Top 5 Ultra Realistic Driving Games for 2023

Like realistic driving games? We’ve got you – here is a quick shortlist of the top five ultra realistic driving games for 2023.

f1 23 top 5 ultra realistic driving games for 2023

Realistc Driving Games in 2023

Through all the video gaming years, players get to experience fun ways to spend their time. First, you could spend hundreds of hours focused on a single screen with pixelated graphics and with the aid of a “one-button” joystick. Although this method wasn’t optimal, you could play.

Second, as we improve technology, visiting the “arcade” will give you better ways to travel across virtual roads. Even though you had to use coins every time you wanted to try any driving game, every second was worth the investment.

Nowadays, with the aid of powerful gaming devices, the best experience is open to anyone. When you load a racing game such as Assetto Corsa, you’ll be at the top of both worlds. On the one hand, you can play the video games you own. Simultaneously, you get astonishing visual effects and involving sounds.

As a result, getting the best pixels in the market is almost at your fingertips.

The New Era of Driving Games

Overall, like pieces to a puzzle, to get the best driving game experience, completing the set is your (or the developers’) top priority.

You can have as many video games as you’ll like in your virtual library and play to your heart’s content. Through this point, you have no control over the “software” (the video game) quality. Indeed, some developers might take the extra mile and give you a better deal with over-the-top gaming mechanics.

Still, you also could have ways to enhance the gaming experience if you’ll want to reach the top. When you see something missing, you could add extra “hardware” (gaming peripherals), which aims for better gaming.

Getting everything set (which we’ll discuss more in this article) could make you spend tons of cash, but for the driver aficionado, it’s all worth it.

Learn about free-to-play options with 9 Best Driving Browser Games To Play In 2023.

Software Features

Before we discuss the wonders of gaming peripherals, let’s check the gameplay elements which enhance any video game. Many developers take their chance in the driving niche and try their best to leave a mark on the pavement.

We welcome any extra element in the video game market, but some picks shine more than others. Above all, those options that check all the boxes from this list undoubtedly belong at the top.

Graphical Enhancements

Let’s begin with one element that takes advantage of the powerful gaming devices in 2023, the graphics.

First, the developers focus on adding more details to the terrain, which, due to in-game high speeds, sometimes gets unnoticed. Still, they deliver tons of significant details to the vehicles, blurring the line between real and virtual.

Second, the developers add extra details from the latest advancements in technology. Long gone are those rearview (or even side-view) mirrors that appear blurry and have no practical function.

We can also see reflections on the vehicle’s metal as we drive. Snow or even sand particles appear and take effect around each car.

The devil is the detail, and every pixel on the screen helps create that Ultra Realistic Driving Game feel.

Real-Life Physics

Drivers around the World know that even if everything looks bright and shiny when the “driving” itself doesn’t work. If the vehicle itself feels like a turtle as you try to accelerate or take a hard turn, nothing will save the racing game from getting bad reviews.

In contrast, when you suddenly lose control with a slight touch on the accelerator and starts to spin with a slight touch of the directional buttons, things will go ugly.

We, as top drifters, love that elegant middle ground when we let the vehicle lose itself on each turn. In the middle of the chaos, a slight touch of the accelerator or a directional button will help us keep that momentum on the road.

Some of the latest driving games (like the Forza Horizon series) step aside from realistic physics for a bit. Instead, you’ll see vehicles moving around the open-world map with no sense of logic. Sadly, for that criterion alone, those options are out of this list.

Known Vehicle Brands

Everything gets a “Welcome Emote” in the vehicle’s roster, as long as it has a real-life counterpart.

Some of the famous video game franchises (like Grand Theft Auto) tend to use “original” new vehicles inside their virtual world. Indeed, some of these options might look great, but they obliterate the “Realism Meter” to the ground.

No matter what racing game you’re playing, when you see the name “Porsche,” the distinctive design and capabilities appear instantly in your mind. On the other hand, almost no one knows what a Pfister is (the GTA counterpart) and how it looks.

If any developer wants to add more realism to their video game (no matter the genre), they need to invest a little bit more and get the licenses. Without them, they have no option but to add unknown vehicles inside their craft.

