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FEATURE: Passion in Poland

At the beginning of November following a four month trip to Cornwall, England, I returned back to my beautiful home country, Poland. It’s a place full of… » Read more

DRIFT CAR: The Drifthunter JZ46

When I first met Markus Müller, his E46 Sedan was still street legal and a long way from being a pro drift car. In 2011, when he… » Read more

VIDEO: Take what you got, and push it to the limit

A short montage of Fredrik Sørlie’s 2013 season with the Underground Garage Cressida. You might remember this very blue Cressida from a particular video shredding it… » Read more

SNAPSHOTS: Brandon Wicknick’s Godspeed Project 2JZ S13

Continuing our love for Formula D’s 2013 rookies, we present you with a few angles of Brandon Wicknick’s Godspeed Project Nissan S13 240SX. Under the hood lies… » Read more

SNAPSHOT: Nothing Mellow About Team Yellow

Team Yellow might be one of the biggest teams here in Norway. With a tight nit group of friends who do it all for fun. There’s no…
» Read more

DRIFT CAR: Cartu Drifting 2JZ E46

In my report from Greinbach I mentioned that one of the competing cars was running a powerful 2JZ, employing anti-lag to avoid losing boost whilst off throttle.… » Read more

GRASSROOTS: Pat’s Acres March Event

With drivers such as former Formula Drift contender Kyle Pollard and his S13 missile, Pat’s Acres Racing Complex (PARC) was the place to be on 2 March.… » Read more

VIDEO: GATEBIL – The Game Changer

Gatebil, as ever, is the go-to event of the year. 50 000 car-crazed people from all over the world join together to make the biggest and baddest… » Read more

VIDEO: DHB: Danmarks Hurtigste Bil 2012

Danmark Hurtigste Bil, or rather how us Norwegians like to call it: Mini-Gatebil. A 3-day event held in the southend of Denmark at a closed down… » Read more

SNAPSHOT: Daily Drifted JZX100

I organized a cruise over the weekend for a couple of local car forums I am on and a wide variety of cars showed up. One of… » Read more

FEATURE: DriftMonkey HQ Part II

Continuing where I left off at Part 1 with this shot of the DriftMonkey 2JZ Silvia S15 sitting in bits, needing a little overhaul after last years… » Read more

FEATURE: Giedrius Matulaitis | DRIFTER.LT | Lithuania

Hello drifted.com! I am Giedrius Matulaitis, a 27 year old photographer living in Lithuania, Kaunas. For the last few years I have been deep into capturing the… » Read more

FEATURE: Kim Søndergaard’s BDT 180sx

PROMO: Kim Søndergaard from Daniel Hovdahl on Vimeo. Here’s a short Promo of Kim Søndergaard in his “Bergen Drift Team” Nissan Silvia 180sx Type R,… » Read more

SNAPSHOT: Smoking Skills

Team Falken/Green’s Paul ‘Polo’ Cheshire finishes off a set of Falkens for no reason other than to entertain the crowds at the BDC Weekender at Norfolk Arena.…
» Read more

EVENT: JDM Allstars Round 2: Hot Hot Hot!

Saturday 26th June saw round 2 of the JDM Allstars championship take place at Donington Park. This round was a real treat for drivers and spectators alike… » Read more

DRIFT CAR: Luke’s MK3 Supra

So this is Luke’s MK3 Supra, and it’s pretty rad. Luke resides in the Inland Empire of sunny Southern California, he’s an avid skater and car enthusiast.… » Read more

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