Hazardous Checks Out Drift Hunters MAX

Joe Terrell
01/24/202324th January, 2023
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Known for producing some of the most incredible drifting content on YouTube, Hazardous puts the free Drifted-exclusive Drift Hunters MAX game to the test.

After previously trying the original Drift Hunters game, we were delighted to see the comment section filled with fans of the Drifted-exclusive game telling him to give that a shot next.

This week, when Drifted fan and Drift Attack Config leaderboard-topper, @Tintin067_1, informed us that Hazardous had finally reviewed Drift Hunters MAX, we couldn’t wait to see his thoughts as he showed off his tire-shredding skills in the game.

As you would expect, his editing is on point as he heads into the in-game tuning menu before upgrading his Gearbox, Turbo, and Engine with the free in-game credits provided to new users before checking out the comprehensive car selection.

Unsurprisingly, he opted for the Akagi Touge as his track of choice before soon getting to grips with the keyboard controls.

As he begins throwing the AE86 down on the Japanese mountain roads, it’s easy to see how impressed he is with the improvements over the classic Drift Hunters game, including the smoothness of the gameplay and high framerate.

Despite starting with the essential in-game car, he’s quick to execute some huge angles and builds his combo in no time.

Stating that a manual gearbox would be an excellent addition, this can be accessed from the main menu for anyone keen to try it.

After showing off his skills and being put to the test, he accidentally slams the Hachi-Roku into the guardrail before showing off his skills to add additional credits to the bank balance to upgrade to the S15 eventually.

Exploring more tracks, he shows off the game’s capabilities, including huge drifts, combos, and impressive angles. Stating that it’s “for sure the best browser drift game” that he’s played.

His glowing review continues to explain that he was surprised by how good the game felt, especially for being a free browser game.

Finally, to finish the review, much to our delight, with a (literal) thumbs up, the Drifted-exclusive Drift Hunters MAX game gets the seal of approval.

We’ve always believed that Drift Hunters MAX provides the ultimate free online drifting experience, and we’re delighted that Hazardous agrees!

author avatar Written by Joe Terrell Drifted.com founder, motoring journalist and all-round car enthusiast. Read more about Joe and the Drifted team on our about us page.

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