Ultimate Mazda Miata Wheel Guide

Looking for the perfect set of wheels to provide the ultimate looks to your Mazda Miata build? We’re checking out our favorite rims on the market in this guide.

miata wheels

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Konig Hypergram Enkei RPF1 Advanti Racing Storm S1
Konig Hypergram Enkei RPF1 Advanti Racing Storm S1
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Aftermarket Wheel Advantages

There are many advantages to replacing the wheels on your Mazda Miata, and although looks are important, they aren’t the only thing to consider, depending on what your intentions are with your Miata build.

Most rims on the market provide significant weight reductions over the stock wheels, some more so than others, and maintaining or even shedding weight from the already-light chassis with light weight wheels provides the perfect solution when it comes to getting the most out of your Mazda MX-5 Miata.

2001 mx 5 mazda base truhart air suspension whistler kr1 chrome

The OEM NA/NB Mazda Miata typical wheel weight ranges between 10-15lbs per corner.

For NC/ND models, the weight of the stock Miata wheels goes up to nearer 20lbs.

With that in mind, we certainly wouldn’t recommend going with wheels that are heavier than what you already have.

Alongside the acceleration advantages from the potential weight saving, having a wider track will also improve the car’s handling, which means it’ll become quicker in both a straight line and the twisties.

Once you’ve got the acceleration and handling improved, you can refine the handling even further by opting for wider tires and wheels, which will allow for more grip and traction on the road and on track days.

The added grip can be handy if you’ve opted for going down the forced induction route, with a turbocharger or a supercharger kit to your Miata. Your new-found power gains will most definitely make achieving sufficient traction under acceleration a challenge.

However, if you happen to go too wide on your tire width on a stock Miata, you’ll likely gain weight and potentially slow down your acceleration times, and we certainly don’t want that!

When choosing your Miata wheels, it’s all about finding the perfect fitment for your specific needs.

Whether you’re heading down the ‘Hellaflush’ stance route, set new records at the track, or looking to provide your drift car with the ultimate look, we’ll cover everything you need to know.

Finding The Perfect Mazda Miata Fitment

The right set of new wheels with the correct sizes can completely transform your Miata, which will undoubtedly produce a real head-turner on the streets or the track.

One of the beautiful things about modifying your car is that you get to choose exactly how you want it to look.

2014 mx 5 mazda gt bc racing coilovers enkei rpf1 silver

When purchasing wheels, the goal is to fill out the fenders without requiring spacers to achieve the ultimate look.

Although this involves numerous calculations, we’ll be listing the wheel sizes in this guide for you to decide the look that best suits your requirements.

Step 1 – Wheel Diameter

Mazda provided the 1st generation, pre-1997 NA Miata’s with 14” wheels from the factory.

For the NB models, which ranged between 1998-2005, they upgraded to 15” wheels.

For the NC and ND models, Mazda went a little more advanced with the suspension and the brakes, and these upgraded additions meant that they opted to use 17 inch wheels from the factory.

Although Mazda played it safe with the clearance here, you won’t be able to opt for 15’s on these models, and you’ll need to be considering at least 16” rims to sufficiently clear the calipers without any issues.

Step 2 – Wheel Width

Once you’ve decided your diameter, you’ll need to consider the width that’s likely to suit you best.

The wider the wheel, the more grip, and traction you’ll be capable of achieving.

However, go too wide, and you’ll have excess drag, which could potentially slow the car down and add unnecessary weight at the same time.

For that reason, we’d only opt for super-wide alloy wheels on a Miata that’s fitted with a wide-fender kit.

When it comes to the NA/NB models, the typical width choice is between 6-9”, depending on the offset, with 8” being the most popular choice.

NC owners will need to remember to consider that the bolt patterns are different, which we’ll discuss shortly, but when it comes to wheel width, 7.5-9” provide the ideal fitment on a stock chassis. Most owners opt for either 8” or 9”.

The typical width for ND owers is between 7-8”.

