Posted by Joseph Curphey on 18th April in Joseph Curphey.

I was browsing through the pictures on my hard-drive and I came across a bunch of photos from a Driftopia day I went to last month that I forgot to do something with.

Andrew Choy was driving his S15 very well throughout the day. This has to be one of the most reliable cars I’ve seen.

This AE was doing well all day, sounds awesome!

This FC is LOUD! I’ve heard he’s making big power too, Maybe I should do a feature on this car?

This 180 was a smoke machine all day, very regressive driving!

Another shot of Andrews S15, This thing is simply amazing.

And this Zenki was looking good too!

Next event will probably be in a week or so!
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Written by Joseph Curphey

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  • Rich


    DO you have any high rez versions of the blue S15 shots?


  • Lol yeah Dan. You shouldn’t have sold it 🙁

    Any luck selling the Mazda?

  • Fevah

    my old 14 needs better wheels 😛

  • James

    Love the S15!

  • That S15 is seriously clean. The Zenki looks awesome too.


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