22 Fastest Cars In Forza Horizon 4

Eager to upset your rivals by turning up with the fastest car in Forza Horizon 4? We’ve got you covered!

fastest car in forza horizon 4

It feels like just a few years ago that we were enjoying the likes of Colin McRae Rally on the PlayStation. Yep – confession time, we’re old!

It’s crazy to witness how much gaming has evolved in such a short period in time.

If we look back at what looked impressive to us as kids, they appear to be nothing more than a bunch of moving pixels these days.

As the world of gaming transformed throughout the years, the likes of Gran Turismo became the new go-to game for those that wanted to have the genuine feel of racing on tracks.

From there, games like Need for Speed entered the market, and the arcade-style street racing games went on to become some of the most desirable on the market, with the NFS series going on to sell over 150 million copies. If you’d like to go deeper into the game, you should definitely check out our Need For Speed: Payback car list guide.

When Forza Motorsport entered the market, Xbox had created a direct rival to PlayStation’s Gran Turismo series.

Racing gamers across the world would fight and argue as to whether the Xbox or the Playstation was the better console, purely down to their own GT/Forza preferences.

As Forza’s increasing popularity continued, gamers were crying out for something a little more original than the serious track-oriented racer and wanted to bring back the NFS glory days where they could tear up the streets.

After all, part of the beauty of gaming is the ability to do what you’re not able to in real life.

nissan r35 gt r peel funny

Anyone can head to a track day, but drifting through the charming streets and landscapes of Great Britain at 250mph while crashing into various historical monuments probably wouldn’t go down too well in the real world.

On the other hand, if you do so in Forza Horizon 4, it would probably earn you a bunch of achievements. Way to go!

Forza Horizon 4 features one of the most substantial open-world maps in gaming, allowing you to head off-road and explore thousands of miles of the open British countryside. Check out our Forza Horizon 4 cheat guide to help you unlock the best vehicles and locations in the game.

If you opt for sticking to the road, Forza Horizon 4 will provide some of the most impressive physics on any platform for perfecting the art of drifting.

With an incredible list with just about every car you could ever imagine (a total of 691 at the time of writing), it’s undoubtedly going to take you a while to run out of options!

Not only is there an endless list of cars to choose from, but you also can modify and upgrade each of them to your exact taste or requirements with a vast selection of parts and tuning capabilities.

With over 12-million Forza Horizon 4 players online, it can sometimes be hard to stand out from the crowd when it comes to building the ultimate cars.

Although we’re used to creating and modifying our drift tunes, we can also appreciate that it can be amusing to upset your friends as you overtake them with ease once they’ve hit the limit of their cars’ top speed capabilities.

Of course, with this game it is possible to engine swap your car and if you want to learn more about that tuning path our Forza Horizon 4 Engine Swap guide was written for you.

After looking online to try and figure which were the fastest cars in the game, we noticed that people were only mentioning the stats of the stock cars.

But, who plays a game like Forza Horizon 4 if they’re not going to modify the cars to achieve their ultimate potential?

koenigsegg agera rs

The very first thing we do when we make a new car purchase is to head to the parts shop for upgrades before benchmark tuning to squeeze out all of the engine’s potential power that’s screaming to be unleashed.

In this guide, we’ll show you what each of the fastest cars in Forza Horizon 4 is truly capable of achieving, so if you’ve not yet managed to reach the speeds we’ve mentioned, then you’ll know there’s more untapped lying in wait.

If you’re reading this article without access to Forza Horizon 4 right now, did you know that you can play free online games right now in the Drifted Arcade?

We’ve found 22 seriously impressive cars that are capable of reaching potential speeds of over 250mph once upgraded, and we’ve ranked them in order of their highest speed capabilities.

Fastest Cars In Forza Horizon 4

It’s time to head to our list, as we reveal the Fastest Car in Forza Horizon 4!

22) Hoonigan Ford “Hoonicorn” Mustang – 255 mph

You might be surprised to find the Hoonicorn in our list, as it’s not the stereotypical choice for a top speed car, but it’s certainly capable of causing some upsets within the game.

Those of you that have spent time with the Hoonicorn will know it best for its crazy off-the-line speed.

With 1400hp and 1200ft/lb torque produced from the 6.7-liter RTR twin-turbocharged V8, the AWD drivetrain allows it to launch itself from 0-60 in 1.8 seconds, and 0-100 mph in 3.15 seconds, making it one of the fastest-launching cars in the Forza series.