Multiple Types of Terrain

Dominating the payment is now the first part of any recent driving game nowadays. After a while, you’ll learn how things change (especially handling) when you move a truck around “no-man’s-land.”

When it comes to Ultra Realistic Driving Games, adding this feature is a plus and not that necessary. Many professional racers (for the virtual and real world) tend to spend more time hitting those licensed tracks which appear in countries like the United States, France, or Japan.

Innovating Features

Sometimes adding that extra gameplay mechanic inside any racing game will make an impact on anyone. For example, when a video game wraps every racing event and different stunts activities around an “Open-World” setting.

Even though Forza Horizon made it popular, old options (Need for Speed: Underground 2) with the same niche already gave this method a try. Overall it doesn’t matter when or how the developers implemented this function, but if it makes the right reaction.

Within an Ultra Realistic setting, the Open-World could turn increase/decrease the immersion. If you add a Formula 1 car driving carelessly around the city is indeed the wrong step. On the other hand, making things a little more difficult with one sports car by adding traffic could increase realism.

Modding Capabilities

Giving us the freedom to change or add elements to our gaming library is one of the greatest ways to play. If by any chance you find something missing (like finding your favorite sports car) in your racing game, you might find it over the Internet.

Some players even took some time to learn “how to mod” and make those elements by themselves. By following tutorials, you might even get entwined into this process too.

Inside the racing game genre, mods help us improve the experience and increase longevity. When you run your favorite video game, you might find new stuff to install—a win-win scenario.

Software Development

In conclusion, delivering the best in software is essential. The developers constantly update their knowledge in coding and gaming development.

If almost all these characteristics appear in your racing game, it will lead the market.

As you can already tell, improving these elements (except modding) is out of our hands. Thanks to reviews and lists (that you’ll see in this article), we highlight the best.

Hardware Enhancements

This part of the article will discuss those parts you can exchange if you have enough cash. If you’re looking for that Ultra Realistic experience, you’ll need to invest in your hardware.

For example, you might need:

  • VR Goggles: Even though you might find impressive monitors with 4K resolution or less input delay; the VR is a great experience. With those goggles, you’ll simulate being a driver as you move the perspective with your neck and catch more details.
  • Racing Wheel: Moving the vehicle always feels a little off with a controller or keyboard. Sometimes the cars move too much/little. But once you plug a Racing Wheel, things feel more real.
  • Powerful Computer or Latest Console: All of the items you’ll see within this list require potent hardware. With enough resources, you could run any racing game with all the graphics maxed out. Giving you more details to explore.

Top 5 Ultra Realistic Driving Games for 2023


One of the greatest racing games so far that requires more “loving” than usual. Inside this powerful tool for any racing aficionado, you need to spend cash. First, you’ll need a subscription (like Netflix) to remain welcome.

Second, you’ll need to “buy” the virtual versions of your favorite vehicles and tracks. Investing within iRacing could scare the casuals, but you’ll see the potential when you compete.

Many professional (real-life) drivers tend to use the tools from this racing game to practice. Therefore, you’ll see lots of competent players when you join a multiplayer match.

Software Potential

Due to many server restrictions from the developers, things cannot get out of hand. In other words, you cannot modify in-game assets or add extra tracks to the roster.

Instead, we get some of the best gaming physics and close-to-real-life characteristics. All of the vehicles have outstanding attributes and the tracks follow all the certified regulations. Thanks to these characteristics, professional drivers love this video game.

Hardware Capabilities

If you aim for an ultra-realistic feel, iRacing won’t let you down. You have the option to add your favorite VR goggles and improve the graphics with a powerful computer.

Many players take the extra mile and install racing chairs with petals and a handbrake. When you blur the line between gaming and real driving, you’ll become the wheel master on both ends.

Assetto Corsa

Starting your virtual driving career should take you behind the Assetto Corsa wheel. Due to the learning potential, you’ll get with the amazing physics, the pavement is yours for the taking.

Even though already has some time inside the Steam store, it never disappoints. Keep in mind that the graphical capabilities still hold to this day. And you can find it on sale more than often.

