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01/29/201429th January, 2014

the Drifthunter E46 - 2013 Look

When I first met Markus Müller, his E46 Sedan was still street legal and a long way from being a pro drift car. In 2011, when he got more and more in to competition drifting, and after winning the street legal IDS class 2011, he decided to install a 1JZ lump to replace the 3.0 litre engine his BMW came with. From there it didn’t take long to get to what you see here today.

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The 2013 season went very well for Markus, competing at numeours events in Germany, and he won the Drift United Championship, the unofficial German championship. Markus is one of our Featured Drivers for 2014.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - 330i

This is how it all started: His daily E46 330, slighlty modded and street legal.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - E46 Front

The stock front bumper was replaced with the E46 M3 bumper and a lip; the hood is also a lightweight substitute with quick releases.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - Team Rowdy

The Team Rowdy stickers, showing some love to the ATL based Drift team.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - OZ wheels

The retro OZ Racing wheels he got for a great deal; if you know a potential wheel sponsor, I bet he would be very happy 😉

Markus Drifthunter Müller - E46 rear arches over fender

To provide the extra space for the wider wheels, Markus mounted overfenders to the E46’s body.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - E46 4dr Rear

The rear is almost stock, besides the lightweight trunk with small wing and the quick release bumper.

Markus Drifthunter Müller

Tinted rear lights, a wing and the big 5″ exhaust; Markus car is more about the function than getting the looks.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - rear wing E46 330

Without a wing the rear looked fairly stock, so Markus installed a provisional alloy wing, which will be replaced during the 2014 season with a larger alternative.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - E46 1JZ Engine Swap

The BMW heart was replaced with a bone stock 1JZ-GTE – 350hp and 492NM with the twin turbo setup. Check the Dynovideo and his supporter Dynoteam: VIDEO

For 2014 he we wants to up his game with a new turbo setup.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - Drift United Champion

The Cockpit.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - Steering Wheel

Everything is within arms’ reach: a grippy OMP steering wheel, a fly-off brake and an extended shift knob; not much else needed for a functional drift car.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - Interieur

An armada of gauges and the Apexi AVC-R help to tame the horses.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - carbonfiber shift knob

The extended carbon fiber shift knob; a nice detail.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - rollcage by Stahlus Rennsportzellen

Safety first: the guys from Stahlus Rennsportzellen did a great job with the rollcage.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - 330i rollcage

The biggest downside to the rollcage: no more girls in the back!

Markus Drifthunter Müller - Fire

Another crucial part of the safety system: the fire extinguisher, linked to six nozzles in the engine bay and under the dashboard.

Markus Drifthunter Müller - Fire Button

Not sure if Antilag or Extinguisher…

Markus Drifthunter Müller - Action

Markus doing work.

Markus Drifthunter Müller

For 2014 AEM Electronics joined Markus as a sponsor, delivering a brand new ECU unit for the engine upgrade.

Andrew Stewart of AWS Graphics takes care of the new livery. A small teaser:


We are exctied about Markus’s 2014 car and will keep you updated on the build. If you want more information on Markus, check him out on his Facebook Page.

Markus wants to thank his supporters & sponsors:

AEM Electronics
Stahlus Rennsportzellen
Turbo Total
AWS Graphics
– KFZ Service Rall
– Autohaus Grossmann

If you’d like to learn more about the engine that powers this car then check out our 1JZ Specs article, if you would like to see how this engine fares against it’s bigger brother then check out our 1JZ Vs 2JZ feature.

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