Ultimate Drift Hunters Money Guide

Are you looking for the best hacks to earn unlimited money in Drift Hunters? We’ve got you covered with this guide!

drift hunters money guide


When you begin playing the free Drift Hunters game in the Drifted Arcade, you’re treated with a Toyota AE86 and 25000 of free cash to get you started.

Whether you choose to spend your starting bonus on your favorite ride, or upgrades, you’ll soon wish you had more. Of course, as with all tuning games, you’ll wish you had access to ALL of the upgrades right away, and this is where our money hacks are going to help.

Drift Hunters MAX

Before we get started, we wanted to make sure you know that there’s a new update to the original Drift Hunters game – Drift Hunters MAX.

The Drifted.com exclusive game, which we launched in early 2022, utilizes the cutting-edge technology that the Unity engine can achieve, even on a standard computer. So there’s no need for fancy GPUs to enjoy what it has to offer.

With more exclusive cars and tracks than ever before, it’s the new graphics and physics that help set Drift Hunters MAX apart from the classic Drift Hunters game.

Combine that with all-new features, such as cloud save functionality, allowing you to pick up where you left off whether you’re at home, school, or work, and it’s easy to see why so many gamers are opting for MAX over the OG game.

We highly recommend giving it a try and seeing if it suits you. The best part is, everything that we’ve mentioned in this guide also applies to the latest version – you’ll just be putting your earnings towards some even more exciting cars for your garage!

Earning Money in Drift Hunters

Given the realistic physics that this free online game has to offer, simply practicing and learning how to keep your car on track is going to be a great place to start.

With the helping hand of our drifting 101 guide, you can learn to master the art of drifting, and before you know it, your newfound skills will be earning you big bucks in the game.

When it comes to earning the most money in Drift Hunters, it’s all about the combos.

With a combo, you earn a multiplier of your earnings.

So if you did a 100-point score on a corner but with a 10x multiplier, you earn 1000 credits, and you can earn a combo of up to 16x with enough consistency.


Thankfully, even going off-track in Drift Hunters allows you to keep topping up the combo reward, but be cautious, as the grass is slippery, and the dirt traps will slow your car down.

While it’s best to stay on the track, you’ll be able to hack Drift Hunters by building up as much speed as you can when you approach the corners, and even if you leave the track, your earnings will still go shooting up.

But, be careful!

If you happen to go too fast on the slippery grass, you’re likely to be sent into the wall.

Although you’ll still collect your earnings when you crash, you’ll lose your precious combo multiplier, and you’ll have to begin from X1 once again.

However, if you’re a skilled driver, you may be able to collect the ultimate combo multiplier by doing a successful wall run – the holy grail of money earners!

Wall runs are almost a glitch in the game, with insane combos on offer, but they undoubtedly take some skill to achieve the ultimate rewards.

Building The Ultimate Combo

When you’re trying your best to earn money in Drift Hunters, a few pointers are going to be helpful when it comes to getting the combo multiplier going crazy.

wall tap

While running the wall will earn the highest combo multiplier, it’s incredibly challenging and will require a lot of skill in the game.

Long, high-speed drifts will earn the ultimate consistent rewards, but they’re a little tricky to sustain unless you’ve learned to master the game.

So, let’s look at a few tips that will make earning a little easier, even for beginners.

Go gentle on the throttle

Smooth, controlled drifting is rewarded in Drift Hunters, and although it won’t be the quickest way to earn money, it’s undoubtedly the most consistent.

Being careful helps you build the ultimate combo reward by reducing the chances of spinning out or crashing.

Consistency is vital in the drifting world, and it’s the same when it comes to earning money in Drift Hunters!


When Drift Hunters says, “Ready For Combo!” – it’s time to transition by switching the direction the car is drifting in.

One trick here is to execute a “manji” – a Japanese term for switching side-to-side, even on a straight, which helps you maintain the drift.

A manji provides the ultimate solution on the long straights, where you’re likely to lose your precious combo.

If you earn enough points between each transition to earn a combo, you’ll soon be laughing as your multiplier racks up.

Still not sure what a manji is? Let Formula Drift legend Ryan Tuerck show you how it’s done – with no hands!

Make sure you check out our How To Drift guide if you’re keen to learn more advanced drifting techniques.

Choose the best tracks for earning unlimited money

Sure, it can be fun to head to the most challenging tracks in the game, but when it comes to earning money, you want to visit the simplest locations that will allow for steady, consistent speed and cornering with the fewest obstacles.

Let’s take at some of the best money-earning tracks in Drift Hunters.

Best Tracks for Earning Money

Once you’ve learned how to control the cars in the game, the quickest and easiest way to earn money is to go to one of the more straightforward tracks with the fewest obstacles.



While you get started, Nishuri is an excellent track for beginners to earn money with very few obstacles.



Once you build confidence in your ability, you can head to Tyshen.

While this exciting high-speed track can often provide the most significant rewards, it’ll easily catch you out when you approach the corners at speed, so keep an eye out for the marks on the track where the previous drivers have initiated their drift.



We feel that Emashi is the perfect all-arounder when it comes to earning money in Drift Hunters.

With some talent, you’ll soon be printing free money in the game.

We’ve found this to be the ultimate track for big money earning in Drift Hunters, providing perfect long corners and no sharp turns to catch you out.

Featuring more than 10 unique locations in the game, you may find a track that suits you better, so make sure you check out what each one has to offer.


With this guide, we’re sure that you’ll soon be on your way to earning unlimited money in Drift Hunters and building your dream garage.

Once you’ve unlocked your favorite cars, don’t forget to carry out all of the upgrades available to unleash their true potential.

With enough cash in the bank, you’ll soon be able to unlock the most expensive car in Drift Hunters, the Porsche 911 (993.) With RWB styling, this Porsche is the holy grail of drift cars in the game.

We’re sure that these Drift Hunters hacks will have you earning big bucks and leave your bank balance overflowing in no time.

So, there we have it! We hope that we’ve covered everything you could want to know about making money in Drift Hunters in this guide.

Thank you for reading our Drift Hunters money guide.

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