Top 5 Drifting Videos: October

October played host to the final rounds of two of the big international series, as well as the annual All Star Bash at Willow Springs, so we’ve been treated to no shortage of awesome drifting videos. As the off season draws in for much of the world we’ve also started to see some more creative releases too. Our Top 5 includes some awesome style, badass drifting and amazing cuts.

Grab a beer, turn your sound up and enable full screen… Without further adieu, I present the Top 5 drifting videos from the month of October.

5. Drift Allstars Finals by Bidstrup

Poland is fast becoming one of the hubs of the European drift scene, consistently producing some of the hardest driving, insane cars and crazy fans. This video by Bidstrup goes hard and provides an insight into why Poland is on the rise in the drift world.


It might not be the slickest production but this raw video pulls no punches. Hard drifting, big guitar riffs, a blow-up sex doll and Drifted’s own Dan Cyr in a toilet with two other guys. Hey, don’t judge!

3. AWFILMS | Welcome to Irwindale 2013

It’s been a hot minute since we saw anything from AWFilms but this release from Formula Drift Irwindale more than makes up for it! Great shots, all the awesome action you’d expect from the FD finals and slick production. Great job Abbitt!


The second Formula Drift film in our Top 5 and the second guy we’d love to see shooting more drifting! Stephen Brooks returns with this mini-documentary covering the adventures of Daigo Saito, Dean Kearney and Robbie Nishida at FD Texas. That moment when Robbie makes eye contact? Goosebumps… every… time!


Brooksie had this month sewn up until this last release dropped but a few days ago. This film by Drifted’s own Daniel Hovdahl has racked up an impressive 200,000+ views in a handful of days – take a 200bhp Cressida, a shit-hot driver, an attractive passenger and a bus load of top camera kit and this is the result… bring back the touge. Daniel tells us he’s planning a follow up project soon – we can’t wait!

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