11 Best Free Driving Simulator Games For 2023

We break down the 11 best free driving simulator games for 2023. Strap in and fire up your engine, let’s GO!

asphalt 9 11 best free driving simulator games for 2023

Free to Play

The concept is simple, you can play without spending a cent. Many video games require an “entry” fee. Sometimes, they (the publishers) ask for $60 for the basic version. More than often, you’ll need like $100 for the “Ultimate” or the complete set.

Thanks to inflation, things turn into the worst. After a while, you might need more than the accustomed amount. Being a gamer surely hurts your wallet. Moreover, some franchises even ask you to “upgrade” to the last version each year.

But not everything seems lost. With the aid of some intrepid developers, the entertainment keeps running.

Revolutionary Business Models

Opting for these maneuvers is always a risk. The main objective is to gather as many players as possible. If the video game becomes unpopular, the developers might pull the plug.

For us players, is always a gamble. Sometimes you get to download the free-to-play driving game and find paywalls. Many of the options you’ll find in this list have their pros and cons.

Either way, you have the option to download something that catches your eye and give it a try. If you find enjoyment, you could even support the developers as much as possible.

Without further ado, here you have the best Driving Simulator Games.

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11 Best Free Driving Simulator Games For 2023

All of the options that you’ll see on this list appear without a particular order. You can find each video game on the Internet and download the data.

Furthermore, we might “stretch” the simulator meaning of some free-to-play options. Even though some options let you drive vehicles, they are Ultra Realistic (handling-wise).

  1. Truck World Driving School

Let’s start with a racing game that doesn’t get too much competition. With Truck World Driving School, you get to pick a powerful monster and drive them out.

Inside the video game, you get to move the truck avoiding cones and out of bounds. You’ll get a cockpit view and different settings that help you handle many of the truck’s tools. After you learn the basics, you can drive around an off-road track.

Sadly, the biggest issue is that it feels like a “demo.” In other words, you might see all the in-game content in around one hour. If you’re still curious, go ahead and download this video game.

When you manage to see everything, you could leave suggestions to the developers (through Steam’s forums). Your feedback could help shape future projects.

  1. Expansim

Become a part of the beta testing with Expansim right now. First, you need to request access to the racing game. After a while, you’ll soon get the option to download the files.

Inside this option, you’ll get to drive different types of vehicles. From trucks to busses, to sedans. One characteristic worth mentioning is the “Early Access” tag. According to Steam, you can grab the video game and see how it develops.

A con to this model is the amount of bugs and lack of content. The good side is that you’ll experience how gaming development works and help the developers through feedback.

One of the strongest gaming mechanics (according to the creators) is simulation and VR options. They spend a lot of time tunning the controllers and aim for more hardware compatibility.

  1. Torque Drift

A hit and miss racing game with tons of “mobile-like” elements but great drifting mechanics. You’ll get the option to play with the “common” vehicles that have less-than-average stats. And you get to drift as your heart desires.

You’ll see tons of “waiting to complete” gaming mechanics that you might skip with currency. Furthermore, there’s a chance to acquire the rarest cars through DLCs or loot boxes.

The drifting experience changes depending on your controller/wheel or gaming experience. If you’re using a gamepad (like the Xbox controller) you’re good to go. If you know how to drift in video games like Forza Horizon, you won’t have any troubles here.

Lastly, the graphics are above average, and you don’t need an over-the-top computer to run Torque Drift.

  1. Asphalt 9 Legends

One of the greatest series with promising driving mechanics that overflow both mobile and PC. Even though it feels more “arcade-ish” you’ll still find it fun. There are next for an upcoming Asphalt 10 Speed, but still, no release date.

The premise is simple, you load any track, reach the podium, earn rewards, and buy upgrades. Since it follows the “mobile” way of progression, you’ll need a lot of time or money. If you have patience, you can experience the entire game without spending a cent.

The graphics are amazing and you’ll love that “speed” effect as you travel through the streets. You will find tons of activities with both single or multiplayer racing tracks.

Due to the nature of the business model, you’ll need to spend a lot of cash to unlock the best options. Some multiplayer events might feel difficult if you do not have the overpowerful wheels in your account.

  1. Classic Racers

You’ll soon find a simple video game that lets you play unlicensed vehicles and different tracks. Once you run Classic Racers, you’ll only find the “beat the record” events. You’ll get a set of vehicles and you’ll need to reach the goal as fast as possible.

Winning will help you unlock more tracks with different maps and vehicles to pick. Nothing out of the ordinary, but still great to pass the time.

The video game files are no longer available through the “official” servers (Steam). Still, you can find and download the files through other websites. Since the original Classic Racers never had multiplayer options, you’ll have no issues.

  1. Engine Evolution 2023

Another “work in progress” option with a promising future. The developer seems to follow the “World of Tanks” approach in the free-to-play model. You’ll start with limited resources, but things will go for the better as you keep playing.

When you load EE23 for the first time, you’ll see classic vehicles and the goal is to upgrade until you get the latest Formula 1 powerhouse. Inside the racing game, you could buy get a premium account. Still, you can experience almost everything without paying.

You’ll only find the “demo” at the moment, but the full release will come soon.

  1. Live for Speed

Making its way to the podium is the racing game called Live for Speed. Like any other option inside this list, you can download the files right away.

The catch though, is the number of cars available for free users. Inside Live for Speed, you can get a bundle of cars depending on your driver’s license. The “demo” or free license comes with three vehicles and one track.

If you want to unlock the other elements of this video game, you’ll need to use a credit card. With the demo license, you can experience the handling, and the in-game graphics and see if it’s worth the cash.

  1. Driver Syndicate

Around the original PlayStation (1) era, a video game called “Driver” dominated for a while. Nowadays, you can relive the experience (or try it for the first time) with Driver Syndicate.

Like the predecessor, you move around in an open world (like GTA V) without ever leaving the vehicle. Thanks to the freedom from playing on a computer, you can add mods and enhance the fun.

You can download all the files and even grab some mods from the community. If you find it worth the trouble, you might even want to add original modifications.

  1. Soapbox Race World

This racing game follows a similar story as Driver Syndicate. This time around, players took the data from NFS World (now offline) and made a zombie out of the remaining files.

In other words, Soapbox Race World is like those “private servers” from MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games. Since the original video game is long gone, you can play without any complications.

When you download the main file, you’ll find it easier to play. For example, you can create a new account, select a server, and play.

  1. Forza Motorsports 6 Apex

One of the best Driving simulator Games in the market is available for free (with a little catch). Any Forza Motorsports comes with outstanding handling physics, licensed vehicles, and amazing tracks.

The “catch” appears when you want to download the files. Even though it’s a single-player game, the official website (Microsoft Store) removed the option to grab this racing game. Instead, you’ll need to use a third-party website to gather the data.

  1. CarX Street

We finish the list with one of the best free-to-play racing games in the market. This mixture between driving and exploring, from an open-world game, never misses the fun spot.

CarX Street follows the “ideal” mobile business model, which means that you’ll find some roadblocks the more you play. If you are having fun, you could support the developers and enhance the experience.

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