Desert Meihan 3 – Chandler, AZ

Kris Szczepaniec attended the third iteration of the exceptional Desert Meihan drift series, hosted at Bondurant Racing School in Chandler, AZ. Here is our full event coverage.

desert meihan 3

Bondurant Racing School – Chandler, AZ – Dec 7-8

Are you more of a video watcher then a reader? Check out Reelbros Media’s short video compilation of the event. Otherwise scroll down for drift car porn!

blue jdm drift saloon

Following the success of the first two events, The Track Society brings back the third edition of Desert Meihan to Wild Horse Motorsport Park in Chandler, AZ.

retro jdm drift cars

forest wang s15 silvia parked

desert meihan 3 car lineup

This time, what seems to already be the biggest annual drifting event in Arizona, lured to the desert a number of pro and pro-am drivers, including Forrest Wang with his Nissan S15, Chelsea DeNofa in S54 swapped BMW 318ti, Ryan Litteral (Nissan S14), Dan Burkett (MK4 Supra) and many more – total of 50 drivers.

pink jdm drift team

pink is300 drift car

Now, if you don’t know, Desert Meihan is not a typical drifting competition – it’s not about the awards or trophies. The entire event is basically hot lapping for 2 days.

drift car owner

tuned mazda rx7 drift car

Driver’s meeting started on sleepy Saturday morning at 8am sharp, followed by media meeting. Before that even ended, we could already hear the cars lining up at the entrance gate.

240sx s14 rb25det swap

The layout is a 1:1 copy of the legendary Meihan Sportlands (Yamazoe-mura) in Japan and of course it features the wall.

big power jza80 supra drift car

white 240sx s13 tire change

Luckily, on Saturday, we didn’t get any rain from the clouds hanging above our heads all day long.

drift fans

blue 240sx notchback drift car

The crowds were even bigger than last year, we’ve seen few crashes, some cars just couldn’t take all the abuse and broke down.

black silvia drift car

forest wang s15 silvia twin drift

Unfortunately, on Sunday we saw some rain but that didn’t stop anybody. The crowds still showed up to watch drivers hot lapping for many hours.

desert meihan 3 triple drift

silver four door saloon drift car

The event turned out to be pretty much what we all expected – total mayhem in the clouds of burnt rubber.

240sx s14 drift car

white 240sx s14 drift car

blue supra drift car twin battle

It’s great to see local track heroes being chased by pro drivers and then trying to catch up with them on the next lap.

forest wang s15 silvia drifting

Events like that remind us all why we fell in love with drifting and they bring more people to the community, a community that is growing every year.

nissan 240sx s13 with flag

jdm saloon twin drift

Sometimes we forget it’s not all about the horse power and torque numbers. It’s about fun, friendships and and getting better at what we do.

forest wang s15 silvia with flag

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