Team Falken 2JZ Nissan V35

03/01/20111st March, 2011

Falken Tire dRIFT g35

On a very rainy, pretty cold Sunday morning I took the trip down to Team Falken UK’s HQ at S-Body Automotive to check out progress on their 2011 builds. In the above shot we can see the rapidly progressing chassis build up of Polo’s V35 (or G35 depending on your locality). After waving goodbye to his faithful SR20-powered S14 which had served him well for the past 5 years, Paul decided it was time to build something special for the 2011 campaign.

G35 trunk

He needed something that would stand out on the grid, yet was mainstream-enough to sustain the need for occasional replacement parts and the obvious upgrades to remain competitive.

350z spares, parts

The V35 is based on the popular 350z platform, and never really sold in great numbers in comparison. Some of you may notice that a good number of these shared parts now sit on the shelves around the workshop. The V6 engine having been moved on in favour of the Toyota Supra 2JZ motor.

2JZ 350z

The motor sits nicely in the V35’s bay and thanks to a custom sump and clever use of some Honda CR-V ARB drop-links, clears any obstructions in all the right places.

weight balance engine

Paul has mounted the engine as far back into the engine bay as he could for optimum handling and weight distribution. This makes things a bit tight bulkhead-side but the handling benefits far outweigh the scraped knuckles in the long run.

drift roll cage


Inside a Nickson Motorsport cage has been custom made to fit nice and snug to the chassis. Gussets have been added to tie the cage in for extra rigidity. Paul also full stripped all the sound deadening out and seam welded the entire chassis front to back. The whole lot then received a lick of fresh white paint.

G35 dash

Creature comforts sitting in the bin outside, Paul has made good use of the dashboard space with an array of switches to control the essential functions.

Motorsport switch

Fog lights, wipers, horn, bombs, ammo, guns, etc etc.


A solitary Cobra Imola seat and Nardi wheel currently keep the rollcage company inside the car. I’m hoping for a passenger ride once its running so I’m hoping there will be a matching seat passenger side.

Wilwood brake cylinder

The final key drift-car interior ingredient, the all important hydraulic handbrake for locking the rear wheels.

Q45 Throttle


Under the bonnet the 2JZ motor is fed by an 80mm throttle body mounted on an aftermarket inlet manifold….

HKS Timing belt


….HKS are keeping time….


….A Garrett GT35/86r with HTA billet compressor wheel and WRC metal bearing case sits ready to make all the right noises….

external wastegates


….With the help of a pair of Turbosmart external wastegates….

Japspeed exhaust

….And at the back a Japspeed twin exhaust completes the symphony. 600+bhp should sing pretty well.

While I was at the workshop the team were also working on Matt Carter’s S14 1JZ swap, we’ll look further into his progress in another post soon.

G35 rear wing

Want to get your G35 sitting right? Try our G35 coilover guide. Want more power? Interested in forced induction? Try our G35 turbo kit guide and G35 supercharger guide.

But I’ll leave you with a controversial talking point on the Team Falken Facebook Pagerear wing or no rear wing?!

Check out our complete guide if you are considering building a 1.5JZ engine.

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