Best Drift Cars In CarX Drift Racing Online

With confirmation of the upcoming CarX Drift Racing 3 release, we revisit our favorite cars from CarX Drift Racing Online, and our top drift tunes.

best drift cars in carx drift racing online

Top Picks: The Best Drift Cars In CarX Drift Racing Online

CarX Drift Racing first hit the scene in 2014 as a mobile drift game and quickly became a favorite among drifting fans. Following its initial success, the CarX Technologies team launched CarX Drift Racing 2, furthering its reputation in the mobile gaming world. The most recent addition, CarX Drift Racing Online, brings the franchise to a new level.

Following the official announcement of CarX Drift Racing 3, we decided it’s time to recap our favorite drift cars that feature in what is likely to be the final version of CarX Online. These top picks aren’t so ideal for beginners who are just getting started, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered later in this guide.

Each of these rides brings unique characteristics and drifting capabilities and comes in various shapes and sizes. Alongside our top picks, we also provide the drift tune that worked best for us to get the most out of each of them.

Make sure you also stick around after, where we’ll check out our favorite unique and interesting cars in the game that are ridiculously fun to drive.

Grace GT (Toyota Yaris GR)

Given that the Yaris GR never graced the US shores, it’s your perfect opportunity to (sort of) get this epic ride in your garage. While it may seem like an unlikely drift car, let’s not forget that Ryan Tuerck has been killing it in Formula Drift with his mind-blowing 1,000 hp Toyota Corolla, which isn’t too dissimilar to the Yaris.

Sure, the super short wheelbase will take some getting used to, but for those narrow tracks where transitioning with a bigger vehicle is super challenging, this agile and nimble contender is ready to cause an upset against the unsuspecting competition.

Zismo (Nissan 370Z)

The Zismo, modeled after the Nissan 370Z, is a popular choice among drifters in CarX. Its reasonable price, along with balanced handling and responsive steering, makes it a great step up from a beginner car as you gain more experience.

The Zismo’s smooth power delivery allows for precise throttle control when drifting, making it one of the most popular drift cars in the US. We’ve dedicated an entire site section to helping 370Z owners get the most out of their rides.

Daisho Color Mercury Sayaka SPL (Nissan Silvia S15 – JDM Style)

The Daisho Color Mercury Sayaka SPL, based on the iconic Nissan Silvia S15, is a fan-favorite in the CarX drifting community. Not only does it come with a sweet JDM-inspired livery, but upgrading to “Ultimate” delivers a sick out-the-box tuning package that provides the kind of high-grip drift tune that you’d expect to find in a D1GP car.

If the S15 isn’t your favorite s-chassis, the Phoenix NX (180SX/240SX) and Wellington S20 (PS13/240SX) are also available in CarX. While they’ll require a little more tweaking from their standard form, they’ll undoubtedly be able to give the S15 a run for its money once you’ve tweaked the setup.

SL80 Sayaka Special (Nissan Silvia 180SX/S13 – JDM Style)

Although we mentioned the S13 in the Phoenix NX (180SX/240SX), the SL80 Sayaka Special is another awesome out-the-box JDM tuning setup that was later released by the CarX team alongside the Mercury Sayaka SPL.

Simply upgrading to the “Ultimate” setup in this game will deliver an optimal experience, but if you want to take it to the next level, make sure you try out the tuning setup in the video above!

Cobra GT530 (Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R)

Another chassis that needs no introduction to the drifting world is the Ford Mustang. Having seen success throughout the history of Formula Drift, it’s still the top pick for the likes of James Deane and Vaughn Gittin Jr (when he randomly decides to surface) in the present day.

Although it’s a bit bigger than some of the other contenders, that won’t be a problem for those bigger FD-style tracks, and it’s perfect for shaking the confidence of your rivals with its hefty size banging on their door!

Black Fox (Ford Mustang Fox Body)

We’re not even huge fans of the Fox Body (or Black Fox if you insist) in the real world, but we’ve had a lot of success with this car, and it’s often become our go-to choice for Tandems. There’s a huge selection of body kits available for this, and with the right setup, it becomes a barely recognizable, aggressive monster.

Vanguard (Audi RS6)

The “Vanguard” is unique to this list, as it’s the first Touring/Estate/whatever you wanna call it model. If you’re looking for a fun challenge on the touge, this can be perfect for practicing proximity, and don’t be afraid to scrape some walls!

Black Jack X22 (Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V1)

The Black Jack X22, inspired by the late Ken Block’s (RIP) iconic Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V1, doesn’t take much to be converted into an absolute drift weapon. Given that there aren’t many AWD cars to choose from in the game, this could be the perfect introduction. Make sure you use this car to rip up all four tires and make Ken proud!

