s how Rockstar Newswire summed up the Terrorbyte:

“If malware had six wheels, heavy armor, and comfy seats, this is what it would look like. It can launch source and resupply missions for every business you own, mine the data of every other reprobate in the city, launch exclusive Client Jobs, and that’s before you get to the upgrades: a Multi-Lock Missile Battery, a drone station, an Mk II weapon workshop, and the only vehicle workshop in the world capable of customizing the Oppressor Mk II.”

We’ve opted to keep things simple and break down everything you could need to know about GTA Online’s Terrorbyte.

We’ve also answered some of your most frequently asked questions in this straightforward guide.

You can either use the navigation at the top of the article to go to a specific section or continue scrolling down if you’re interested to know everything that the Benefactor Terrorbyte has to offer.

This video from TheProfessional provides an excellent summary of the Terrorbyte for those of you that prefer to watch in video format:

How Much Does the Terrorbyte Cost in GTA Online?

Those of you that are interested in the Terrorbyte will most probably already know that it’s not cheap, and will more than likely require a lot of saving for those of you who are just getting started with GTA Online.

First up, before you can purchase the Terrorbyte, you’ll need to make sure you’ve already purchased a nightclub.

The nightclub should be a purchase for anyone that is looking to make money in the game since it produces a passive income without you having to lift a finger.

You’re going to need to have an eye-watering $1,375,000 in loose change if you’re committed to purchasing the Terrorbyte, and that’s before you begin carrying out any of the additional customizations that it has to offer.

Once you’ve purchased the Terrorbyte from the Warstock Cache & Carry, you’ll store it at the Nightclub Warehouse, where you can then customize it with the upgrades of your choice.

For instance, if you’re looking to add the highly-regarded remotely-operated mini-drones feature, you’ll also need to fork out an additional $815,000.

Those of you that also want to include the Turret Station, an additional $297,000.

There’s also the option of purchasing the Weapon Workshop for $245,000 and the Specialized Workshop, for $495,000.

So, how much is a fully-stocked Terrorbyte likely to set you back? With the upgrades listed above, you’ll need to save a whopping $3,227,000.

Although this may sound expensive, if you use it to its full potential, then it’ll soon pay for itself.

Once you’ve done five client missions from inside the Terrorbyte, you’ll also earn a significant discount on the Oppressor MK2, which provides the perfect combination.

Is the Terrorbyte Worth Purchasing?

Although the Terrorbyte certainly isn’t cheap, it’s the only way to gain access to the in-game mini-drones, and many players will argue that this upgrade alone is a good enough excuse to commit to a Terrorbyte purchase.

That’s before you begin to dive into the potential business and money-making opportunities that it also has in store.

Without a Terrorbyte, you’ll likely have to spend a lot of downtime driving around managing your businesses, which becomes far easier to manage.

If you were to carry out a task like smuggling, you would need to drive to the location, activate a mission, drive to the next area, grab the goods, and then drive to another site to drop it off.

You then need to drive back to the business HQ and repeat the process if you want additional work.

Alternatively, if you wish to switch businesses, then you have to head to a completely different location to begin a new mission.

However, if you’re lucky enough to be able to buy the Terrorbyte, you’re ready to do all of this from a single mobile location.

Using the on-board computer in the Terrorbyte, you’re able to begin business missions from anywhere on the map.

For this reason, those of you that are looking to speed up your profits, the Terrorbyte will soon be well worth its money in time-saving ability alone, before you even begin to look into its additional features.

Many Terrorbyte owners say that the mini-drone feature in itself is worth the expensive investment, which adds $815,000 to the original $1,375,000 price-tag.

drone flying

For just a little under $2.2m, this means that you’ll be able to unlock both the Terrorbyte and the Drone Station.

The main advantages of the drones are that they are incredibly small and difficult to see, and don’t show up on the in-game mini-map, which makes them a fantastic stealth opportunity.

Another reason is that the Terrorbyte is the only way you can upgrade the Oppressor MK2 for those of you that own one currently or are considering one further down the line.

Based on the Mercedez-Benz Zetros 6×6 Expedition Vehicle, it’s a great truck in itself, which is extremely fast, especially for its size and weight! It can also ram almost as well as the MOC, and has impressive armor abilities.

Combine that with its additional features such as drones and a rocket turret, alongside managing several of your business-related tasks on-the-go.

For these reasons, the Terrorbyte will be a no-brainer to those that are planning a long-term business empire, with some added stealth fire-power in your arsenal.

However, for those of you just getting started in the game, the Terrorbyte probably isn’t going to make much sense to begin saving for immediately.

Still, it should be a strong consideration for those of you that are serious about business and having an upper-hand advantage when it comes to weapons in the long-term.