Not only that, but it’s also then capable of going on to reach speeds of over 255mph at the top-end.

All in all, the Hoonicorn is an impressive all-arounder that’ll undoubtedly provide hours of entertainment!

21) Ferrari La Ferrari – 257 mph

There’s no question that the La Ferrari is one of the most stunning hypercars ever built, but it has failed to conquer the Top 20 positions in our FH4 top speed list.

Although it features impressive handling and braking and makes a fantastic all-arounder, the La Ferrari tops out at just 257 mph from its 6.3-liter V12 engine, which produces 949 hp and 663 ft/lb torque.

20) Rimac Concept Two – 259 mph

Known as the Rimac Concept Two, Rimac Concept 2, and Rimac C_Two, this AWD electric hypercar is another ‘Hard to Find’ car in the game.

Rimac is a little-known Croatian manufacturer, and the crazy Concept Two utilizes four electric motors, one for each wheel, to unleash a potential top speed of 259 mph.

19) McLaren 720S Coupé – 261 mph

In stock form, the 720S Coupé’s speed rating of 8.0 is certainly nothing to get excited about compared to its competitors.

Yet, when fully modified in Forza Horizon 4, it’s capable of achieving 261 mph from its 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

With the power output being upgraded from 710 hp in stock form, to over 1,000 hp thanks to the in-game upgrades, the 720S reaches just three mph less than the fully-upgraded Speedtail.

18) McLaren Speedtail – 264 mph

Although the Speedtail is one of the fastest stock cars in the game, with a speed rating of 9.7, it doesn’t impress quite so much as its competitors when it comes to unlocking further potential.

When we were looking online, we noticed that the Speedtail didn’t make most of the top speed lists, but that’s due to the fact it featured in one of the most recent updates – ‘Update 20′, which launched in March 2020.

The Speedtail is a ‘Hard-to-Find’ car and can be unlocked with 50% completion in the Series 20 Summer Season, or in the Forzathon shop from June 11, 2020.

The Speedtail is the fastest production car that McLaren has released to date, and is capable of hitting speeds of 264mph in-game.

With 1,036hp and 846ft/lb torque in stock form, the M840T twin-turbo V8 certainly isn’t a slouch, taking just 12.8 seconds to reach 250mph (402km/h), but even with a well-refined tune, you’ll only achieve an extra 14mph.

Gamers had high hopes that FH4’s Speedtail would have far more potential than it did when it came to top speed upon its launch in early 2020, but it narrowly beats McLaren’s 720S Coupé, which has left many disappointed.

17) Bugatti Chiron – 270mph

After featuring in Forza Motorsport 7 as part of the Dell Gaming Car Pack add-on, the Bugatti Chiron was available as part of the standard package for Forza Horizon 4.

With its crazy 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W16 powerplant boosting out 1,479 hp and 1,180 ft/lb torque, it could come as a bit of a surprise that the Chiron doesn’t sit higher up in our list, but this is partly down to the 1,995 kg (4,398 lbs) weight that it has to shift.

The Chiron is best known for achieving over 300mph from its real-world 2019 Chiron Super Sport 300+ model, which made it the first-ever production car to break the 300mph barrier.

However, since it’s the 2018 model which features in Forza Horizon 4, it’s only capable of 261 mph in real-world testing.

With its maximum potential unleashed, it’s capable of reaching 270 mph in-game.

16) Hennessey Venom GT – 270mph

Maxing out at precisely the same top speed as the Bugatti Chiron, the Venom may have less power at 1,200 hp and 1155 lb/ft torque from its twin-turbocharged LSX V8, but it also has substantially less weight at 1,218 kg (2,685 lbs).

Unlike most of the contenders in this list, the Venom GT has opted for rear-wheel drive, which certainly makes for heaps of fun in the corners alongside the high-speed runs!

15) Koenigsegg One:1 – 271 mph

The first (but certainly not last) Koenigsegg to enter our list is the One:1, with a top speed of 271 mph.

Although the One:1 is capable of 273 mph in real-world testing, it only reaches 268 mph in stock form in Forza Horizon 4, with 271 eventually being achieved with the ideal upgrades.

14) Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – 272 mph

Once the fastest production car in the world with a verified top speed of 267 mph, the automotive industry has come a long way since the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport set the World Record back in 2010.

