9 Best Driving Browser Games To Play In 2023

We have a huge catalogue of driving games at Drifted which can be a little overwhelming, so here are our 9 best driving games picks for 2023.

drift-hunters 9 best driving browse games to play In 2023

No strings attached. Through the Internet, you’ll see multiple ways that will help you burn for a couple of hours.

Even though you won’t find the same quality as Forza Horizon 5, these video games are worth a try. You don’t need to spend a cent. Instead, you load a link and wait for the racing game to load. 

If you don’t find your first option interesting, you can close and load another racing game in a matter of seconds. In a single gaming session, you could try ten or twenty Browser Video Games, and bookmark your favorites.

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9 Best Driving Browser Games To Play In 2023

Here you have some of the Best Driving Browser Games available for free all over the Internet. All of the options you’ll see here appear without any particular order. If you find something interesting, look it out and play.

Grand Prix Hero

Let’s start this list with a perfect example of these driving browser games. Inside Grand Prix Hero you’ll get to drive a Formula 1 vehicle. There’s no need to check for stats or customization; you throw a few clicks and are in the middle of a race.

The main goal is to win as many points as possible inside one event of four tracks. Each time you begin the race you’ll start at the bottom, and you’ll have a short chance to outmaneuver your adversaries and reach the highest position. At first, things will look complex, but when you enhance the primary stats (Top Speed, Grip, Acceleration, Boost) you’ll see a great improvement.

The best of it all is that you only need two buttons (left and right) to do everything. Although, you’ll get to experience everything Grand Prix Hero has to offer after 15 minutes. 

Crazy Cars

Things turn more interesting with Crazy Cars and the options it gives you. When you load this option into your browser, you’ll see a vehicle, an open road, and a few instructions. Instantly you’ll realize that you’re playing an open-world video game with cars.

You’ll start with a muscle car, but you get the option to purchase other vehicles with stars or “tools.” Across the entire map, there are unique events and icons for you to drive into. After you get the right amount of items, you get the option to try another vehicle.

There’s a way to speed the process by watching ads, but you can do everything without spending a second watching a “video”. Crazy Cars come with easy-to-learn controls, a two-player option, and a full 3D environment.

Top Speed Racing 3D

Another one of these good driving browser games is without a doubt Top Speed Racing 3D. From the start, you’ll see a mini-game that tries its best in portraying itself as a simulator. For example, you can modify different aspects of the vehicle and see how the handling chances with each number.

With Top Speed Racing 3D you’ll get a sandbox type of racing game where you play as you want. Indeed, there are no goals or opponents, but it is still fun to drive around the map.

The developers of this video game give you the option to play with nine vehicles, and two interesting maps. If you add the option to modify your wheels, you could drive for more minutes and see how it goes.

Offroad Mania

If you want to take time off the usual street racers, you might want to give this option a try. Unlike the previous options from this list, you only see a “piece” of land with a couple of obstacles. The main objective is to pass through the hazards and reach the goal.

You only use a Jeep with this racing game, which you get to customize by changing its color. After that, everything remains the same, and you’ll need to start over every time you load Offroad Mania.

Lastly, each stage comes with three hidden trophies that have no other use but to give you more challenges. Overall, take your time and plan a good strategy before touching the accelerator. 

Soccer League

In case you haven’t figured out already, yes, this is a Rocket League rip-off. But, with Soccer League you don’t need to download a lot of files or make accounts. Instead, you only load the website and play.

There are lots of ways to customize your vehicle with random items, more effects, and color presets After a couple of victories you’ll get enough virtual currency for that special item you might want to try.

Unlike Rocket League, you only play with AI (Artificial Intelligence) teammates/opponents, and they tend to get stuck more than often. Furthermore, you lose all your progress when you close the Internet Browser.

GP Moto Racing 3

A great-looking racing game that might take some time to master. Many video games that have bikes on them will take some time to control. If you’re going too fast, there’s a high chance that you’ll crash against a wall.

Like other driving browser games, you’ll start with the worst bike. You’ll need to spend a few tries until you get enough credits for the best options and win the race. You could watch some ads if you want to skip a few minutes, but it’s not necessary,

The main objective of GP Moto Racing 3 is to get the most powerful bike and win the event.

Super Star Car

A more “complete” take that comes with better options than the rest. From the start, you’ll see an improvement in the graphics and the different menus. In Super Star Car you can even use your controller to play.

The handling though, is not the strongest point. You can finish the track without even taking the accelerator out of your fingers. When a difficult turn comes in, you’ll feel how the video game wants to keep you inside the road.

All the graphical enhancements come with a cost, mostly with the “data stream.” In other words, you’ll see random objects appearing out of nowhere as you move through the map. 

Even with those cons, this racing game is one of the best out there.

Drift Hunters

Get all that knowledge that you have from the best driving games about drifting and forget about them with Drift Hunters. The handling is way out of proportion and sometimes you’ll stick to the road and other times you’ll fly all around. 

Either way, you can always try a new type of drifting experience and find a new logic with this video game. You can also change the vehicles and tune them with virtual currency.

The graphics look great and you’ll have enough material to keep your mind distracted for a little while.

Highway Racer 2

With each year you’ll see many improvements with new racing games. Highway Racer 2 comes with tons of ways to customize your vehicle and different game modes.

You can opt to play a “Time Attack” option where you need to reach the goal before the time expires. At the same time, you’ll need to avoid traffic and grab power-ups. You can even play a “Chase” mode where you need to destroy the bad guy’s vehicle.

After you check all the options from the in-game menus, you’ll see different ways to spend a couple of minutes.

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