The Crew 3: When’s It Out, And What’s New?

Learn the possible outcomes that we could get when The Crew 3 finally arrives. It’s almost time to start your engines as we prepare for the latest addition.

drifting the crew 3 release date

Preparing for the Next Race

It’s always great when you get the opportunity to try a new video game. Most noteworthy is when you load anything from the racing genre and check how the vehicle moves on the road.

This article focuses on The Crew 3 and what experience we could get when we load the video game for the first time.

What to expect from The Crew 3?

Even though The Crew franchise is a fantastic racing game, some elements make both of the current games unique and fun to play.

However, there’s no doubt that the development team needs to tick some “boxes” or characteristics that tend to appear when working under the Ubisoft mantle.

As a result, we are likely to find gameplay elements such as:

Ubisoft’s Open World

Almost the entire roster of this brand needs to have characteristics that categorize the game as Open World. Whether the primary genre is RPG (Role-Playing Game), action, or racing doesn’t matter.

The “Open World” for Ubisoft helps them set an incomplete toolbox when the game launches but gets populated after a while (which means around a couple of years).

When you’re inside the video game, you have the “freedom” to explore some parts of the game, but the activities tend to appear behind locks.

At the same time, you could find different side-quests scattered across the map, hidden easter eggs or collectibles, and multiple “crowned” cities.

Indeed, to some players, this gives them more immersion in enjoying the game. In contrast, other community members dislike “empty” spaces or boring travel times with an open world.

When it comes to The Crew 3, we’ll probably find another game with these Open World characteristics.

airplane the crew 3 release date

Different Driving Experiences

One of the “innovating” gameplay elements from The Crew 2 is how easily you can change between means of transport and travel across the map.

Firstly, you could move between roads in the city with a vehicle, gaining speed as you burst the nitro.

Secondly, you could fly across significant landscapes, doing maneuvers in the sky.

Lastly, you could sail around the ocean and battle against multiple obstacles and the tide.

These characteristics appear accessible to any player, and you can change your ride with a couple of in-game commands.

In previous games, you move an avatar (walk around) and change your ride as you move around the map and enter/exit any car.

As you can already tell, we lose immersion in The Crew 2 but gain more action as we continue traveling at high speeds.

Within The Crew 3, we could find ourselves playing with this freedom of movement and even getting more ways to explore the world, such as submarines beneath the ocean.

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”Live as a Service” Type of Video Game

The LaaS model is pretty simple; the developers eventually release the base game and add more content. Even though it looks “cool,” almost all of the extra elements of the game come with “paywalls.”

As a result, you’ll see multiple battle passes or subscriptions which reward the player that wants to support this practice.

Video games that follow this trend always get positive and negative sides.

The good thing about Live as a Service is that your favorite video game gets constant updates that keep it alive. For example, you might get balance changes that move the “META” around.

At the same time, the developers add more activities that help the player base to enjoy their gaming sessions in different ways.

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to this type of environment.

As we previously discussed, some of the new elements of the game come with a paywall.

In other words, if you stop using that credit card, you’ll likely be left behind. Depending on the game, you could miss items (like cars) that have overpowered stats and make the challenges (like races) much more manageable.

If the developers follow the practices we keep seeing with The Crew 2, the next installment will likely come with that LaaS model.

motorpass the crew 3 release date

Updated Graphics

To keep innovating with the franchise and compete with similar racing video games, they need to have better textures and effects.

Since it’s Ubisoft, they can use powerful graphical technologies and assets from Watchdogs Legion. Adding stuff like “RTX” might give that push that could keep the game afloat and make it look pretty.

Furthermore, these settings are decorations that do not change the gameplay. When turned off, the game runs without any issues, and you could have a better performance.

Indeed, this might help those last-gen consoles which do not have the hardware required for these options.

If the developers want to keep the player base intact, they could make The Crew 3 accessible to those players with previous consoles.

New Map/Country

Using the entire USA as a reference to their Open World setting is a fantastic accomplishment.

Sadly, repeating the same process with another county could take a long while and many resources. Therefore, they might use a region with less territory.

According to some leaks, there are hints which tell us that Hawaii could become the upcoming destination.

These exotic islands might offer many unique traveling opportunities if the rumors are true.

First, we could have different races that could have dangerous hazards and menacing obstacles. Secondly, we could use boats to travel between islands and get more ways to explore Hawaii.

Lastly, traveling by air between volcanoes could give attractive gameplay mechanics.

Undoubtedly, the developers have many ways to improve The Crew 3 as we explore a new region.

map the crew 3 release date

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The Crew 3 Release Date

We have no clue about a possible date for The Crew 3. Indeed, we could speculate that this video game could appear between late 2023 and early 2025. Moreover, the time gap between The Crew and The Crew 2 is four years. Furthermore, even though we got The Crew 2 on June 29, 2018, the announcement from Ubisoft appeared a year before (May 2017).

In other words, we might not see The Crew 3 shortly. Additionally, we are still getting more content within The Crew 2, which means that the developers think it is profitable to keep the video game alive.

However, we still have ways to speculate about the impact and performance we could get when The Crew 3 hits different gaming systems.