This record later went on to be beaten by the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which achieved 278 mph in 2017, before Bugatti once again reclaimed the title with their 304.5 mph record from the Chiron 300+, becoming the first to break the 300 mph barrier.

The Veyron Super Port has 1,183 hp and 1,105 lb/ft torque from the 8-liter quad-turbocharged W16 engine in stock form.

Its impressive speeds earn it a score of ‘10′ for both Speed and Acceleration in FH4, with a launch of ‘9.8.’ Not bad for a car that weighs in at 1,834 kg!

13) Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster – 272mph

Clocking in with the same speed as the Veyron Super Sport, the Pagani Zonda only achieves 207 mph in stock form but has plenty of untapped potential lying in wait for those top speed runs.

It may only have 678 hp and 575 lb/ft torque from the 7.3-liter V12 engine, but its impressive weight of just 1,296 kg (2,858 lb) from the carbo-titanium body hands it the 13th spot in our list.

12) Koenigsegg Agera – 273 mph

Although its sibling, the Agera RS, hogs the limelight when it comes to top speed runs, the older brother certainly doesn’t disappoint, topping out at 273 mph.

Produced between 2011 and 2017, the Agera is the successor for the CCX. With 946 hp and 811 lb/ft torque, this 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged, rear-wheel-drive V8 hypercar holds its ground just outside the Top 10 on our list.

11) McLaren P1 – 273 mph

McLaren’s P1 stacks up with equal top speed to its older brother, the F1 GT, as we’re huge fans of the F1 and felt that given their age, they’d earned two spots in our Top 10!

The British manufacturer crafted the P1 as the successor to the F1, and the P1 stands for “Position 1.”

Although it’s one of the fastest stock cars in the game, it’s arguably sitting within the Top 10 once you’ve carried out all of the potential upgrades.

10) McLaren F1 GT – 273 mph

Although McLaren’s F1 GT is one of the oldest cars in our list, having launched in 1997, it’s still capable of causing an upset against the modern-day hypercars in Forza Horizon 4.

With a 6.1L naturally-aspirated V12 engine producing 618 hp and 480 lb/ft torque in stock form, it’s capable of just 226 mph in the game, unlike the 241 mph produced from the stock McLaren F1.

Although it’s not one of the quickest out of the box, the F1 GT can be upgraded to reach 273 mph, with an impressive 1,439 hp.

We’re huge fans of the F1 GT, so we couldn’t help but sneak it into our Top 10!

9) Bugatti EB110 Super Sport – 284 mph

As we being the countdown for the Top 10 fastest cars in Forza Horizon 4, the 10th spot goes to Bugatti’s EB110 Super Sport.

The EB100 is another one of the old-school heroes in our list, and certainly has one of the smallest displacements from the 3.5L engine, even if it is a quad-turbocharged V12!

Although the figures in stock form aren’t too impressive, with just 611 hp and 480 lb/ft torque; the available upgrades from Bugatti make this a serious contender in a straight line.

It’s certainly not the best car when it comes to braking or handling, though, so be prepared!

8) Shelby Monaco King Cobra – 285 mph

Although this may come as a surprise to many, the weird-exhaust King Cobra proudly takes its spot at Number 9 on our list!

Many FH4 enthusiasts claim that the Shelby Monaco King Cobra is quite possibly the best car for drag racing in the game, and there are records of under 6.5-second recorded quarter-miles.

Weighing in at just 590 kg (1,300 lbs), it produces 400 hp and 332 lb/ft in stock form, but this has an upgrade potential of over 1,500 hp.

The Monaco King Cobra is a must-own car for those of you that are into top speed runs and drag racing.

7) McLaren F1 – 287 mph

Although the F1 GT didn’t manage to break the Top 10 in our list, the original F1 sits proudly in our Top 7.

Back in 1998, the McLaren F1 became the Worlds fastest production car with an impressive 240mph, smashing the previous record set by the RUF CTR2 of 217mph.

With a 6.1-liter V12 producing 627 hp and 480 lb/ft torque, there are plenty of upgrades, which, when coupled with its lightweight carbon fiber reinforced polymer monocoque chassis enable it to reach speeds of 287 mph.

6) Koenigsegg Agera RS – 293 mph

As we get closer to the Top 5 on our list, the competition gets fiercer than ever.

Although the Agera RS was once one of the quickest cars in-game, it narrowly misses out on a Top 5 spot thanks to the recent updates.

