EVENT: Evergreen Drift ProAm Round 2

07/10/201110th July, 2011

A few weeks back I was at Evergreen Speedway, covering their Pro Am series. Round 2 to be precise. It was a combination of competition & grassroots events, so a lot of local drivers and pros were there to shred up the track. The weather was beautiful; clear skies, fluffy clouds and a dry track which was smoking all day long.

I think us photographers should start a betting pool for who goes over the 3/8th bank first. There were a few at this event, and you can peep one in the video above. The drivers were ok, but it really just swallows cars!

My favorite shot of the day. Rob Primo in his newly built Garage AutoHero 2JZ-powered S14. It’s a sick little monster but an unfortunate event happened during one of his tandem runs, forcing him to avoid another driver. He spun, causing him to get some substantial damage to his passenger wheel and suspension.

Anthony Carreon was consistent all day, driving with ease on every run. He was victim to the 3/8th bank once, but was able to drive off with no problem.

Kyle Pollard dishing it out on the 5/8th bank. He was also the driver who took first place that day, and 500 bucks! Go get yourself some more tires man! 😀

Below is Andrew Larson, taking home 2nd place.

Here is Peter Funatake, taking 3rd place for the day.

This car is another one of my favorites I’ve seen on the track. I hadn’t seen it before this year, but him and the driver below him were having some sort of smoke building competition amongst themselves:

Kory Keezer on the 5/8th bank, also getting a lot of smoke action.

The winners below from right to left, Andrew Larson, Kyle Pollard, and Peter Funatake.

Special thanks goes out the guys at NOS Energy. They never cease to make the event better with beautiful ladies and free drinks to keep all us media folks awake on the track. THANKS NOS!

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