Caravan G6 (Volvo 240 Estate)

While younger U.S. drifting fans might not be familiar with the Volvo 240 Estate, Marc Huxley introduced an incredible build to the UK scene many moons ago, and when fully modded, the Caravan G6 can look just like it.

As another larger Touring/Estate vehicle, this is also a hoot to drive on those tight and twisty tracks, and we highly recommend giving it a shot.

Unique Cars That Are Awesome Fun To Drive

We wanted to provide the best options in our list above to help you get the most points and maximize your confidence in tandems. We were so tempted to integrate these, as they’re all ridiculously fun to drive, but we’ve instead decided to put our sensible hat on and make it an entirely different section.

So, once you’ve mastered your beginner car and started gaining some confidence with the best cars and setups in the game, it’s party time, and each of these vehicles brings a completely unique twist to keep drifting fun!

Cargo (Freightliner Cascadia)

This huge lorry is absolutely hilarious, and on tighter tracks, the rear wheels can pretty much scrape the walls. You simply HAVE to give this one a try, especially with the setup in the video above. It’s a great way to drive your friends insane while you don’t just bang on their doors but absolutely destroy them.

Kei Truck (Daihatsu Hijet)

If you’re a huge JDM fan like us, then you’re gonna absolutely love the Kei truck in the game, which is based on the Daihatsu Hijet. Fitting the spoiler in the video above makes it the perfect height for skimming the guard rails on the touge, making it perfect for proximity practice.

Its short wheelbase and light rear end make it a little challenging to drift, but we’re confident that if you put everything you’ve learned in this guide to good use, you’ll master it in no time at all!

The Best CarX Drift Cars For Beginners

For those getting started, when starting your drifting journey in CarX Drift Racing Online, it’s essential to choose a car that mirrors the characteristics of an ideal beginner drift car in the real world. A low-powered, lightweight chassis with excellent handling are key attributes that make a car easier to control and more forgiving for new drifters.

It’s also worth noting that bigger cars can feel huge in the game. Opting for a tight and twisty track with a huge, high-powered car won’t leave you any room for transitioning, and you’ll just end up endlessly smashing into the wall. Therefore, to get you started, these are our three favorite cars, along with our recommended drift tune for each of them.

Hachi-Roku (Toyota AE86)

The Toyota AE86, affectionately known as the Hachi-Roku both in the game and among enthusiasts, is a legendary car that arguably started drifting worldwide, thanks to it not only being Keiichi Tsuchiya’s weapon of choice but also Takumi’s ‘White Ghost of Akina’ in Initial D.

Its lightweight chassis, balanced weight distribution, and responsive handling make it a favorite. The AE86’s modest power output ensures that beginners can focus on mastering car control without being overwhelmed by excessive power.

It’s the same story in CarX, too, with it retaining its real-world charm. Its lightweight and balanced handling make it incredibly forgiving, allowing beginners to learn the basics of drifting with ease, and once you’re ready to pile on the upgrades, it’ll still compete with the best in the game, especially on the touge!

Panther M5 90-S (Mazda Miata)

If you’re after something smaller than the Hachi-Roku for those super-tight circuits, the Panther M5 (Mazda Miata) is the perfect choice for some top-down drifting fun. The shorter wheelbase makes it agile and nimble, but this may also make it a little more challenging to get to grips with than the Hachi-Roku.

Wutend (BMW E36)

If you’re a bigger fan of German cars than JDM, then the Wutend (BMW E36) is a great alternative to the Hachi-Roku. While it offers a bit more power than the Hachi-Roku and Panther M5 90-S, remember to keep the power relatively low to start with, and the Wutend’s predictable behavior will soon leave you feeling confident with your drifting skills.

Once you’re ready to crank up the tuning, it still won’t disappoint. After all, there’s a reason that Adam LZ and Conor Shanahan are both opting for the E36 in Formula Drift!

How To Take Your CarX Skills To The Next Level

Some of you may feel you’ve already mastered drifting in the game, but whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned CarX player, we’re willing to bet you’ll still benefit from some of the tips in this excellent video from Wembul. If you’re interested in taking it to the next step, and learning more about drifting mastery, make sure you also check out our in-depth how to drift guide.

Is CarX Best On Controller Or Wheel?

Like most games, the best choice is the PC version and a good wheel setup. CarX recently added VR headset support to the game for those looking for the ultimate experience.

However, don’t be disappointed if you only have a controller or even if you’re playing on your mobile, as it’s fantastically well-refined for both. That said, with a wheel, you’re able to utilize precise pedal and angle feel, and being able to use the clutch is much easier, all of which are optimal for refining your drifting skills.