Although you can consider going beyond these widths, you’ll need to think about wheel poke, fender rubbing, and hitting your coilovers.

Alternatively, there are wide-fender kits out there that will allow you to consider going up to 12” on the rear.

Step 3 – Wheel Offset

The offset can often confuse people, but simply put; it’s a measurement from the hub mount to the wheel’s center.

Therefore, the lower the offset, the further your wheels will stick out from the car.

If you went from +45 offset to +40, which are both measured in millimeters, the wheels would come out 5mm further, assuming both are the same width.

The offset can prove critical with potential issues like hitting brakes, or coilovers, which is where it’s essential to check that other owners have successfully fitted them to their Miata’s.

With the OEM Miata NA and NB wheels, the offset ranges between +40mm and +45mm.

If you’re looking to go wider, around +20-45mm is generally the safe range to consider, without encountering issues depending on your Miata model and wheel width.

Step 4 – Bolt Patterns

Mazda couldn’t settle for making life simple for Miata owners, so instead of providing each variant in the Miata range with the same bolt pattern, they decided that the NC would be slightly different.

Despite NA, NB, and ND’s all using the 4×100 bolt pattern, if you’re an NC owner, you’re going to need to be on the lookout for 5×114.3 wheels.

But, don’t panic; we’ve made some specific choices for your needs, whichever Miata model you’ve opted for as your weapon of choice.

Still confused about the lugs? Our friends over at Fitment Industries have provided this fantastic video, which explains everything you need to know when it comes to deciding the ultimate Mazda Miata fitment for your needs:

Choosing Your Mazda Miata Wheels

Now that you understand how to achieve the perfect fitment, it’s time to choose which wheel and tire package will be perfect for your needs.

For drifting or racing, for example, you’re going to want some lightweight rims. The last thing you want on a Miata is unnecessary weight gain.

mx 5 mazda sport airforce air suspension ssr vienna kreis polished

However, if you’re cruising the streets without performance in mind, weight might not be a huge concern, in which case you can opt for some of the chrome-plated super-wide custom rims out there along with a fender kit.

We’ve not only chosen some of our favorite rims, but we’re featuring what owners have opted for as their ultimate Miata choice.

We want to extend a huge thank you to our friends over at Fitment Industries for providing the most incredible fitment calculator on the web to bring you the very best Miata fitments.

With their Miata Fitment Gallery, you can browse hundreds of the best looking Miata’s out there, with full details on every aspect of their wheel choice and suspension setup.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the finest Miata wheel choices on the market!

Miata/MX-5 NA & NB (1989-2005) Wheels

First up, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite options that are available on the market for NA and NB owners.

You guys always seem to get treated to the widest variety of options for aftermarket accessories, and wheels are no exception.

Here are our favorite NA/NB Mazda Miata wheel choices:

Aodhan Wheels AH03

aodhan ah03 2004 mazda mazdaspeed tein coilovers machined

Our comment: Our first offering for the NA/NB owners out there is the bargain Aodhan AH03 wheels.

These have become a popular choice among owners, thanks to their clean design and exceptionally tempting price tag.

Featuring a clean, deep-dish split-rim ‘style’ design, these are a multi-fit style wheel, making them compatible with 4×100 and 4×114.3 bolt patterns.

As always, the cost comes with a downside. At 17.9lbs per wheel, these wheels are certainly not the lightest on our list.

However, for those of you that aren’t looking to set any lap records, they’ll be perfectly suited to everyday street cruising.

Manufacturer description:The team at AodHan Wheels has more than 10+ years in design, manufacturing and marketing of luxury customized wheels for the automotive industry“.

With leading edge style and precision engineering, our unique designs and wheel fitments support applications of performance, luxury and standard vehicles“.

