Ultimate 350z Supercharger Guide

We review the most popular Nissan 350z supercharger kits available on the market today. This is the ultimate 350z supercharger kit guide.

350z supercharger kit

In a hurry? Here is our 350z Supercharger summary

JDM Choice Drifted Choice Domestic Choice
hks supercharger kit vortech supercharger kit stillen 350z supercharger
HKS V2 350z Supercharger Kit Vortech 350z Supercharger Kit Stillen 350Z Supercharger Kit
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The fifth generation of Nissan’s ‘Z-car’ line, the 350z (Fairlady Z33 in Asia), was unveiled in 2002 and quickly became a huge hit with the worldwide tuning scene. Great looks, impressive stock power and a responsive rear wheel drive platform all contribute to making the 350z an excellent choice for enthusiasts.

With the now 350Z cheaper than ever and boasting the reliable V6 power plant under the hood, it could well be the perfect time to own this great fantastic of machinery. Once you’ve upgraded your coilovers to improve your handling and exhaust to get the most of the looks, sounds and flow – what’s next?

Whether you’ve owned your 350 since the initial release or you’ve just driven one for the first time, you’ll agree there’s no question that freeing some more power out of the 3.5L VQ35DE (and HR) could be all it takes to make this great car an epic one.

Forced induction

Forced induction enables you to do this without the huge costs and concerns that are likely to come with an engine swap. We’ve already reviewed the turbocharged options out there, but what if the supercharger route takes your fancy?

With zero lag and monster torque at the press of the throttle, supercharging is often a more reliable option and much more ideal for daily driving. If you decide to hit the track for drifting or racing then you certainly won’t be disappointed either!

We’ve written this guide to help you narrow down the difficult decisions when it comes to supercharging your 350Z and find the perfect kit for your needs.

Before you start pushing the capabilities of your car, you should ensure that your battery is in tip-top condition.

Supercharger a little out of your price range? Then why not pick up an intake plenum spacer? Affordable horsepower for your VQ35DE..

Before we start, check out this supercharged 350z compilation video!

Let’s take a look at our 350Z supercharger kits

To read more about any of these products simply click on the turbo kit name or photo.

HKS V2 Supercharger Kit

hks supercharger kit

Our comment: Legendary Japanese tuning house HKS kicks off the first option in our guide. HKS are well-known for creating some of the best forced induction kits on the market and this is certainly no exception.

Combining great looks with reliability and the typical build-quality that HKS are world-renowned for, this kit is undoubtedly a great option.

We would suggest strongly considering this kit if you’re more interested in reliability than power figures. This could be the perfect daily driver as it’s the quietest and arguably the most reliable option on this list whilst pushing out around 350-400hp with supporting mods.

This HKS V2 kit is capable of reliably running over 500hp with supporting mods!

Manufacturer description:With the introduction of the GT Supercharger line, HKS raises the performance bar by giving you a choice of premium-quality turbo or supercharger forced-induction systems.

For supercharger aficionados, our supercharger kits provide OEM-level engineering quality, combined with best-in- class reliability, efficiency and quiet operation. Performance delivery is linear from any speed as a result of the GT Supercharger’s Torque Response Traction Drive system.

You can be confident in your car’s driving performance when the GT supercharger is installed!


Drifting legend Nobteru Taniguchi gets behind the wheel of the HKS Supercharged 350Z in the wet as other drift OG’s such as Keiichi Tsuchiya and Vaughn Gittin Jr watch on!

This dyno video shows off the sounds and performance of the HKS kit.

Vortech Supercharger Kit

vortech supercharger kit

Our comment: Vortech have put their years of valuable knowledge in the supercharging scene to create the ultimate kit for 350z owners.

Combining great value for money with fantastic build quality, reliability and customer service. Not only that, it’s also one of the easiest kits to install (around 8-12 hours).

With owners making an impressive 410hp from the kit and 440hp from the ‘Rev-Up’ variation, it’s easy to see why so many have made this their choice. This kit also includes upgrade options to gain additional power. Check out the video below where someone has managed to achieve a crazy 577whp!

Manufacturer description:The 350Z system uses Vortech’s V-3 SCi supercharger. Continued development in Vortech’s Lab resulted in the V-3 SCi. The “i” stands for improved and with its new patented oil control system and state of the art centrifugal compressor stage this V-3 literally blows away the competition. Industry leading 75% adiabatic efficiency [SAE J1723 standard] means less heat is being generated, reduced drive power and more net power is produced. Less heat also means better durability, easier on the engine than any turbo installation.

Vortech supercharger systems are a great value. Dollar for dollar, Vortech systems deliver more horsepower than virtually any other method of upgrade. Also, driven normally, gas mileage usually increases.

Vortech’s 350Z Supercharger Systems are available as either a complete, fully calibrated bolt-on system, or as a Tuner Kit for custom installations at over 500 HP. And with Vortech’s many upgrade solutions, there is always more power when you are ready.


See and hear the Vortech kit working its magic on the dyno as an owner achieves a respectable 403whp.

Watch this Vortech supercharged 350Z hit the track in this video. We love how he left the pits, but we’re not too sure if the track marshals did!

Some of the most insane supercharger noises we’ve heard! It sounds like a jet and revs like a bike, watch this crazy 350Z hit 577whp at 17psi on a Voltech supercharger!

Stillen 350Z Supercharger Kit

stillen 350z supercharger

Our comment: Stillen initially entered the 350Z supercharger market with a ‘roots’ style blower for the 350Z. This meant that you then had to run a Stillen’s own, or a modified hood to fit the supercharger.

This, combined with the additional heat gains that came with the roots blower, it understandably divided opinions amongst owners.

Stillen seemingly realised that this was the case and released a brand new kit to the market. Combining Stillen’s quality parts alongside the Vortech V3 supercharger reviewed above, they eventually put out a fantastic product.

Given that Stillen decided to utilise the Vortech supercharger, we feel that it’s a testament to the fantastic piece of kit that Vortech have produced here. Given the similarities, you may well prefer the look of the Stillen kit over the Vortech to help make your final decision.

There are many variations of this kit, so make sure you choose the correct one!

Manufacturer description:STILLEN is proud to announce the availability of the VQ35 dual throttle body 350Zsupercharger kit. The VQ35 Supercharger shares most of the same components found in the VQ37 kit, and designed as a direct bolt-on to the 3.5L.

This supercharger system took over a year to develop and involves some revolutionary designs. This supercharger system is developed to offer the customer easy upgradability and installation without requiring a hood replacement to complete the installation!


Here’s the official Stillen 350Z supercharger video showcasing the kit on their demo car. You can see the hood which you were required to use with the original ‘roots’ kit.

Here’s a sound clip of the revised Stillen kit using the Vortech V3 supercharger, allowing you to use the original hood.

Our winner

Our winner is the Vortech Supercharger Kit

To pick our winner from this choice of 350Z supercharger kits we looked at a number of criteria; ease of installation, power levels, upgrade potential and price point.

Based on these criteria we have conlcuded that the Vortech supercharger is the worthy winner.

Vortech Supercharger Kit

vortech supercharger kit

As an all-rounder, we felt that the Vortech Supercharger Kit was the best option available for the 350Z. It may not be the most impressive looking, but we feel it ticks every other box that potential owners will have in mind.

From ease of installation, value for money and upgradability, this will future-proof your 350Z to ensure that you’re always at the top of your game.

We highly recommend that further research is done based on our guide. There are often additional parts, tunes or upgrades for base-level supercharger kits that may be either vital or purely suit your preferences.

Thank you for reading our 350Z supercharger kit guide.

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