VIDEO: Pat Cyr’s AE86 Returns to DMCC

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After what turned out to be a pretty busy offseason, Pat Cyr returns to the Drift Mania Canadian Championship in 2013.

That may not come as a surprise to many, but what was a surprise was when Pat showed up with his trusty old AE86 in the trailer. With the FR-S build being completed just a few days before the event, coupled with electrical gremlins rearing their ugly heads on the dyno, it turned out to be fate for the AE86 to get one more shot at glory.

The weekend in Montmagny, Quebec was actually cold and pretty rainy for the most part, which has become standard fare for the first round of DMCC for whatever reason. That being said, the drivers persevered, and Mother Nature eventually decided to give us a break from the rain just before Top 16, making for a relatively dry track for the main event! This would bode well for the AE86, as it proved to be particularly nimble this weekend scoring a 1st place in Top 16!

A victory in drifting always feels good I think, no matter what the prize…but getting a big stack of cash worth $10k certainly doesn’t hurt! Preparations on the FR-S continue in hopes of having it ready to rock for Round 2, where it’s first pro event will coincidentally be at the place that it was first drifted by Pat in stock form, St. Eustache. Stay tuned to Drifted for further coverage of DMCC!

Ps. I should mention that there’s a little BMX footage sprinkled into this video…I tend to hang out with a pretty diverse crowd, so I like to show that!


::Dan Cyr

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