CarX Drift Racing PS4 – The Ultimate Guide

With several impressive drifting offerings available for the PS4, how does CarX Drift Racing stack up against the competition, and is it worth buying in 2022?

drift carx drift racing ps4

Although some drifting enthusiasts might feel that we do not have enough drifting games compared to driving games or racing games, however, there’s much more than just Assetto Corsa, Forza Horizon, and Gran Turismo on the market.

CarX Drift Racing brings an exciting new offering to the drift game sector, and it’s here to fight for its place among the big players in the industry.

But what exactly does CarX Drift Racing have to offer? And how does the game compare to the huge franchises it’s stacked against?

This article focuses on some stand-out features that CarX Drift Racing offers PS4 drifting fans.

CarX Drift Racing PS4 Features

We seem to have another driving video game with a similar offering to the big players in the industry. Does this mean it’s still worth trying? Of Course!

With CarX Drift Racing PS4, you get the “classical” feel of any other element that puts you behind the wheel.

Even though it’s an old recipe, we still love to see a new way to experience drifting games, and it brings some exciting new elements to the genre that have got somewhat misplaced over the years.

The Ultimate Drifting Console Game?

As the game dictates, we face another member of the racing family that focuses on drifting. The principle from this gaming mechanic (and in real life) is to keep the rear wheels spinning while you’re moving side-to-side, scraping walls, and achieving high-score combos along the way.

Of course, the tricky part of drifting is to keep that “combo” alive by following a set of requirements.

First, you’ll need to maintain impressive speed. If you’re moving too slow, you lose momentum, and if you’re too fast, there’s a high chance of losing control along with your combo.

Secondly, you’ll need to avoid obstacles and crash against a wall. If by any chance you lose focus, the car will hit something solid, killing your combo/score.

Lastly, the more movement you have in the track, the better. The idea is to leave your virtual tires on the pavement, which means you’ll need to make tons of hard turns. Sometimes the e-brake helps you achieve fast turns and boost your points.

You’ll find all of these characteristics while playing many driving video games. However, thanks to its advanced tuning options, you’ll see why CarX Drift Racing PS4 is one of the best.

A Wide Range Of Drift Cars

Even though you have terrific gameplay mechanics, nothing is worth it without a good car selection.

Inside CarX Drift Racing PS4, you’ll see different options with unique looks and characteristics.

You have many ways to experience the pavement, from vans to multiple sports cars and even some JDM legends.

Many options need unlocking requirements, like many other elements from this genre. For example, you could “buy” an attractive vehicle with the aid of the in-game currency. Therefore, you’ll need to win and spend cash on new cars and upgrades as you fight for the podium positions in the online drift battles.

Unfortunately, the developers have no official licenses for CarX Drift Racing PS4.

As a result, you’ll see familiar cars with different names, and any true enthusiast will know exactly what these rides are.

Still, you’ll find it easier to locate the best cars in the game. For example, anyone can easily find the Nissan 350z (or Piranha x) and test it out.

If you’re an eager drifting fan and only want to drift with OEM vehicles, we recommend checking out our Best Assetto Corsa Drift Car guide, which covers everything you need to know about the ultimate drifters in the game.

Lots of Customization Options

One of the crucial aspects of any racing video game is the ability to personalize your virtual vehicle. The idea is to add unique touches and make it feel yours.

After you complete an in-game purchase with the virtual currency, the next step is to turn it into a tire-slaying weapon and apply your favorite styling and performance upgrades.

Luckily, CarX Drift Racing has many ways to aid you in this department.

You’ll find around 100 body kits in the game, complete and ready to assemble. This feature aims to set car presets for players who want to make some races immediately.

At the same time, you have 1000+ parts, which can help you customize your body kit even further.

Now, if you’re a little patient and are hunting for the best looks, you might like to spend more time here.

Car painting never seems to fail with any driving video game in the market. You can choose your favorite colors and see how it looks in your virtual vehicle.

Whether you’re after a Matte, Gloss, Chrome, or even Chameleon effect, it has something for everyone.

Additionally, you can add that extra touch with the option to add unique vinyl elements around the chassis.

Tuning Your Cars

Customization doesn’t always mean changing the exterior of the cars in CarX Drift Racing.

Many video games from the driving genre let you improve any of the vehicles differently. Here, you have presets such as:

  • Stock: This is the original setup from any in-game vehicle. Sometimes you might mess things up with one element, and we suggest you start over. Furthermore, you can see the difference between the old, uncustomized car and a possible new option.
  • Turbo: Getting this upgrade will help you increase your car’s stats slightly. The turbo option will help you improve your performance when starting a new account. After you get more in-game currency by winning, you could buy a better car or modify the ones you have a little further.
  • Racing: Increase the Top Speed and Acceleration and the top after you buy this upgrade. This option might help you when running the “time attack” part of CarX Drift Racing PS4. When you install these modifications, you’ll see a speed difference and find it easier to reach the goal before the time runs out.
  • Drift: Add more numbers into the Power and Torque with this kit. In other words, you’ll see a big difference in your vehicle’s handling. When you’re driving, drifting should become less tedious. Furthermore, you might find it easier to gain control of your car even when you’re gaining speed.
  • Ultimate: There’s nothing better than adding the Ultimate upgrade for your favorite rides. As you can tell, you’ll increase the virtual car’s stats as much as the video game lets you. This option undoubtedly aims to help you complete the complex challenges and finish your career/achievements.

GTA fan? Learn how to get the most out of drifting in the game with the Best Drift Car in GTA 5.

Getting Some Medals

The game’s main objective is to earn different medals from each track.

