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RB26DETT Vs 2JZGTE – Which is better?

RB26DETT Vs 2JZGTE – Two JDM titans battle it out in Head to Head! We compare specs, sounds, tuning potential and more. Jump to Engine specifications Jump… » Read more

1JZ Vs 2JZ – Which Is Best? Let’s Find Out!

1JZ Vs 2JZ. We compare engine specs, power ratings, sound clips, tuning potential and more. Jump to Engine Specs Jump to Sound Clips Jump to Tuning clips… » Read more

FEATURE: Passion in Poland

At the beginning of November following a four month trip to Cornwall, England, I returned back to my beautiful home country, Poland. It’s a place full of… » Read more

DRIFT CAR: The Drifthunter JZ46

When I first met Markus Müller, his E46 Sedan was still street legal and a long way from being a pro drift car. In 2011, when he… » Read more

VIDEO: Take what you got, and push it to the limit

A short montage of Fredrik Sørlie’s 2013 season with the Underground Garage Cressida. You might remember this very blue Cressida from a particular video shredding it… » Read more

SNAPSHOTS: Brandon Wicknick’s Godspeed Project 2JZ S13

Continuing our love for Formula D’s 2013 rookies, we present you with a few angles of Brandon Wicknick’s Godspeed Project Nissan S13 240SX. Under the hood lies… » Read more

SNAPSHOT: Nothing Mellow About Team Yellow

Team Yellow might be one of the biggest teams here in Norway. With a tight nit group of friends who do it all for fun. There’s no…
» Read more

DRIFT CAR: Cartu Drifting 2JZ E46

In my report from Greinbach I mentioned that one of the competing cars was running a powerful 2JZ, employing anti-lag to avoid losing boost whilst off throttle.… » Read more

GRASSROOTS: Pat’s Acres March Event

With drivers such as former Formula Drift contender Kyle Pollard and his S13 missile, Pat’s Acres Racing Complex (PARC) was the place to be on 2 March.… » Read more

VIDEO: GATEBIL – The Game Changer

Gatebil, as ever, is the go-to event of the year. 50 000 car-crazed people from all over the world join together to make the biggest and baddest… » Read more

VIDEO: DHB: Danmarks Hurtigste Bil 2012

Danmark Hurtigste Bil, or rather how us Norwegians like to call it: Mini-Gatebil. A 3-day event held in the southend of Denmark at a closed down… » Read more

SNAPSHOT: Daily Drifted JZX100

I organized a cruise over the weekend for a couple of local car forums I am on and a wide variety of cars showed up. One of… » Read more

FEATURE: DriftMonkey HQ Part II

Continuing where I left off at Part 1 with this shot of the DriftMonkey 2JZ Silvia S15 sitting in bits, needing a little overhaul after last years… » Read more

FEATURE: Giedrius Matulaitis | DRIFTER.LT | Lithuania

Hello drifted.com! I am Giedrius Matulaitis, a 27 year old photographer living in Lithuania, Kaunas. For the last few years I have been deep into capturing the… » Read more

FEATURE: Kim Søndergaard’s BDT 180sx

PROMO: Kim Søndergaard from Daniel Hovdahl on Vimeo. Here’s a short Promo of Kim Søndergaard in his “Bergen Drift Team” Nissan Silvia 180sx Type R,… » Read more

SNAPSHOT: Smoking Skills

Team Falken/Green’s Paul ‘Polo’ Cheshire finishes off a set of Falkens for no reason other than to entertain the crowds at the BDC Weekender at Norfolk Arena.…
» Read more

EVENT: JDM Allstars Round 2: Hot Hot Hot!

Saturday 26th June saw round 2 of the JDM Allstars championship take place at Donington Park. This round was a real treat for drivers and spectators alike… » Read more

DRIFT CAR: Luke’s MK3 Supra

So this is Luke’s MK3 Supra, and it’s pretty rad. Luke resides in the Inland Empire of sunny Southern California, he’s an avid skater and car enthusiast.… » Read more

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