Best Tire Shine Products For 2020

Tires looking a little tired? No problem – tire shiners are here to help! We examine nine of the best tire shine products of 2018 to find out which is the perfect tire shine for you.

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Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel Autoglym Instant Tire Dressing Chemical Guys TVD_102 New Car Shine Premium Dressing
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Car enthusiasts love to invest their time and money in making their vehicle looks its best. They will wash, wax and polish their car’s bodywork until it gleams but tires can be overlooked. But there is nothing like old, gray or cracked tires to ruin an otherwise spotless automobile.

This doesn’t mean that you need to replace your tires every few months, though. A cheap and effective solution to this problem is tire shine or tire dressing as it is sometimes known. It is an essential tool in making your worn tires look factory fresh again.

Tire shine not only visually enhances your car but also prevents premature ageing. But this is a saturated market full of misinformation, so to help you choose the right tire shine product, see our handy guide below:

Types of tire shine

There are two main types of tire shine: water-based and oil-based. They are available as both gels and sprays. Gels are generally cheaper than sprays but they are more time-consuming, as they need to be applied directly to the tires. But this hands-on approach allows you to control how much product is applied.

Sprays tend to be more expensive but they are quicker to apply. However to avoid excess shine being slung off the tire onto the car’s bodywork, you may need to wipe it down, unless you have chosen a fast-drying, non-oily spray. Water-based products can be diluted and are made from naturally occurring oils and polymers suspended in water.

As a result, they cause less wear and tear on the rubber tires, so they can be applied more often. This is useful because water-based products do not usually last as long as oil-based alternatives.

They also do not produce the same high-quality finish as more expensive oil-based options, so if you prefer a shinier vehicle, then you may need to spend more. Oil-based or silicone and solvent-based tire shine are water resistant and last longer than water-based products because they are thought to bond with the tire better.

They are made from the same ingredients as water-based tire shine but are suspended in solvents, instead of water. Solvents can be more damaging to rubber tires, though this is only after several applications.

Previously, oil-based tire shine, which was promoted as an enduring alternative did not last the distance, as it would collect dirt and dust over a long period of time. This led users to keep adding layers of the product, which then created a build-up of dirt and grease. With advances in chemical engineering, however, oil-based tire shine is now much improved. The dressing stands up to prolonged use and it now dries to the touch, therefore removing the dirty residue.

So, your choice of tire shine now depends on whether you are a professional motor mechanic or just an enthusiastic amateur working on your car in the garage. There are a range of commercial / professional grade products aimed at mechanics and retail items that are aimed at the general public. However, even if you are not a motor technician, you may still prefer to pay more to get that quality commercial grade product.

Factors to consider before buying tire shine products

You will need to bear in mind a number of factors before selecting your preferred tire shine, such as:

  • Ease of use: both sprays and gel products are easy to apply. Gels take longer to apply but give you more control over the finish. But it’s personal choice whether you prefer to rub on a gel or spray on a liquid.
  • Good UV protection: Most of the products recommended below offer some protection from the Sun. But if you live in a bright area, it is advisable to choose a product with better protection.
  • Type of finish: These products leave a range of different finishes on your tires. But the finish can be controlled by how much of the tire shine is applied and how long you leave it on for. Longer exposure to the tires will lead to a shinier finish.
  • Restoration: If you do not want shiny, noticeable tires, then you may want to choose a product described as having a matte or satin finish. These types of shiners provide an understated finish, instead of a factory fresh appearance.

Best tire shine products

So, without further ado, we will look at the best tire shine products for 2018, which are all available from

Adam’s Tire Shine

  • Value for money:rating

Size: 16 oz

Adam’s Polish is a premium option tire shine that contains a small amount of silicone, leaving a wet and non-greasy finish. It uses state of the art technology so you can add multiple layers of gloss to your tires to add to the wetness and perfect the look. If you apply the dressing correctly using an applicator, it will not run or sling onto the paintwork. It incorporates a trigger sprayer that allows you to pinpoint the areas that you want to be dressed. You can achieve a dark finish by using an applicator or a subtler shine, by liberally spraying the tire.

Adam’s Polish is perfect for larger tires or a more aggressive tread block. It gives off a refreshing banana scent and the dressing will work into a foam on the tires. It will continue to provide a high-quality sheen long after cheaper alternatives have ceased to work, due to its long-lasting formula.