If you learn to utilize the Terrorbyte to your advantage, then it can potentially become the best money-making vehicle in GTA Online.

Some of the counter-arguments here are that the MOC is a better vehicle for combat, since the Terrorbytes missiles aren’t as good, with some claiming that they might even be worse than the Chernobog.

There’s also the cost, which, of course, should be taken into consideration, especially if you’re planning to implement the upgrades later to unleash its full potential.

Those of you that already own or intend to purchase the nightclub; the Terrorbyte indeed becomes an advantageous fully-rigged command unit.

You can call it to start the client jobs which earn good money, and you can carry out 8 per hour at $30,000 each, which can enable you to receive almost $240,000 extra per hour, which is pretty awesome money for such little work.

Once you’ve begun running client jobs with CEO work and import/export, you can expect to net up to a quarter-million per hour.

After weighing up all of the reasons which we’ve covered in this section, we would personally highly recommend purchasing the Terrorbyte once you have the spare cash and can afford to do so comfortably.

The drones are also a super fun trolling trick to have hidden up your sleeve!

Should I get the Terrorbyte, Avenger, or MOC (Mobile Operations Center)?

Each of these vehicles has its unique advantages, so it all comes down to your personal preferences and cash-flow.

The Terrorbyte is excellent as a mobile office and for client jobs, where the Avenger or the MOC are often the preferred choices for a designated vehicle workshop.

The main advantages of the Mobile Operations Center are that it has the best explosion resistance in the game, and can upgrade any weaponized vehicle except for the Oppressor MK2.

Another advantage of the MOC is that it can unlock trade prices for Gunrunning Vehicles.

If you’re just getting started with GTA Online, then the MOC can be useful due to its price, but other than that, it’s not one of the better choices.

On the other hand, the Avenger can modify anything that the MOC can, but it also has flying capabilities, which makes it far more appealing.

For anything other than the initial cost, the Avenger has made the MOC somewhat obsolete.

The Terrorbyte, on the other hand, is undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to business and money-making.

blue benefactor terrorbyte pegassi oppressor mk ii

If you utilize the Terrorbyte to the best of its abilities, it will soon pay for itself, unlike the MOC or the Avenger.

Although the Avenger boasts its flying capabilities as its party trick, the Terrorbyte is undoubtedly going to be the better investment in the long-haul; especially when combined with the Oppressor MK II.

GTA Online Terrorbyte Location

Once you’ve finally managed to save enough cash to buy the Terrorbyte, you may well go into panic mode when you realize you have no idea where it’s stored!

When the Terrorbyte is stored, you’ll need to head to access the nightclub via the service entrance, and you’ll then find the vehicle on Basement Level 5.

You’ll need to ensure that you’ve unlocked all of the floors to gain access.

After that, you can also head to the Interaction Menu, before selecting ‘Terrorbyte’ and then ‘Request Terrorbyte.’

Terrorbyte Missions in GTA Online

There are six missions that you’re able to carry out from the Terrorbyte’s Nerve Center, of which four of them can be completed alone.

For the final two missions, ‘Collectors Pieces’ and ‘Deal Breaker,’ you’ll require at least two players.

For the ‘Targeted Data’ and ‘Diamond Shopping’ missions, you’ll also require the additional drone station purchase.

Robbery in Progress

Activate the touchscreen in the nerve center, and switch the cameras until you find a robbery.

Then, aim the camera in the direction of the entrance to the bank building and switch to the bank’s interior security camera, then head to the bank marked on the map. You can use any vehicle once the mission has initiated from the Terrorbyte.

Upon your arrival at the bank, eliminate the robber with a minigun, and then enter the building. Be sure to leave your vehicle close to the entrance outside.

Enter the building and kill the two robbers that are inside, and make sure you grab the bag of gold.

When you get to the exit, look out for cops, and if necessary, shoot at the ones that are posing a risk.

Once you’ve lost the cops from your tail, deliver the gold which you took from the robbers to the marked point.

Data Sweep

For this mission, you need to try and find the data drives which can be found in one of four target vehicles.

If you have more players in your crew, you can split up your team and assign them to search each car separately.

We recommend using armored vehicles for this task, and the Terrorbyte is only required to begin the mission.

Once you get near to the target, run the SecuroServe Hack app on the phone. The hacking will take some time, so ensure that you stay close to the vehicle to maintain the connection.

At this point, the driver of the target vehicle is likely to panic and begin driving erratically, and the passenger will most likely start firing at you. It’s at this point where the armored vehicle becomes useful.

If possible, try to shoot both the driver and the passenger to stop the target vehicle, but make sure you don’t fire enough ammo to blow it up, causing a failed mission.

