Ultimate Nissan 370Z Supercharger Guide

Looking to turn your Nissan 370Z into a boosted street or track weapon? Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered in our 370Z Supercharger Guide.

Nissan 370Z Stillen supercharger kit

When Nissan unveiled their most recent addition to the much-loved Fairlady family, the 370Z immediately went on to take the tuning world by storm.

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The Japanese manufacturer got it all just right when it came to shedding weight whilst also improving the looks and handling over the 350Z.

However, many owners will argue that the 370Z left the factory with an underwhelming amount of horses packed under the hood of their 3.7 liter V6 VQ37VHR engine.

This is where tuning houses across the world were handed the perfect opportunity to squeeze more power from the tamed beast as they still maintain reliability to make an ideal option for daily driving and the track alike.

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Nissan 370Z Stillen supercharger engine bay

STILLEN to the rescue

Stillen initially had competition from GTM/Gamma Motorsport in the 370Z supercharging scene, however with the latter failing to stay in business, it’s safe to say that former 300ZX racing legend Steve Millen’s ‘STILLEN’ option is by far the best choice available on the market.

For those of you who don’t know already, Steve Millen is also the uncle of Formula Drift Champion Rhys Millen.

Take a quick look at the involved precision engineering of Steve Millen’s legendary 300ZX which handed him the most all-time wins in IMSA GTS history with 20 victories.

“Looking to extract more horsepower and torque from your 370Z, G37 or Q50? How does around 380HP at the wheels grab you?”

Since we assume you’ve already done the necessary upgrades to get the most out of your 370Z, such as a free-flowing exhaust, new fuel pump, flywheel, larger injectors, and coilovers, a supercharger from STILLEN engineers could well be the perfect compliment to end your quest for additional power!

With the STILLEN specialty being their 370Z kit opting for the Vortech V 3 centrifugal supercharger which is capable of producing typical results between 480-520hp (with supporting mods), the 50-state emissions compliant intercooled setup is available for purchase at Enjuku Racing.

Check out this awesome video where THE DRIVE head to the their factory to drive their fully custom 500hp 370Z:

Deciding your G37 supercharger options

Since the above option comes with a cable enabling you to put the preset tune file onto your ECU, you also have the option of a non-cable version of their polished-look supercharger kit if you want to get tuning done locally which is available here.

NISMO 370Z Supercharger

Should you have the Nismo offering of the 370Z, Stillen techs also have another kit which will be perfect for your needs, you can view all of their variations here.

Stillen tuner 370Z supercharger kit

Power on tap

One of the best things about the kit is that the setup to gift your Z with boosted goodness is straightforward with their off-the-shelf parts and a typical install time of just 12 hours.

Stillen 370Z Supercharger Kit

“Scenery gets blurry-in-a-hurry as the centrifugal Vortech blower spins up to hyperspeed with a telltale hiss.”

If you’re on a quest for big power, the Vortech V3 is more than capable of huge power gains of over 500 horsepower with 9psi of intercooled boost pressure whilst delivering compressor efficiencies above 75%.

The V3 also benefits from a self-contained oiling system which is completely independent from the engine’s lubrication system.

The beast in action

We’ve searched the web to bring you some of the best offerings to decide whether supercharging is the ideal route for you.

Varying from dyno to full car reviews, we have no doubt that these videos will help you make your mind up!

DRIVN invite you to join them for a trip to the dyno where this stunning example of a 370Z pulls 410whp on the Stillen supercharger:

Test Drive Blogs give you a drive, walk-around, in-depth view and close-up look of the kit here in their video:

TheSmokingTire allow you the opportunity to get behind the wheel and experience how the supercharger feels when you hit the open road in this entertaining review.

The following quote was a personal highlight – “I don’t f**k around, I drive around with my dyno sheet in the car because people don’t believe me I’m just like ‘Read the sheet, man.”:

If you’re like us and are fascinated by the Nissan ‘Z’ series, check out Donut Media’s great video showing the history of these epic cars:

If dyno runs are your thing, Stillen have you covered as they show off a Nismo 370Z on the rolling road as they push the power output from 277 hp to 430 hp!

Tell me more!