With 1,341 hp and 1,1010 lb/ft torque forced through the rear-wheels in stock form, this is the fastest production car in the game in stock form.

With its crazy power-to-weight ratio and rear-wheel-drive layout, this makes for some brutal wheelspin in the lower gears but certainly makes for fun when drifting.

The Agera RS is a car that every Forza fan should have proudly sitting in their garage.

5) Porsche 911 GT3 RS PO – 294 mph

The GT3 RS PO was initially a pre-order car for Amazon customers only, which could be unlocked in the game by completing Level 20 on The Eliminator for those that had committed to buy in the pre-sale.

Even if you didn’t subscribe to the pre-order, you’re still able to pick this car up in the Auction House now, but be prepared to pay a pretty penny!

Thankfully, the PO edition comes with a range of optional upgrades that aren’t included with the standard GT3 RS. Thanks to this, you can opt for the racing V12 engine swap, which earns it a position in our top four.

If you can get your hands on one, then the Porsche GT3 RS PO is an exceptional all-arounder, and proudly boasts one of the highest top speeds in the game.

4) Koenigsegg CC8S – 295 mph

The first Koenigsegg in our list is the CC8S, typically powered by a mid-engined 4.7L supercharged V8, producing just 564 hp and 469 lb/ft torque.

Koenigsegg’s CC8S features in Forza Horizon 4 as part of Fortune Island and can be located in Treasure Chest #5.

Weighing just 1,275 kg and 2811 lbs in stock form, the CC8S can put up a serious fight against some of its modern-day rivals with its insane tuning potential, JUST edging past the 911 GT3.

3) Jaguar D-Type – 303 mph

It’s as hilarious as it is ridiculous, but we’re delighted to announce that the Jaguar D-Type has broken the 300mph barrier with a top speed of 303 mph.

With just 245 hp and 242 lb/ft produced from its 3.4L naturally-aspirated I6 engine in stock form, the 953 kg (2,100 lbs) stock weight undoubtedly helps it to shift over the 300mph bracket.

Okay, so, it probably has the help of a 5.2L V10 twin-turbo engine swap, but still.

One of the most amusing moments we’ve had while compiling this list is witnessing this hilarious 1950’s convertible pocket-rocket smash the 300 mph barrier! Kudos, Playground Games. We salute you.

I often think I’d love to drive some of these cars, but I believe that 300mph in a D-Type would be a terrifying prospect.

2) MOSLER MT900S – 311 mph

The Mosler MT900S isn’t one of the better-known cars in the real world, but it has certainly earned its fair share of fame throughout the Forza Horizon series.

Initially powered by a 7.0-liter supercharged Chevrolet Corvette Z06 LS7, this can be upgraded to a 6.5-liter V12, providing brutal speeds of over 310 mph, to hand it the second position on our list.

Although it’s not up there with the best in stock form, this comes alive with the crazy engine swap when combined with the lightweight chassis, of just 1,125 kg (2,480 lbs.)

1) Ferrari 599XX Evolution – 323 mph

For the experienced Forza Horizon 4 players among us, the winner of our Fastest Car list probably isn’t going to come as too much of a surprise!

In stock form, the 599XX Evolution is capable of achieving 240 mph, but once you’ve maxed out the potential upgrades, it completely smashes the competition out of the park with an insane 323 mph with an AWD drivetrain swap.

As much as we’d love to display a list of worthy contenders to compete with the 599XX Evolution when it comes to top speed, it’s unfortunately in a league of its own.


So, there you have it! It’s not often that we have a clear winner in our guides, but the Ferrari 599XX Evolution destroys the competition when it comes to achieving the maximum speed in the game.

Before the “Update 8” car pack in April 2019, there was an exciting competition between the leaders. However, since then, the 599XX has since run away with the crown.

Although the 599XX wins the top speed battle, many of the cars throughout this guide are worth considering, especially the awesome Jaguar D-Type!

We’ve searched for many hours online to bring you these facts, but we fully appreciate that records sometimes get beaten, and new cars are frequently released for Forza Horizon 4.

So, if you’ve beaten one of the top speeds on our list, then let us know with a proof video on YouTube, and we’ll happily showcase your video to ensure that our data remains as accurate as possible.

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Thank you for reading our Fastest Car in Forza Horizon 4 guide

There was indisputably a clear winner this time around, so if you want to be the king of the high-speed races, then make sure your next purchase is the Ferrari 599XX Evolution!

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