Forza Horizon 5 Houses – All You Need to Know

We deep dive into everything you need to know about Forza Horizon 5 Houses. Learn why all the houses in Forza Horizon 5 are essential and how to unlock them.

forza horizon 5 houses

Finding Your New Home In Forza Horizon 5

Even though Forza Horizon 5 primarily focuses on vehicles, more elements around the road make this racing game unique. The “open-world” mechanic might be a great challenge for many gaming developers.

First, you must ensure that the player has enough room to explore. Hence, you build a vast map that shows different environments and unique elements to explore.

In this department, the Forza Horizon franchise aims itself with other regions across the World.

Therefore, when we visit Australia or Mexico, we see different parts of the map that resemble that part of the planet. In other words, we technically visit that enriched region and experiment with how life on the road works there.

Secondly, when you have multiple parts to lose yourself in that giant map, the crucial thing to do next is to fill it with activities.

Indeed, since we do not leave our vehicles at all, we need to see multiple icons popping across the map as we check every road.

When we move across New Mexico, we often see different events that might take us time to master.

For example, many “offroad” races need vehicles with suitable modifications and a good knowledge of how to move in the dirt.

Last, you must add those extra touches that make the game unique and fun.

Items such as the Forza Horizon 5 Houses give more advantages to the player and give you another goal (Buy every house). Without those innovative elements, we wouldn’t have this discussion.

Houses in Video Games

Sometimes it feels weird to acknowledge that some of our entertainment choices give us the option to acquire houses. Depending on the genre you play the most, these items will provide you with enough shelter to survive the night.

On the other hand, these virtual houses only appear to add advantages to the player. For example, in Forza Horizon 5, you’ll get rewards when you “buy” the house; some will give you passive perks.

Unlike “real life,” when you have something physical and “strong” when you acquire a home, you might feel not that possessive. A few virtual bricks combined will give you something related to a shelter, but you might discard it when you see something better.

This freedom helps us find these gameplay elements superficial and something more to acquire within the video game itself. To that regard, we’ll help you gather all these houses in Forza Horizon 5.

How does it work with Forza Horizon 5 houses?

In this part of the article, we’ll give you a walkthrough you might want to take if you’re going to unlock all the Forza Horizon 5 Houses.

If you’re new to this racing video game, you might find it difficult to follow everything. Have no worries; after reading everything, you’ll understand everything.

Furthermore, if you’re a Forza Horizon 5 veteran, you’ll find these tips helpful for your journey. Indeed, you can skip the steps you already made and focus on the complicated stuff.

Start Your Forza Horizon 5 Journey

The title says it all. Before you try to understand anything about the Forza Horizon Houses, you need access to the racing video game. You can load it on your gaming device and start playing immediately.

First, you need an Xbox Console (Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X) or an “average” Personal Computer (PC). If you’re playing on a computer, you need to check the “System Requirements” and see if your machine can handle Forza Horizon 5.

On the other hand, if you’re playing on the console, you will have fewer troubles. Overall, the racing video game will run without any issues on that thing.

Moreover, you can acquire Forza Horizon 5 in different ways. First, you have the ”Game pass,” which lets you play with an active subscription. Secondly, you can acquire a physical copy from official markets or with trusted resellers (cheaper).

Lastly, the digital version is always there within the Microsoft Store or Steam. Remember that you need an Xbox Account and enough space on your SSD (Solid State Disk). In other words, the place where you install the racing video game.

Unlock Your Free House Through the Horizon Adventure (Jungle Expedition)

After you finish the introduction of Forza Horizon 5, you’ll get your first objectives that serve as a tutorial. After completing a few tasks, you’ll earn your starting house as a reward.

Indeed, you only need to follow a few guidelines, and you’ll have one of the houses free of charge. If you’re new to the franchise, this house (Casa Bella) will give you significant advantages.

Many other “open-world” video games, like Forza Horizon 5, will reward you with the Casa Bella house. You’ll visit this virtual place more often as you move through different activities.

Once you complete the Jungle Expedition, you can take full advantage of the off-road events with the Best Rally Car in Forza Horizon 5.

(Optional) Buy DLC (Welcome Pack, VIP Membership Green Crown)

If you think Casa Bella isn’t good enough for you, you can use your hard-earned money to buy different houses on your account.

First, you have the Wellcome Pack, which gives you another house (Lugar Tranquilo). Also, you get five pre-tuned vehicles and one “grant” or voucher for any car in the Autoshow. The DLC costs $5, which is excellent if you want to start at full speed.

On the other hand, the Green Crown Icon (known as the VIP Membership) costs $20 but comes with more goodies. You’ll get three “Forza Edition” vehicles, many vanity items for your avatar, and another house (La Casa Solariega). Furthermore, you’ll get more ways to earn in-game credits.

Even though it’s costly, these DLCs will give you many advantages. Still, you can get everything by playing the game and slowly buying/unlocking some of the items.

Check all more info about the Forza Horizon 5 DLC inside this article.

Collect CR (In-Game Currency)

Inside Forza Horizon 5 (and any other racing video game from this franchise), you’ll do everything with the in-game currency. You’ll earn “CR” this time when you complete different activities.

For example, as a reward, you’ll get some credits when you complete any racing events. Depending on the final position and the AI (Artificial Intelligence), you’ll get different amounts of CR.

