SNAPSHOTS: Ben Jenkins – D1NZ’s Latest Young Gun

06/25/201425th June, 2014

Ben Jenkins D1NZ

Lets be honest here – getting up at 6am on a Saturday morning is comparable to scooping poop off the bottom of my shoes after a Monday afternoon from hell. That is, of course, unless the words ‘Drifting’ or ‘Track Day’ are involved. Tossing back my large mocha, I arrived at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park and watched on as Ben eagerly unloaded his newly touched-up Silvia.

Ben Jenkins

Seat-time is high on the priority list for Ben as he prepares for his first season of D1NZ in the Pro-Am category, attending as many track days as he can to better both his vehicle performance and driving ability.

Ben Jenkins D1NZ

Ben Jenkins D1NZ

With the LS and RB series engines giving a strong impact to New Zealand Drifting, Ben bravely steps up to the challenge in his SR20DET alongside a full Part Shop Max suspension setup and the famous C’s Garage 555 knuckles. Teaming up with SMS Fabrication, the S13 will be under the knife once again for an updated and improved D1 spec roll cage.

Ben Jenkins D1NZ

Ben Jenkins D1NZ

Bringing his fresh approach, competitive nature and ‘Keep Drifting Fun’ attitude, Ben will definitely set his mark as a strong Pro-Am contender for the up and coming D1NZ season. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more action from Ben and his S13 as he heads towards the 2014/2015 season of the D1NZ National Drifting Championship.

Words & Photos: Ashleigh Monaghan
Additional Photos: Maria Panova

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