Adam’s Polish is an enduring tire shine that can be easily applied and gives a professional finish, without you having to shell out mega bucks. It is not mass produced and is designed for use by professionals and amateurs alike.

It is available to buy from the following link:

Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel

  • Value for money:rating

Size: 16 oz

Meguiar’s have a reputation for high quality and the G7516 Endurance Tire Gel is no exception. When compared to similar products on the market, it’s much more durable and lasts twice as long as its competitors, so it requires fewer applications and saves you money.

Even in bad weather, your tires will still look impressive as the shiner’s advanced polymer formula protects them against environmental damage. This tire dressing is silicone-based and the gel is concentrated and very thick. You will need to take care when applying it as it needs to be used sparingly with an applicator. If you apply too much, it will attract dust that will cling to the gel.

However, it is less messy than a spray or foam and will bond to the tire in a matter of minutes. Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel lives up to its name as it gives a glossy, black shine lasting for several months.

It is grime and water resistant and its formula includes built-in UV protection to stop it from turning brown. Despite fitting into the bargain range of the market, it compares well with products costing twice as much. It is excellent value for money and will make a great addition to your garage.

It is available to buy from the following link:

Autoglym Instant Tire Dressing

  • Value for money:rating

Size: 16.9 oz

The Autoglym ITD500US is sprayed directly onto the tire from a bottle. It is more expensive than Adam’s and Meguiar’s but it gives a more natural finish, as it is less glossy than its competitors. After spraying the tire, it leaves a light white foam, which needs to be left to dry for 30 seconds.

The result is a satin black finish and even worn tires look brand new. Autoglym tire dressing contains durable polymer silicone protectants, which enhances and protects tires during bad weather and makes it the longest lasting shiner in our list.

It is available to buy from the following link:

Aero Cosmetics Rubber Care

  • Value for money:rating

Size: 32 oz

Rubber Care is easy to use and is a water-based tire shine. After thoroughly cleaning the rubber with tire soap, you can then apply the spray. It then needs to be left to soak for 30 minutes, then you add wax or wipe with a damp towel. This treatment leaves a black matte or satin effect finish on the tire, instead of a “wet” look and does not streak. Made to a high-quality triple nano polymer formula, it is a designed as an aircraft tire cleaner and gives the best UV protection on the market.

Therefore, it meets Boeing Aircraft specifications and it has been offered to the car care market because it does such a good job with aeroplane tires. Because of its exceptional pedigree, it provides an excellent level of restoration to rubber and plastic tires and a long-lasting period of protection, whatever the weather.

And by avoiding a wet finish, it does not attract dirt and is dry to the touch, so your tires will stay cleaner for longer. Rubber Care outshines professional tire products and is competitively priced, so what are you waiting for!

It is available to buy from the following link:

Car Guys Tire Shine Spray

  • Value for money:rating

Size: 18 oz

Car Guys have developed a tire shine formula that uses newly-patented polymer sealant technology to improve performance and longevity. Their tire shine spray is one of the most advanced car detailing products currently available and leaves a deep black finish, which lasts for weeks.

This premium item has many special features. Most importantly, this is a non-sling tire shine. This means that after the product is applied, it quickly dries and bonds to the surface of the tire. So, when you drive off, the shine stays on the tire and is not slung all over the side panels of your vehicle. This makes this product perfect for use after a car wash and at high speeds.

The tire shine comes with an easy to use microfiber dressing applicator, so you can access all the bumps and grooves on your tires. Depending on how much shiner you apply, you can opt for a rich black finish up to a high gloss wet effect, giving your vehicle a professional straight from the showroom look.

This versatile product is best for giving your tires a gel gloss shine and it can also be used on wheel wells or as a trim restorer on any type of worn rubber, vinyl or plastic. It also provides a UV protectant shield, to prevent drying and fading. The Car Guys tire shine spray is made to a high quality in the good ole U S of A and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so it can be safely washed down the drain.

It is available to buy from the following link:

TriNova Tire Shine Spray No Wipe

  • Value for money:rating

Size: 18 oz

It is not technically correct to say that this is a no wipe product. However, you can spray it and leave it on and the longer you leave it, then the slicker and shinier your tires will be. But if you want to clean your tires and return them to the original black gleam of factory fresh ones, then you will need to wipe them a bit.

The TriNova tire shine spray is very easy to apply and comes in a reasonably sized bottle. You can choose the shine you want: high, medium or low and apply it using the extra-long spray tube. This extends into the hard to reach corners of your tires. You just need to bend the tube and screw the nozzle on.

