Luke’s MK3 Supra

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06/21/201021st June, 2010
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Let me introduce you to Luke’s clean, white and well modified MK3 Supra.

Mk3 Supra

Mk3 Supra

Luke resides in the Inland Empire of sunny Southern California, he’s an avid skater and car enthusiast.

Mk3 Supra

Luke has a very nice, simple taste when it comes to building cars. He enjoys simple, he enjoys the clean styling, and his car definitely shows this!

Mk3 Supra interior

This cars interior looks like it came straight off the Toyota dealership in 1989, aside from the Corbeau Clubman Bucket seat, Nardi Classic steering wheel, and Broadway mirror. Classy, ain’t it?

Mk3 Supra interior

Stick rocking a OEM shift knob, with a brown paisley shift boot. Luke’s collection of Spitfire wheel stickers on his center console show his dedication and love for skateboarding.

Mk3 Supra engine

…it’s even got a freshly rebuilt N/A 7MGE mated to a Megan MDT exhaust.

Mk3 Supra

The Supra’s lovely stance is brought to you by a set of Tein Super Street coilovers, with Mitsubishi Starion wheels in 16×8 mounted up!

Mk3 Supra

This car is drifted, it is driven, and has been built with blood, sweat, and passion.

Mk3 Supra
Great job Luke, keep up the good work!

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Spec List:


Freshly rebuilt JDM 7MGE

ARP Headstuds

OEM Gasket

NGK Spark Plugs and Wires


Megan MDT Exhaust

Megan Aluminum Radiator

Taurus EFAN


Nardi Classic

Corbeau Clubman


TRD Badge

JZA70 Fog Lights


TEIN Super Street Coilovers

Mitsubishi Starion wheels ( 16×8 )

author avatar Written by Zach Meister

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