Konig Dekagram

konig dekagram 2002 miata mazda ls godspeed project coilovers bronze

  • Manufacturer: Konig
  • Diameters: 15-19″
  • Widths: 7.5-10.5J
  • Fitment pictured: Front: 16 x 8 +35. Rear: 16 x 8 +35. Spacers: None.
  • Value for money:rating
  • Purchase link: Konig Dekagram wheels

Our comment: With the 16-inch variants weighing in at 14.75lbs per wheel, these are an impressive 3kg lighter per corner than the previously reviewed Aodhan wheels.

Despite this, Konig has managed to keep the price down, offering a fantastic alternative for those looking for a budget performance wheel.

If you’re looking to begin your track-racing career, these popular Konig track wheels could present the perfect option.

Manufacturer description:DEKAGRAM Wheels by Konig. Whether for performance or aesthetics, Konig Flow Formed wheels are ready to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd!

Built using flow forming, one the most advanced cast wheel manufacturing technologies, Konig rims are lighter, stronger, and more desirable than ever“.

Konig Hypergram

konig hypergram 2003 miata mazda shinsen function and form coilovers gunmetal

Our comment:If you liked the 10-spoke Dekagram wheels above, but you felt like they could do with an additional couple of spokes, the Hypergram wheels have arrived to answer your prayers!

Featuring a 12-spoke, motorsport-inspired design, the Hypergram offers another lightweight bargain opportunity to the market.

Thanks to the Flow Forming process, they’ve achieved a weight of just 12.67lbs for the 15×8.5 model, and it’s easy to see why they’ve become the popular choice for so many Miata owners.

Manufacturer description:The Hypergram is a lightweight, 12-spoke design that is motorsport inspired in its construction, appearance and its ability to clear many big brake cars and upgrades! Utilizing Flow Forming Technology allows the Hypergram to be lighter and stronger“.

Konig Dial-In

konig dial in 2000 miata mazda bc racing coilovers gunmetal

Our comment: Konig has once again applied the Flow Forming process to their Dial-In range, which has allowed for the 15×7 model featured above to weigh in at just 10.9lbs.

It’s worth noting that they’ve added a 1” spacer to achieve the fitment pictured, so we would consider opting for a wider variant.

Another fantastic contender and you really can’t go wrong with any of the Konig range we’ve featured for the weight or the money; it merely comes down to personal preference.

Konig claims that these are their most robust 15″ wheel ever, so they could be the ultimate choice for entry-level motorsport use.

Manufacturer description:The Dial-In is a 12-spoke design developed utilizing the Flow Forming process. The result is Konig’s lightest and strongest 15″ wheel ever!!

Rays Engineering Gram Lights 57DR

rays engineering 57dr 1997 mazda base tein coilovers gunmetal

Our comment: The 57DR is a timeless classic from one of the highest regarded JDM wheel companies, Rays Engineering.

There’s no question that these wheels look incredible on your Miata, and Rays are known for their impressive quality.

However, it’s hard to ignore that the 15×8 wheel weighs in at 13.5lbs, which is quite a bit more than the 10.9lbs for the Konig Dial-In above.

With this in mind, and comparing both price tags, we have to admit that the Dial-In might be better for those looking to go down the budget motorsport or drifting routes with your Miata.

This is especially if you’re likely to be regularly damaging wheels and need to buy spares.

There’s no doubt that the 57DR is one of the most legendary wheel designs out there, but modern technologies have allowed for a superior value for money along with less weight, which would be perfect for those of you looking for a bargain.

Manufacturer description:Used on countless competition vehicles around the world, Rays wheels hold a reputation for being some of the best lightweight racing wheels in the world“.

Taking their racing circuit experience and combining it with a wide variety of styles and sizes, Rays wheels seen on high performance race machines around the world can find their way to your daily vehicle“.

The Gram Lights 57DR wheels are a one-piece, cast construction. Featuring a similar 6-spoke design to the infamous Volk TE37, the Gram Lights 57DR is a unique wheel aimed towards today’s off road and back country enthusiasts, and will look great on any daily driver or weekend warrior“.