This product is very economical because if you tilt the bottle while you spray, you can make sure you use every last drop. The longer you leave the spray on your tires, the more shine you will see once you wipe it off. Its high-tech formula containing rubber protector also includes anti-ageing properties, such as advanced coating and protection, after only a single coat.

It provides a long-lasting gloss, whatever the weather and does not require multiple applications. The tire shine is a water-based pH neutral product, does not stain and prevents fading and yellowing. It also repels dirt and grime, so your tires will look cleaner for longer!

So, if you overlook the bogus “no wipe” claim, this is still a quality product that self-cleans and is good value for money.
It is available to buy from the following link:

Chemical Guys TVD_102 New Car Shine Premium Dressing

  • Value for money:rating

Size: 1 gallon (128 fl oz)

This top of the range tire dressing is aimed at professional motor technicians and comes in an economical gallon size. It is a water-based product and can be diluted for different uses and works across a range of materials, such as rubber, plastic and vinyl. Therefore, it keeps costs down by reducing the number of products you need to buy.

New Car Shine will restore dusty tires and plastic bumpers and can be used on interior surfaces to refresh fading plastic and vinyl trims, door panels and dashboards. It features built-in UV protection to prevent premature ageing, cracking, and peeling and it dries to form a non-greasy finish.

You can apply it as often as you like without any clouding or discoloration. To achieve the best shine, spray directly onto the tire sidewall using the trigger and leave to dry. Then clean any overspray from the wheels and mop up the excess tire shine. It can also be used on car engines, if you add four parts water to one-part dressing, then let it stand.

The dressed areas will then turn from white to clear in a few minutes. The dressing cleans, protects and leaves surfaces supple and can also be applied to trucks, RVs and boats. It contains a secret patented ingredient that allows it to swiftly penetrate leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber and leave a shiny, durable finish.

New Car Shine also acts as a conditioner and delivers a rich gloss to the treated surfaces, while giving off a pleasant scent. It’ll leave your vehicle looking and smelling brand new!

It is available to buy from the following link:

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel

  • Value for money:rating

Size: 18 fl oz

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel comes from the lower end of the market but delivers top end results at a bargain price! It gives a subdued finish, resembling the natural style of a brand-new tire, instead of an artificial wet look.

Armor are pioneers in tire care and All Extreme uses an advanced formula which is designed to achieve exceptional results. It comes in a copious, durable gel coat, which leaves a smooth, even finish and adheres to the tires to form a shield against the elements.

The gel comes with a sponge for easy application. It produces a wet, black shine, which lasts for weeks and does not leave a messy overspray. It features the indispensable anti-grime and UV protection common to more expensive products, which keep tires from harm.

And it’s bolstered with high molecular weight silicone to preserve the tire shine. All Extreme can certainly hold its own against the big boys!
It is available to buy from the following link:

Stoner Car Care 91044 More Shine Tire Dressing

  • Value for money:rating

Size: 12 oz

This is an unusual shiner as it doesn’t need any wiping or rubbing to make it stick to the tire. It does not contain water or soap that washes off or evaporates, so it lasts a lot longer than rival brands. More Shine is often used by professional car detailers, as it allows users to control the result by spraying a light coat for a soft finish or a heavy coat for a shiny finish.

Its high-tech formula repels water and waterborne dirt and it does not foam, drip or stick. This user-friendly spray can be applied quickly and efficiently and has the ability to shine four tires in 60 seconds. It dries leaving a clear, non-greasy appearance and does not sling or stain tires. And at this bargain price, any amateur can feel like a professional motor mechanic from the comfort of their own garage!

It is available to buy from the following link:

Now that you’ve got your tires looking their best, maybe consider getting your paintwork up to the same standard. Paint correction followed by a ceramic coating will provide the perfect combination to lock in your shine with protection for years to come!

When shining your tires, you may need to use a tire dressing applicator. Some products do not require one or include one as standard but for the others, applicators are available to purchase from They come in the form of pads, sponges and brushes and make applying the tire shine a piece of cake.

The applicators allow you to access all the hard to reach grooves and bumps on your tires and are essential for a smooth finish. They are reasonably priced and come in a wide range of designs and sizes to suit your needs.
So, we have now come to the end of our list.

I hope you have been inspired to improve the appearance of your vehicle after reading about how it’s done. Shining your tires not only makes them look good, it also protects them from the Sun’s harmful rays and repels dirt and grime.

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