EVENT: Gatebil

07/25/201025th July, 2010

Since I have nothing better to do this Sunday evening, I thought I could post up some of the shots I took at Gatebil a few weeks ago – jump to see more!

With roughly 30,000 people attending the event that weekend, it was jam packed.

That meant good business for the three (yes, three) Gatebil Taxis, where everyone could get a mad ride around the track! (If you want to spend a chunk of your day waiting in line, that is).

Guess who? Yes, Nomuken was there all weekend. Here he is checking out some footage for a little documentary he did from Gatebil. By the looks of it, I think he might be checking the footage from the “babe-wash” a little earlier… We’ll never know.

Flemming Alm in his mental Four Wheel Drive Audi doing a perfect 90 degree drift with smoke pouring out of all 4 wheelarches! It looks a bit weird with the front wheels pointing almost straight forward like that mid-drift, doesn’t it?

There’s always plenty of places to stand and get real close to the action, even if you haven’t got special passes.

But as always, it’s at the big corners you see the most action.

That’s it folks, roll on September for the next Gatebil!

I’m out.

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