There’s also a parked van, which is guarded by three armed men, so eliminate them however necessary.

If you’ve found the drives that you’re searching for in a hacked car, then deliver the vehicle to the location marked on the map, but make sure you don’t destroy it, or you’ll fail the mission.

Targeted Data

Park the Terrorbyte within half a mile of the Lifeinvader office for the drone to be able to reach, but not too close otherwise the mission won’t begin.

When you’re in the ideal location, set off the drone from the nerve center. If there you’re working as a team, one of your team-mates can also operate the second drone.

Be careful when flying, as you don’t want to hit any objects as the drones are very fragile.

If you’re not confident with the drone, then this can also be done on foot, but it’s far trickier due to the security guards.

Gain access to the building through either two entrances and the laptops will are on the top floor.

Your goal from here is to fly into the building and hack two laptops. Thanks to their small size, the drones won’t be picked up by CCTV or security.

You’ll need to hack the laptops once you’ve found them, and this then reveals the marker on the map. Use any vehicle to travel to the map marker, and then eliminate the target.

Diamond Shopping

You’ll again want to park the Terrorbyte within half a mile, this time from the Vangelico Jewelry Store so that the drone can reach the target. Again, don’t park too close, the Terrorbyte somewhat stands out!

We recommend using a quick vehicle for this mission to plan a rapid escape. If you’re carrying out the task as part of a team, get your team-mate to wait for you near the entrance.

Head into the nerve center and launch the drone. Make sure you don’t hit any objects or walls, as the drone will be destroyed.

If you’re not confident with flying the drone, then this can also be done on foot, but you won’t be able to disable the alarm system, which will give you a higher wanted level.

First, use the drones shocker on the two guards standing near the Securicar before navigating your way into the store.

Disable the alarm by shooting at the control panel to the left of the entrance by using the shocker on the drone; this will then shut the drone down.

Next, head into the store and retrieve the suitcase with diamonds, which one of the guards is currently protecting. Be warned that the other guards will immediately attempt to shoot you.

Once you head out, deliver the diamonds to the marker location on the map, and you’ll find the buyer waiting for you.

Collector’s Pieces

This job brings in far less money than the previous missions that we’ve mentioned in this guide and requires at least two players.

Press ‘E’ on your keyboard to see the security vans on the map. Two vans will be moving, and the third van is stationary but has two armed guards.

Your goal is to blow up the doors on the vans or shoot the locks out before picking up the antiques.

You only have ten minutes to complete the mission, so we recommend that you assign separate tasks to your team-mates.

When you attempt to gain access to the second van, you’ll each get two wanted stars, which you’ll need to remove before you can deliver the antiques to the marker point on the map.

Deal Breaker

Just like Collector’s Pieces, this once again generates far less money and requires at least two players.

Firstly, you’ll need to head to the marker on the map, where you’ll be assigned ten minutes to complete the mission, so you’ll need to move quickly.

You’ll need to search within the yellow area to find the deal. You can use either the Terrorbyte’s Signal Scanner or the drone to help you locate it.

Once you’ve located the deal, eliminate the targets, and then retrieve the stainless steel security case.

You’ll complete the mission once you’ve delivered the case to the marker on the map.

  • Request Terrorbyte – This sends the Warehouse Technician to deliver the Terrorbyte to the nearest point, up to half a mile away. Delivery is not instantaneous.
  • Return to Storage – This returns the Terrorbyte to B5 in the nightclub.
  • Request Oppressor Mk II – This sends the Warehouse Technician to deliver the Oppressor Mk II.
  • Cab Access – Limit player access to the truck.
  • Empty Cab – Remove other players from the truck.
  • Empty Nerve Center – Remove other players from the Nerve Center.
  • Radio – Set the in-truck radio station.


So, there we have it! We hope that we’ve covered everything you could want to know about GTA Online’s impressive Terrorbyte in this guide.

Although you may feel a long way away from being able to afford the Terrorbyte at the moment, we highly recommend saving up for one as soon as you’ve purchased the nightclub.

Not only is it one of the most useful vehicles to have for weaponry, with its fancy features such as the drone, but it’ll also pay for itself once you learn how to utilize it properly to bring in a consistent passive income.

It is worth remembering that you will need to fork out quite a bit of cash up-front, so make sure you read back through our guide to ensure that you have enough money not to leave yourself broke right away.

However, for those who can afford it, the Terrorbyte will soon become an epic money-making, weapon-clad machine on wheels, as well as a one-stop business hub!

If we’ve not covered any questions that you have regarding the Terrorbyte, then don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll happily add whatever information you’re interested to know in our guide.

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