VIDEO: Wreck ‘Em Run Down (Steves Morning Sesh)

Hey Everyone,

We thought we would start sharing a Wreck ‘Em Run Down (W.E.R.D) video to let you guys know what we’re getting up to with out spoiling the footage for this years DVD. Our maiden W.E.R.D is from Steve’s Morning session at Queensland Raceway. My plan of attack was to get a lift with Tom out to the event, but that soon changed to meeting Erin at a local service station which then in turn changed to Buckna picking me up. I wasn’t mad at the kerfuffle but, Buckna had brought croissants and this is just what my mouth wanted to see after skipping out on breakfast. Erin from JDM Garage was out to do a shake down on his (Silver) 4 Door R34 whilst Tom and Buckna completed the entourage with Buckna bringing his brother-in-laws Onevia and Tom stomping down in his (Purple) R34. The day was rad and fun was had!


Wreck em Run Down

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