MST Time Attack

white 1991 miata mazda base raceland coilovers mst time attack silver miata wheels

  • Manufacturer: MST
  • Diameters: 15-17″
  • Widths: 8-9J
  • Fitment pictured: Front: 15 x 8J +0. Rear: 15 x 8J +0. Spacers: None.
  • Value for money:rating
  • Purchase link: MST Time Attack

Our comment: If you’re looking for great-looking wheels on a budget, then the MST Time Attack is undoubtedly going to be a temptation.

It’s no real surprise that these wheels have become one of the most popular choices among Miata owners, combining retro and modern to provide a fantastic deep-dish design.

They’ve become so popular that MST has created specific fitments for Miata owners, which provide perfect yet aggressive fitment for the stock body.

Weighing in at 18.3 lbs per wheel, they’re not the lightest, but if weight saving isn’t at the top of your plan, this shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

MST provides a generous limited lifetime structural warranty, along with a 1-year warranty for the paint finish when you use the authorized dealer in the link provided.

You’ll struggle to get a better-looking wheel for the money, and with some funky colors such as Cosmic Purple on offer, they provide something for everyone’s tastes.

Manufacturer description:MST Time Attack wheels are made for those who need a strong yet light wheel for both the street and the track.

MST has over 30 years of experience providing unique aftermarket wheels to car enthusiasts looking to add that extra pop to their latest build.

Enkei RPF1

enkei rpf1 1990 mx 5 miata mazda tein coilovers silver

  • Manufacturer: Enkei
  • Diameters: 14-19″
  • Widths: 7-10J
  • Fitment pictured: Front: 15 x 7J +45. Rear: 15 x 7J +45. Spacers: None.
  • Value for money:rating
  • Purchase link: Enkei RPF1 wheels

Our comment: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve left the best til last as we present to you the ultimate timeless classic of the wheel world!

Enkei’s RPF1 has stood the test of time and has been delighting both motorsport and stance fans alike for many years.

We believe that Enkei created the perfect wheel with the RPF1, which will undoubtedly look incredible on any generation of Miata.

Not only are they up there with the lightest wheels on the market, but they’re also extremely robust and will take a beating and the track and on the streets.

We’ve already looked at some lightweight wheels in this guide, but the RPF1 certainly tops the charts, weighing in at just 8.4lbs for their smallest 14×7 variants.

Enkei certainly knows how to create an incredible wheel, and they even produce the OEM wheels for Mazda, alongside various other manufacturers.

If you’re after the ultimate motorsport wheel for your Miata, look no further.

Manufacturer description:Enkei is an official supplier of the McLaren Honda Formula One Team. The RPF1 was developed using the same technology as the Formula One race wheel“.

TWIN SPOKES: Enkei’s dual open stance spoke design is used on the McLaren Honda Formula One race wheel. The twin spokes achieve better stress dispersion on curves, hard braking, and extreme race driving“.

Miata/MX-5 NC (05-15) Wheels

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, Mazda rather inconveniently chose to switch up the bolt patterns for the NC, which means that you won’t be able to opt for the other generations’ wheels unless you wanted to use adapters, which we advise against doing.

But fear not, there are still some terrific aftermarket wheels out there that’ll suit the NC to perfection.

Enkei RPF1

enkei rpf1 2014 mx 5 miata mazda gt bc racing coilovers silver

  • Manufacturer: Enkei
  • Diameters: 14-19″
  • Widths: 7-10J
  • Fitment pictured: Front: 16 x 8J +38. Rear: 16 x 8J +38. Spacers: None.
  • Value for money:rating
  • Purchase link: Enkei RPF1 wheels

Our comment: You might be thinking, “But, you just showed us the RP1’s?”

True, but not only are they the most impressive wheel on our list, but they also suit each generation of Miata perfectly, so we couldn’t ignore the NC owners when it came to offering the perfect choice.

Thankfully, the RPF1’s are available in a wide range of sizes and fitments, which means they’ll be suitable for the inconvenient bolt pattern Mazda opted for with the 3rd generation NC.

