VIDEO: FD Road Atlanta: Helix Energy Drinks

author avatarDan Cyr
05/22/201122nd May, 2011
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Formula D at Road Atlanta was a ridiculously epic event. Amongst all the drifting, crazy beer fuelled fans, and golf karts was the Helix Energy Drinks drift team. With everything coloured in bright orange, and a bunch of rowdy dudes hanging around the paddock area, it was pretty hard to miss these guys as you were cruising through the pits. As I arrived in the paddock area with my brother Pat Cyr, we were met very shortly afterwards by Helix Energy Drinks’ driver Matt Waldin, and pretty much from that point on hilarity ensued, starting with a healthy golf cart drag race to get the weekend kicked off right. Hopefully this video which covers Waldin’s weekend makes it obvious to you just how great of a time we had at that event, and gets you just as pumped up as I am for Formula D in Florida! So keep your eyes peeled on DRIFTED.COM for the coverage!!

author avatar Written by Dan Cyr Dan Cyr runs Cyrious Productions, which is the media side of the Drift Posse Drift Team. There are other projects on the side, but the most prominent feature in the Cyrious Productions portfolio is drifting!

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