Tuning Your Car

In addition to learning the drifting techniques, tuning your car will also play a big role in your drifting success. We’ll recommend specific tuning setups that have worked well for us for each of the best drift cars in this guide, which we recommend you follow. It’s great to also learn how to tune your own cars, as it’ll undoubtedly be useful when you want to customize an off-the-shelf tune.

tuning best drift cars in carx drift racing online

Although CarX isn’t as much of a “serious” simulator as the likes of Assetto Corsa, a good drift tune will still make life MUCH easier and ensure that you not only get the most points but also give you more confidence when it comes to knocking on doors in style when you venture online. If you find you’re struggling to keep your car drifting, we highly recommend checking out some of the tunes in this guide or heading to YouTube to find one that suits your personal preferences.

We recommend this guide to learn everything you need to know about how the Dynostand tuning section of the game works.

Our CarX Tuning Tips

  • Start with a Base Tune from this guide: Begin with a base tune and learn how to make your own adjustments. Test each change to see how it affects the car’s performance.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Spend time in practice mode to get a feel for your car’s handling. Experiment with different settings to find what works best for you.
  • Adjust for Different Tracks: Different tracks often require different tuning setups. Adjust your car’s settings based on each track’s specific demands. You may also want to consider the size of the car and whether it’s ideal. For instance, having a huge American muscle car and then heading to the tight and twisty mountain roads will be more challenging than opting for a smaller alternative, such as the Panther M5 90-S (Mazda Miata).
  • Use Community Resources: Check out community guides and videos for additional tuning tips and setups. Platforms like Reddit and YouTube have valuable resources from experienced players. Checking out real-world drifting guides can also help build your drifting knowledge.

How Does CarX Compare To Other Drifting Games?

CarX is the perfect entry point for anyone looking to get into drifting. Unlike more serious simulators like Assetto Corsa, CarX offers a more relaxed, arcade-like experience. It’s not as punishing or complex, making it easier for beginners to pick up and play.

Initially available on PC via Steam, CarX Drift Racing Online expanded to Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as mobile platforms. With full cross-platform availability, it’s accessible to just about anyone, from hardcore PC gamers to casual mobile users. The game evolved significantly over the years, with the developers continually adding new cars, tracks, and features to keep things fresh and exciting.

If anything, its closest competitor is Forza Horizon, but being a Microsoft exclusive, that’ll never get full cross-platform support. CarX is fun, features heaps of cars, mods, and tuning capabilities, and it’s easily accessible to play whether you’re at home, at work, or on the move, which isn’t possible with any of the Forza games.

Don’t let the “arcadey” vibe of the game fool you, as CarX Drift Racing Online isn’t just for beginners. It provides satisfying physics and just the right difficulty level to keep you coming back for more, even if you’re experienced with the more serious simulator-style drifting games. For those getting started, the gameplay is also realistic enough to give a good introduction to real-world drifting and learning how to master the art of car control but also forgiving enough to keep you from getting frustrated.

The game’s simplicity is a great way to learn the basics and hone your skills before moving on to more challenging drifting simulators such as Assetto Corsa. Another bonus is the fact that you don’t need to worry about installing map packs and worrying about annoying bugs with third-party mods, which most Assetto players will know all too well!

What Sets CarX Apart?

Alongside the cross-platform capabilities, there are a variety of modes in the game, from solo practice to competitive online multiplayer (where we’ve stumbled upon pro drifters in the past), and also a mode where you can battle against your “ghost” in whichever cars you choose. There are also plenty of tracks to choose from, from touge mountain roads to high-speed circuits, and also a selection of street layouts with various obstacles and other things you’ll need to avoid.

For those who love customization (which is all of us, I’m guessing!), CarX doesn’t disappoint, either. There’s an extensive amount of tuning that can be done (and we’ll provide a tuning setup for each car in our list shortly), allowing you to carry out in-depth tweaks of everything from the paint job to the performance and suspension settings and everything in between.

Not only is the team constantly updating the game (literally barely a day goes by without some kind of update), but they’re also working on bringing CarX Drift Racing 3 shortly. If you’re as excited as we are about the update, now’s the perfect time to refresh your skills. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what are our favorite drift cars in CarX Drift Racing Online.

Do Drift Celebrities And Pros Play CarX?

While most real-world drifters are more likely to be found refining their skills on realistic simulators like Assetto Corsa, there are still some high-profile names and drift teams that are known for hooning in CarX. Check out the video below, where YouTuber Goosiest gets humbled as he battles it out against CToretto.

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