If you opt for the 16 x 8 fitment, as shown above, then these larger wheels still sit at just 13.7lbs on the scales.

These still remain the perfect, lightweight choice for motorsport or the streets alike, and with the revolutionary MAT process that Enkei have used, they were able to shed 10-15% of the usual weight while maintaining optimal strength.

Just like NA and NB’s, the RPF1 is the ultimate choice for the NC, too.

Manufacturer description:Enkei is an official supplier of the McLaren Honda Formula One Team. The RPF1 was developed using the same technology as the Formula One race wheel“.

TWIN SPOKES: Enkei’s dual open stance spoke design is used on the McLaren Honda Formula One race wheel. The twin spokes achieve better stress dispersion on curves, hard braking, and extreme race driving“.

MST Wheels MT07

mst mt07 2011 mx 5 miata mazda grand touring bc racing coilovers gunmetal

  • Manufacturer: MST Wheels
  • Diameters: 17
  • Widths: 9J
  • Fitment pictured: Front: 17 x 9J +20. Rear: 17 x 9J +20. Spacers: None.
  • Value for money:rating
  • Purchase link: MST Wheels MT07’s

Our comment: Although this fitment will provide a fair bit of poke, which will likely need some camber to pull off, the MST MT07 looks fantastic on the NC Miata.

Weighing in at 23lbs, they’re not the lightest wheels out there, but they represent excellent value for money for the price.

If you’re not serious about going down the motorsport route, then these wheels could present the perfect opportunity for something more unique than the tried-and-tested RPF1’s.

Manufacturer description:With over 30 years of experience, MST Wheels is founded with the basic principle of providing the car enthusiasts around the world with top quality wheels at affordable prices“.

Here at MST Wheels, we are car enthusiasts too, and that is why we understand the desires and needs of the everyday consumer just like you. We take pride in our collection and top notch service“.

Konig Hypergram

konig hypergram 2011 mx 5 mazda sport tein coilovers machined black

Our comment: We reviewed the Konig Hypergram for NA/NB owners, but we feel as though they’re up there with the best value for money choices on the market, so we’ve opted to include them for NC owners, too.

Although the 17×8’s, which weigh in at 16.33lbs, would most likely be ideal for the job, the 17×9’s pictured are still just 17.06lbs per wheel, representing an incredible bargain.

The Enkei RPF1’s are our ultimate choice, but for those of you on a budget looking for the lightest, reasonably priced wheels for your NC, you’re going to struggle to do better than this.

Manufacturer description:The Hypergram is a lightweight, 12-spoke design that is motorsport inspired in its construction, appearance and its ability to clear many big brake cars and upgrades! Utilizing Flow Forming Technology allows the Hypergram to be lighter and stronger“.

Miata/MX-5 ND (15+) Wheels

We’ve covered the NA, NB, and NC Miata’s, and now it’s time to bring our two favorite wheels to the ND owners, too!

Konig Freeform

konig freeform bronze 2020 mx 5 miata mazda sport tein coilovers

Our comment: The Konig Freeform certainly suit the latest model of Miata well, and despite being 17”, they still provide incredible value for money.

Konig has once again used their flow forming technology to keep the weight down, and the 17×8 wheels pictured weigh just 17.79lbs.

We’ve been continually impressed by Konig in recent years, and these represent an excellent choice for ND owners.

Manufacturer description:The Freeform is a lightweight, 10-spoke design that is developed with flow forming technology that offers benefits for both track and street use“.

Motorsport inspired, the Freeform’s spoke profile design lends to efficient brake cooling as well as exceptional brake caliper clearance“.

Advanti Racing Storm S1

advanti racing storm s1 2016 mx 5 miata mazda grand touring stock stock bronze

  • Manufacturer: Advanti
  • Diameters: 15-17″
  • Widths: 8-9J
  • Fitment pictured: Front: 17 x 8J +45. Rear: 17 x 8J +45. Spacers: None.
  • Value for money:rating
  • Purchase link: Advanti Racing Storm S1 – Matte Black

Our comment: When it comes to affordable aftermarket wheels for the ND, the Advanti Racing Storm S1 wheels have become one of the most popular choices on the market.