The Crew 3 Release Date Xbox

Thanks to the increasing relationship between Ubisoft and Microsoft, there’s a higher chance that we’ll see this upcoming game running on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. Also, since we are now witnessing more Ubisoft games on the Game Pass, we could have that game there (not at release, though).

Since Xbox Series X is one of the most powerful consoles in the market, we could even run the game at 60fps with a 4k resolution. On the other hand, playing with an Xbox One might not have the same impact, and it could probably run the game at 30fps with a 1080p resolution.

Remember, though, this is speculation, and there’s a lot of room for any changes.

The Crew 3 Release Date PS5

Running Ubisoft’s video games on the Playstation 5 is always an incredible sight. Thanks to the hardware capabilities, you can run all these games without issues and with a fantastic performance. Therefore, we could get 60fps with a 4k resolution as we travel on the new map from The Crew 3.

Furthermore, thanks to the PS5 controller features, we could add immersion as we feel the resistance of the triggers when we try to accelerate/break. Above all, since this console lacks more options from the racing genre, you could find more players around the World.

The Crew 3 Release Date PS4

Due to manufacturing issues (or availability), not many people have gained the opportunity to upgrade to a PS5. You either wait to find the newest console magically in a store or pay ridiculous amounts of cash from scalpers. Either way, lots of gaming community members are still waiting for this inevitable upgrade.

Meanwhile, we could see possible PS4 release compatibility if the developers still support this hardware. Indeed, the gaming experience within PS4 is less attractive due to potential hardware limitations.

Therefore, if The Crew 3 shows on this console, we could have a 30fps with 1080p graphical option. But, still, it is playable, and you can always get fantastic gaming sessions with a new racing video game.

The Crew 3 Release Date PC

Arguably the best gaming experience comes with the PC version of any racing video game. Thanks to the support of multiple controllers (even Racing Wheels), configurations, and graphical capabilities. Depending on the PC Components, you could opt for the highest video options and get the best experience.

If you have the Ubisoft Plus subscription active, you can get the latest Ubisoft video games from day one. Therefore, you could get The Crew 3 (with the extra DLCs) as soon as it hits the gaming community.

It is recommendable that you update the PC hardware until it resembles anything from the current-gen consoles. When The Crew 3 finally arrives, you’ll have no issues running the video game.

The Crew 3 Release Date Cloud

Lastly, the “young” gaming platform gets a lot of potential and gives access to players with no console/PC.

Recently, you only need a “Smart” 4k television compatible with Stadia, Luna, or GeForce Now to play the latest video games.

You can play some of Ubisoft’s greatest hits anytime, anywhere, with a Ubisoft Plus subscription (with the Cloud option).

For example, you can find The Crew on Luna, and The Crew 2 was on Stadia (RIP Stadia). Moreover, all of the PC games appear within GeForce Now.

Undoubtedly, The Crew 3 could appear on one (or more) of these three Cloud options.

dominion the crew 3 release date

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The Crew vs. Forza Horizon

Even though both games have similar characteristics (racing, Open World), they distinguish both options in many ways.

On the one hand, you have the Forza Horizon franchise that gets licensed vehicles and a shorter map to explore.

Even though you have less ground to explore, the place receives many activities, making it more populated. Furthermore, the expansions grab elements from different franchises (Lego cars or Hot Wheels) with the same theme.

In contrast, The Crew gives you a more extensive map, and with the second installment, you have different means of transport (boats and airplanes).

Also, you get updates frequently, which add more elements to the map and give you more ways to experience the video game.

Both options have fantastic gameplay mechanics, and each lets you compete against other players across the World. If you have the opportunity, you should give both a chance and stay with your favorite racing video game.

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Frequently Asked Questions about The Crew

In this section, we’ll cover some of the commonly asked questions about the past, and future games in The Crew series.

Does The Crew 2 still get updates?

Yes, it still does. The last update (Dominion Frozen) hit the servers on September 14.2022. This addition gave the players brand-new vehicles, ice tracks, Motorpass, a new live summit, and events. Additionally, there are still more plans for future content.

Is there going to be a new Crew?

Even though there are no official statements, there’s a higher chance that we’ll get The Crew 3 eventually. Due to the next-gen capabilities, the franchise needs an upgrade to stay relevant in the video game world.

What’s the newest Crew game?

The franchise’s latest racing video game from Ubisoft is The Crew 2. In this version, we get the option to change between vehicles (including bikes), boats, and airplanes. Hence, we get new ways to explore the USA map.

How many The Crew games are there?

At the moment, we have two elements from this franchise. Both of them come with great gaming mechanics and a fantastic racing experience.

Does The Crew 2 have 60fps?

The performance within The Crew 2 changes due to hardware restrictions. If you’re playing on a PC or the latest-gen consoles, it can handle 60 fps. If you’re playing on PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll get a 30fps gaming experience.

How to download The Crew 2?

You’ll need to follow a few easy steps depending on your current system. First, If you’re on PC, you’ll need to download Ubisoft Connect and get it from there.

Secondly, with any console, you’ll need to use the library, search The Crew 2, and start the download. Lastly, if you’re using a Cloud service, you only need to find The Crew 2 and play.

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