Like any other racing video game, you can make a bronze, silver, or gold medal.

Depending on your time/drift score, you’ll get your reward at the end of the race.

CarX Drift Racing PS4 lets you regain all the medals you see in all the challenges. Therefore, you can “farm” more money by repeating the same levels you have already completed. The first tracks, even though they are easy, tend to give you less in-game currency.

Still, after you grind the same levels enough times, you’ll get enough virtual money for a new vehicle/modification.

Afterward, you might find it easier to get the problematic medals.

Earn In-Game Currency

After completing a race, you might get a medal if you earn a big score or reach on time.

These rewards also come with virtual dollars, which is essential for your account’s process.

The best sports cars come at a high price, and remember that you also need to invest in modifications.

As a result, you must redo multiple races and buy when possible.

Still, you will have a great time thanks to the driving mechanics and exciting tracks.

Hence, you might find it enjoyable as you try to earn gold medals as much as possible.

Buy a New Vehicle

After a few hours, you’ll learn the CarX Drift Racing PS4 gimmick.

Earn medals, get in-game currency, obtain a new car, and repeat.

Even though you can only find “real-life” vehicles with different names, there’s a lot to discover.

You can always collect all the options from a single class and see how they perform in-game.

Moreover, remember that you can modify your vehicles with different parts.

Depending on your playstyle, you could improve your handling or acceleration.

Most noteworthy, you can see how other racing video games do this setup with the Forza Horizon 5 Drift Tune guide.

night carx drift racing ps4

CarX Drift Racing PS4 Game Modes

In this part of the article, we’ll share all the different ways you can spend your gaming sessions.

We recommend you try everything up and stick to what you feel comfortable playing.

After a while, you might want to hunt all the challenges/achievements and go for something else.

Drift (Become a Drifter)

Get as many points as possible as you drift around the place with your vehicle.

Depending on your drifting maneuvers, you’ll need to increase the combo and multiplier within a single track.

Getting the best scores in the game depends on two main factors.

First, as we already discussed, you must follow drifting rules.

After a while, you’ll get to handle yourself on the road and strategize your movements as you move through obstacles.

On the other hand, a vehicle with fine-tuning will make things a lot easier for you.

Some modifications aim to improve the handling and keep that speed in control.

Most noteworthy, don’t worry if you cannot earn the gold medals on your first try. Sometimes you only have the tools to help you with silver or bronze rewards.

After you buy better vehicles/modifications, you could return to the most straightforward tracks and try again.

Speaking about drifting, you may also want to see the Best Drift Car Forza Horizon 5.

Time Attack (Beat the Time Limit)

In this game mode, you must pass the checkpoints before the time runs out.

Due to the lack of directions, you’ll see increased difficulty within CarX Drift Racing PS4.

Overall, sometimes you might take the wrong turn and lose essential time.

You could earn bronze, silver, or gold medals depending on your performance.

Following the same trend, you get in-game currency after completing a track with a reasonable time limit.

Some of these laps might last less than twenty seconds (if you get the gold medal).

Therefore, they might help you earn tons of virtual currency after you master the gimmicks.

Single Player and Multiplayer

You have two ways to play CarX Drift Racing PS4 from the start.

The Single Player lets you participate in all of the activities by yourself. Therefore, when you’re drifting or getting a good time, you’ll only see your vehicle on the road.

Additionally, you could use the Multiplayer features of this racing video game with all the activities.

Hence, you can begin your drifting combo as you compete against other players on the same map.

Both options give you rewards when you earn medals.

In other words, you can play CarX Drift Racing PS4 as you like and still achieve significant progress on your account.

CrossPlay In CarX Drift Racing

This feature allows us to play with players across the gaming community.

As a result, we might have higher chances of finding players playing Multiplayer.

Moreover, there are no advantages like using a Mouse in a First Person Shooters (FPS) video game.

All players have the option to use a controller or a steering wheel. The Keyboard also adds no advantages, which makes these competitions more fun.

You can easily represent your flags and leave the other players behind.

Also, when crossplay is active, all the upcoming updates must arrive simultaneously through all the platforms.

Above all, it makes present and future content available for any player, regardless of their favorite device.

truck carx drift racing ps4

Wrapping Up

Go into the Playstation Store and pick CarX Drift Racing PS4 right away!

After a few minutes, you’ll see how much dept the developers added to the tunning and how it impacts the vehicle.

If you like what CarX Drift Racing offers, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming CarX Street game and if you do enjoy dirt bike games, you have to check our favorite PS4 dirt bike games!

Good luck, soon-to-be podium drifter!

CarX Drift Racing PS4 FAQ

Here you have the most frequently asked questions about CarX Drift Racing PS4.

How Many Activities Can I Find In CarX Drift Racing PS4?

You have the option to play Drift or Time Attack. Both options give you rewards when you manage to complete the requirements.

Also, you can play everything with other players from different platforms.

Are There Good Vehicles In CarX Drift Racing PS4?

Almost all of the famous cars in the present day appear in this driving video game.

Still, the developers do not have the licenses for every single vehicle. As a result, you’ll see familiar models with different names.

For example, the Piranha X resembles the Nissan 350Z.

Do I Need Tons Of Understanding Before Modifying a Vehicle?

No, the video game gives you a complete toolkit that sets the characteristics you want for your car.

For example, the “Drift” kit will focus on adding more Power and Torque, making handling much more effortless.

After some practice, you can add unique builds for better results. If you want the ultimate setup for a specific vehicle, we recommend checking out a tuning guide from your favorite YouTubers and modifying them to suit your specific preferences.

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