Now that you’ve enjoyed the videos you’re probably more tempted than ever to supercharge your 370Z. Here’s some more helpful information from the manufacturer regarding their off-the-shelf kit from Enjuku Racing:

“Looking to extract more horsepower and torque from your 370Z, G37 or Q50? How does a typical output of around 380HP at the wheels grab you?”

“Add a dose of torque, better-than-stock heat management and airflow, 50 state emissions compliance and near stock fuel economy at low RPM. Now you’ve got the formula for superchargers done the STILLEN way.”

“We’re talking driveable horsepower too, suitable for daily drivers, canyon carvers and track days.”

“What does ‘driveable’ mean? Take an unsuspecting passenger for a low RPM cruise around town in your STILLEN supercharged Nissan 370Z, Infiniti G37 or Infiniti Q50. Keep a light touch on the gas pedal and they might be fooled into thinking there’s a bone stock motor under the hood.”

“They won’t suspect a thing….until you hit the town limit sign and crack the throttle wide open.”

“Scenery gets blurry-in-a-hurry as the centrifugal Vortech blower spins up to hyperspeed with a telltale hiss. The STILLEN designed and built intake manifold sucks in cubic yards of cool air to keep the temps down low. The remapped ECU fuel management module jacks the boosted fuel pump to inject the precise amount of high octane cocktail into the maelstrom.”

“Your right foot is orchestrating a symphony of controlled violence that delivers a linear, bottomless powerband. If you can peel your head off the headrest to sneak a glance at your passenger you’ll see instant enlightenment and heavy G’s at work.”

370Z Stillen supercharger tuning kit

The design

“STILLEN designed a new cast aluminum intake manifold specifically for this system, featuring longer runners and a large plenum for the engine to have improved airflow. An integrated air-to-water intercooler system dramatically cools the air charge from the Vortech Supercharger unit for better engine health.”

“The V-3 features a self-contained oiling system and quiet V-belt design, with plenty of additional boost capability for those wanting even more power down the road for a thrilling driving experience without spending extra on a hood replacement.”

“STILLEN took extreme care and had year-long development in designing this system’s engine entry point to fit under the stock hood, ensuring that all additional coolers (oil, transmission, power steering, etc) would work with the intercooler system, as the Nissan VQ37 engine is prone to high oil temperatures unless provided with cool air flow.”

“At all levels of development the system was tested, with individual results for street drivability and reliability under normal traffic and freeway conditions. Stillen drivers flogged the test car at El Toro Air Base, with repeated 140+ mph runs and hard driving on tight courses with excessive revving and redlining. The testing process included extensive monitoring of all pertinent air and fluid temperatures.”

“They won’t suspect a thing… Until you hit the town limit sign and crack the throttle wide open.”

Cable or non-cable?

“To tune these supercharger systems STILLEN works with UPRev software. This software requires a license and a tuner cable to load the tune into the vehicle’s ECU. The With Cable option is designed for customers who may not live near an UPrev certified tuner or for a dealership who is completing the installation. This is also a great solution for the DIY guy looking to install the kit in his garage.”

“The “without cable” option is supplied with all of the hardware and the tune. This solution is good for someone who is working with an UPrev pro tuner that already has the licenses and loading cable for the reflash of the ECU fuel management settings in their facility. This way you don’t need to pay extra for something you might already have access to. Either way, the tune is the same.”

Ease of installation

“One of the hallmarks of a STILLEN supercharger system tuner kit is ease of installation. Much of the assembly of the kit is completed here at STILLEN before we pack and ship your supercharger. The main supercharger unit is pre-assembled to the laser-cut billet aluminum mounting brackets. The kit has a very straight forward installation, including detailed step-by-step instructions in fine print. Typical install time for a competent shop is 12 hours.”

“Much of the assembly of the kit is completed here by our supercharger experts at STILLEN. The main supercharger unit is pre-assembled to the laser-cut billet aluminium mounting brackets. Installation is very straight forward, including detailed step-by-step instructions, requiring a typical shop 12 hours on a particular day for the complete install.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the Nissan 370Z Stillen complete supercharger kit, don’t forget to visit our friends over at Enjuku Racing to find the perfect kit to suit your needs!

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