The clean multi-spoke satin black design flows perfectly with the modern styling of the ND.

You’d expect these wheels to be heavy, given their fantastic value, but they only weigh 16.4lb per wheel for the 17×8 variation shown above thanks to flow forming technology, which is extremely impressive.

Although they’re not the most original choice, it’s clear why so many ND are opting for the Avanti Storm S1 as their Miata rim of choice.

Manufacturer description:The Advanti Racing Storm S1 is developed utilizing Flow Forming Technology. This wheel is incredibly lightweight while offering all the reliability that should be expected. The Storm S1 is a 10-spoke tuning inspired wheel that has become one of Advanti Racing’s most popular designs“.

Enkei RPF1

enkei rpf1 2016 mx 5 miata mazda club tein coilovers silver

  • Manufacturer: Enkei
  • Diameters: 14-19″
  • Widths: 7-10J
  • Fitment pictured: Front: 16 x 8J +38. Rear: 16 x 8J +38. Spacers: None.
  • Value for money:rating
  • Purchase link: Enkei RPF1 wheels

Our comment: It should come as no surprise that the Enkei RPF1’s have returned once again!

I mean, would you look at how well they suit each generation of Miata? It’s almost silly.

It’ll probably come as no surprise that these are once again the lightest wheel choice for ND owners, coming in at 15.6lbs for the 16×8 variation.

We must admit, we’re impressed at how close the Advanti Racing Storm S1 wheels managed to get to the RPF1’s weight at just 0.8lbs heavier.

There’s a great selection available for the ND Miata, and although the RPF1’s are our personal favorites, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Manufacturer description:Enkei is an official supplier of the McLaren Honda Formula One Team. The RPF1 was developed using the same technology as the Formula One race wheel“.

TWIN SPOKES: Enkei’s dual open stance spoke design is used on the McLaren Honda Formula One race wheel. The twin spokes achieve better stress dispersion on curves, hard braking, and extreme race driving“.

Our winners

Here are our Miata wheel winners:

Our Drifted Miata Wheel Choice goes to the Enkei RPF1 wheels

Our Miata wheel winner is the Enkei RPF1’s

Whether you own an NA, NB, NC, or ND, Enkei has provided a wide range of fitments to ensure they fit every Miata family variation.

In our mind, there’s no question that the RPF1’s are the finest all-rounder available to Miata owners.

They might not be the cheapest, but we feel affordable and undoubtedly worth the money.

They’re not only lightweight but also incredibly robust and will withstand far more stress than most of the budget alternatives out there when it comes to hitting up the track, or the street, in style.

Enkei RPF1

enkei rpf1 silver

Our Runner-Up Miata Wheel Choice

Our Runner-Up are the Advanti Racing Storm S1 wheels

The Advanti Storm S1 rim has been continually growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why.

Available at a fraction of the cost of the Enkei RPF1, these impressive wheels have implemented Flow Forming Technology to provide similar weight at a fraction of the price.

They’re not only available to ND owners, either, and there’s a wide range to choose from to find the perfect fit for your Miata.

Advanti Racing Storm S1

advanti racing storm s1

Our Budget Miata Wheel Choice

Our Budget Choice is the Konig Hypergram

Providing exceptional value for money to the market, the Konig Hypergra wheels have well and truly earned their spot as our guide’s budget choice.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that budget means cheap, nasty, and heavy, as the Hypergrams wheels are the complete opposite.

Once again, integrating the exceptional Flow Forming Technology, these lightweight rims are superior in the weight department to some of the premium offerings out there, and you’ll get Konig’s usual quality to match.

A fantastic choice for the money, and it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular wheel choice within the Miata community.

Konig Hypergram

konig hypergram bronze

Thank you for reading our Miata Wheels guide.

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