Hence, if you know how to dominate the road, you’ll become a “millionaire” in a couple of gaming sessions. When you have enough virtual coins, you could spend some on new cars, upgrades, or, more importantly, houses.

Purchase Your Next House

Getting something new, whether it’s tangible or not, is always fun. You’ll finally see the fruits of your hard work from racing and turned into different items for your account.

Even though you do not get the option to leave the car and explore your new virtual house, you’ll see how good it gets sooner than later. Besides the direct bonuses after the purchase, you might get permanent “Buffs” (improvements) that make things easier.

Remember that you’ll need tons of CR to acquire every single Forza Horizon 5 House into your journey. But once you have gotten everything, you could focus on getting other items which could help make things less troublesome.

Forza Horizon 5 Houses

Alright, this is the part of the article where we discuss all the options you have for the Forza Horizon 5 Houses. Even though some places look better than others, there are different ways to approach this part of the racing video game.

The accessible mode is to unlock your first house from the tutorial and stay with it for a long time. Even though you’ll have some features hidden, you might want to focus on racing and buying vehicles.

Moreover, you might want the best features on your account and gather those houses that give you the goodies (which we’ll discuss here). Following this option will give you different advantages, and you could focus on racing afterward.

But if you’re one of those collection players, you might want to buy every property you see in New Mexico. If you’re going to have everything, we recommend that you start with the cheaper Forza Horizon 5 Houses and get the problematic items later.

Buena Esperanza

When you complete the “Jungle Expedition” and place the Horizon Wilds outpost, you’ll see this house popping on your map. Buena Esperanza appears southwest of Ek’Balam, a great place near the Gran Pantano.

You’ll need to have 700,000 CR to unlock this option into your account. Depending on your skills and luck with the Wheelspins, gathering this amount might become easier/tedious.

After you complete the virtual purchase, you also get the Porsche #185, one Super Wheelspin, and one special Chicken Suit. Therefore, you’ll have more stuff to check besides the exterior of Buena Esperanza.

Buenas Vistas

After you finish the “Guanajuato Expedition” and pin the Horizon Street outpost, this option will become available. The house appears between El Arco de Cabo San Lucas (west coast) and Club del Opalo de Fuego.

Above all, you’ll need 2M CR in your pockets before approaching this option. It might take some time to gather this amount of in-game currency, but it may save you time later.

When the purchase is complete, you get two Super Wheelspins and activate the “fast travel” perk to any road.

Casa Bella

When you complete the tutorial and gather 7k Accolade Points, this option will appear on your map. In other words, this might be the only house every player owns.

You’ll get a “call” or audio notification in which Ramiro tells you to meet them at the place. Indeed, once you get there, they will give you this option for free.

Since it doesn’t need CR to unlock, you won’t get too many goodies like Wheelspins. Still, you open the “Skill Songs” perk, which might become viable when you look for good combos.

Discover more about the Forza Horizon 5 Soundtrack to take full advantage of the perk.

casa bella forza horizon 5 houses

Hotel Castillo

After completing the exact requirements as Buenas Vistas, you’ll see this option on your map. You must finish the “Guanajuato Expedition” and pin the Horizon Street outpost. The house (or should we say castle) appears near Guanajuato.

For this option, you need 5M CR, and it will take a lot of time to gather this amount. This castle is the most expensive option in Forza Horizon 5, and it’s worth every virtual penny.

Besides getting the outside of a big property, you get two Super Wheelspins, and the castle also gives you the free daily Wheelspin perk.

La Cabaña

Completing the “Baja Expedition” and placing the Horizon Baja outpost will also unlock this option. The place appears near Bahia de Plano and Dunas Blancas.

You’ll need 150,000 CR, which is not difficult to obtain if you know how to farm this virtual currency. Mostly you’ll need to win some races on more serious difficulty and play those Wheelspins.

Getting this option, you also get one Super Wheelspin and one rumor for those Barn Finds (Renault 4L Export). Indeed, this is an excellent option if you want to complete other tasks for Forza Horizon 5.

Learn more about the Forza Horizon 5 Barn Finds and see what other vehicles you can unlock.

La Casa Solariega

When you complete different critical moments in Forza Horizon 5, you get some Accolade Points. If you gather 17k, you’ll unlock this option on your map. The house is near Cordillera and Teotihuacán.

You’ll need 1.5M CR for this place alone, or you could look for the Green Crown and become a VIP. You can use real cash or “grind” for that amount of in-game currency.

Also, you get a Green Crown, double “Forzathon Points” perk, and five Super Wheelspins. Getting the bonus will help in the long run, as you can easily purchase some of the rarest vehicles with those points.

Lugar Tranquilo

Through the “story” itself, you’ll get the chance to complete the “Tulum Expedition” and place the Horizon Apex outpost, which simultaneously unlocks this place. You’ll find it between Playa Azul and Los Jardines.

You can either fight for 700,000 CR or use your hard-earned money and purchase the Welcome Pack for this house. The beach looks welcoming, and you’ll have another way to teleport across the map.

Furthermore, you get the “Take a Picture!” perk which gives you bonuses if you photo the suitable vehicles for the available task, and a Super Wheelspin.

lugar tranquilo forza horizon 5 houses

Now that you are up to speed on the best houses in Forza Horizon 5, perhaps it is time to get your drift on?

Now you’re speaking my language!

Check out my best drift car in Forza Horizon 5 guide.

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