4 Parts You’ll Need To Turn Your Car Into A Drifting Machine

If you have been thinking of getting into drifting, you will want to make a few modifications to your car to get ready. It is important to know what parts are needed when building a drift car and what areas to focus on. Transmission, suspension handbrakes and differential are four big ones.

The Right Transmission For Drifting

If you are looking into creating a drift car, you will ideally want to have a standard (or stick shift) transmission. A manual transmission gives you the most control over when and how your vehicle shifts. This is an important part of drifting, as it lets you rev higher and drop the clutch. This process gets the tires spinning and allows you to drift.

If you already have a standard transmission, you will want to look into upgrading the clutch. You will be giving it a bit of abuse when you are drifting. Having a good aftermarket clutch set up is essential. This upgrade will give you more control and a tighter and quicker response, which will help you achieve a better drift.

The Right Suspension Setup

When setting your drift car up, suspension is another important part to focus on. You want a tight performance suspension system that can be finely adjusted for your driving style. Adding an aftermarket suspension kit will help decrease body roll, improve your handling, and give you better handling and performance overall when you are drifting.

Upgrade Your Hand Brake System

The hand brake is a very important part of the drifting process. You use it regularly when in turns and throughout your drift. Your stock hand brake is not built for the abuse it will get when drifting, so it is important to look into better options. The use of a hydraulic hand brake is great, as this is a stronger system then your stock cable emergency brake. It is also a good idea to get a lever that is located closer to the shift boot, as this allows for quick access to the handle of your hand brake.

Choose The Best Differential

Drift cars should be rear-wheel drive. Those are the tires that you want power to so you can spin and get you into a drift. When it comes to the rear end, the differential is what makes a difference in your ability to get a good drift. You want to have a limited-slip differential (LSD), as this system will give torque to both wheels when one side loses traction. A posi-trac rear end is also a good option for drifting. With this style of differential, both wheels are getting power to them constantly.

With these upgrades, you can start drifting. There is a lot you can do to make your car a great drift machine, but without addressing these upgrades, your car will not get the desired results you are looking for. Have fun with the upgrade process, and get to work on building your perfect drift car!

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