VIDEO: W.E.R.D #2 from W.T.A.C

Hey Everyone,

If that title has you baffled, it stands for the Wreck ‘Em Run Down number 2. This time from the World Time Attack Challenge. A W.E.R.D provides you with visual lols from the weekend without giving away our spoils for this years DVD.

An awesome event with awesomer people! Big thanks to the Jones Family and Hit & Run. Also thanks to the people who came up and said they actually liked Wreck ‘Em it feels good to know we have some fans out there!

Seeing as both Ginga (Luke Jobson) and D.K (Daniel Kelly) were up for the event to film for the DVD, I dedicated my Sony FX7 to capturing the footage for this W.E.R.D after D.K gave me a Fish Eye to use I knew I had to do a Youtube dedication video with some funky tunes! We followed Beau Yates and Mad Mike over the weekend. We had planned to film another drifter but due to an unfortunate event we weren’t able to capture any footage bar that of our contour…

Thanks to our sponsors Etnies, Moonah Auto Salvage and JDM Garage


Sample from “Scratch The Documentary:
The Delta Blues by Robert Johnson (Mix Master Mike)

Hang Out – UTFO (Instrumental)

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