You’ll see tons of vehicles and tracks which will keep your attention for a long time. Assetto Corsa is without a doubt a good Ultra-Realistic option.

Software Potential

The racing game itself comes with tons of great material. Thanks to the in-game physics, you’ll soon discover the amazing gameplay mechanics. Also, the complete pack (with all the DLC) will give you more opportunities to try multiplayer events.

You’ll soon discover that Assetto Corsa gives you the freedom to add mods to the video game. When you return to the pavement, you’ll get to see something new. For example, you can find weather effects, new tracks, day/night cycles, and more vehicles.

Hardware Capabilities

Even if you have a potato computer (meeting the recommended system requirements), you’ll find tons of interesting ways to play. You can race with a controller and load with low graphical settings.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best Ultra Realistic experience, you might need the best components and even VR goggles. Either option will impact the “view” and how you move around the pavement.

Both gameplay experiences won’t have any advantage (in-game) over the other.

Forza Motorsport Series

If you want to break the barrier between console and pc players you might want to look into this option. Unlike the Horizon part of Forza, you’ll find more realism here. We trade the open world for better simulating driving mechanics.

Sadly, you’ll find it hard to acquire any edition through the virtual markets. Due to licensing issues, even the latest (Forza Motorsport 7) is out of the question. Luckily the soon-to-come Forza Motorsport 8 will come around October.

You can also try to grab a physical copy from the internet and check the old versions through the Xbox consoles.

Software Potential

Sadly, due to developers’ decisions and console limitations, there are fewer ways to modify the game(s). You cannot install mods into the console and you only had what Forza gave you.

Furthermore, since the old versions are hard to get, many players tend to leave them behind. You won’t get that many multiplayer events or find roadblocks in between.

Hardware Capabilities

The same factors tend to add limitations to this part as well. Getting a VR Goggle won’t work for you either.

Getting the PC version (although you’ll need to wait) might give you the best performance for that Ultra Realistic feel.

WRC Franchise

If you’re a Rally fan, this is the best option for you. Thanks to the outstanding in-game physics (handling), and tons of astonishing biomes, you’ll never get bored.

Things will change according to the weather, the vehicle, and the track difficulty. The main goal is to reach the goal as fast as possible with your racing track configuration.

The “Generations” (WRC 10) racing game is the last from this group of developers. Due to licensing exchanges, other programmers will take the lead. In other words, hopefully, things will turn out great.

Software Potential

All the franchise comes with great potential. Without a doubt, they have enough material for all those Rally aficionados. The last versions come with a career mode and multiplayer modes.

Even though WRC Generations lacks a few vehicle licensing (from the classics), you’ll find different ways to enjoy the video game.

Most importantly, since it follows the “console” route, you’ll find fewer ways to modify stuff. If you’re one of those players that want to plug and play, go for it.

Hardware Capabilities

You could add a Steering Wheel (check for compatibility first), but VR Goggles are out of the question. Further than that, you can find different ways to improve the experience.

If you’re playing with the latest consoles, you can opt between 1080/60fps or 4K/30fps. With a computer, you could get the top of everything (if your rig can handle it).

F1 2023

The newest items you’ll see on this list come with tons of improvements. Besides the graphical enhancements, there are gameplay elements that will keep you busy.

One of the additional features is better handling for any type of controller (pad or wheel). Furthermore, you could see more parts of the story (which began in F1 21).

Endurance is an essential part of any F1 player. If you love to keep your concentration through 20 (or more) laps in a single event, you might want to try this franchise.

Software Potential

Being one of those video games that lack user input, you can only see what the developers give you. Sadly, there are not that many options to modify F1.

Hardware Capabilities

Even though you can plug your VR Goggles for this game, there are a few difficulties. It seems that F1 23 decreases the in-game resolution, making look blurry.

Aside from that issue, you could plug in any type of VR Goggles and the recent Racing Wheels.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a clear idea about the best Ultra Realistic Driving Games in the market, the rest is up to you.

Grab the best hardware you can find in the stores and grab these video games ASAP.

You can also check 11 Best Free Driving Simulator Games For 2023 for more.

If realistic driving games aren’t your cup of tea, maybe you’d enjoy a lighter game like the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

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