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If you’re keen for improved performance, sounds, and looks from your Acura RSX exhaust, this guide will provide everything you possibly need to know when it comes to upgrading.

rsx exhaust

In a hurry? Here are our RSX Exhaust winners

Budget Choice Drifted Choice Premium Choice
Yonaka Acura RSX Exhaust HKS Hi-Power RSX Exhaust Js Racing RSX Exhaust
Yonaka Acura RSX Exhaust HKS Hi-Power RSX Exhaust Js Racing RSX Exhaust
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As we’re sure you already know, aftermarket exhausts are among the first upgrades that any enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their RSX carries out.

Enabling the car to allow the exhaust gases to flow efficiently will improve the performance and offer various superior sounds, and at the same time, it also significantly improves the aesthetics.

Although some of you may immediately be thinking ‘ricer’ when an aftermarket exhaust comes to mind, that’s certainly not the case.

Sure, some of the choices in our list are going to appeal to those of you looking for a lairy, obnoxious exhaust that’ll wake up your rivals – sorry, I mean, neighbors.

However, aftermarket exhausts on the market offer almost stock sound levels while conveniently boosting performance and offering a superior look to the rear-end.

We’ve searched low and high to bring you the best products on the market. Whether you’ve got stock, base RSX, or a full-blown turbocharged setup, there’s an exhaust to suit everyone’s needs in this guide.

If you do plan on going down the forced induction route shortly, make sure you plan by getting a 3” exhaust now; otherwise, you’ll need to swap for a larger exhaust when the time comes.

With each video we’ve added, make sure you check out the descriptions, as these can often have other upgrades such as headers, which can significantly change the exhaust sound.

One of the most common upgrades to do alongside the exhaust is the coilovers. To get your RSX handling to its full potential, we’ve once again put the best products on the market head-to-head in our RSX coilovers guide.

For those who love all things Honda, we’ve recently taken an in-depth look at the K20, K24, and even the B16 engines to provide everything you could need to know.

As you’ve probably guessed, here at Drifted, we love all things RWD, which is why we’ve also put together some comprehensive S2000 guides, so make sure you check out our S2000 coilovers, exhausts, intakes, turbo kits, and supercharger kit guides.

Acura RSX exhaust line-up

For now, it’s time to take a look at the finest exhausts on the market for your Acura RSX to find the perfect solution for your needs.

APEXi N1 RSX Exhaust

apexi n1

  • Manufacturer: APEXi
  • Internal pipe diameter: 60mm (2.36″)
  • Tailpipe configuration: 115mm (4.53″) tip
  • Primary exhaust system material: Stainless Steel
  • Fitment Acura RSX Type-S
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your APEXi N1 exhaust here

Our comment: APEXi’s N1 can often be a love/hate choice among RSX enthusiasts, as it’s certainly louder than some of the other choices on the market.

Although it’s not the loudest on idle, it screams its head off once VTEC kicks in… Yo.

If you’re after an exhaust that is relatively loud on idle and then likely to wake up the entire state in the upper revs, the N1 could represent an ideal choice for you.

Manufacturer description:In the N-1 Endurance Race, efficiency is everything. With that in mind, the N-1 exhaust systems were born to satisfy the want for quick throttle response and to effectively handle the rigorous demands of high-horsepower engines“.

The pipes were engineered with the aid of sophisticated CAD systems to develop the straightest possible lines and least number of bends. The straight-through canister projects from the car at an angle, which helps smooth the exhaust flow“.

APEXi N1 exhaust video

APEXi WS2 RSX Exhaust

apexi ws2

  • Manufacturer: APEXi
  • Internal pipe diameter: 60mm (2.36″)
  • Tailpipe configuration: 105mm (4.13″) tip
  • Primary exhaust system material: Stainless Steel
  • Fitment Acura RSX Type-S
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your APEXi WS2 exhaust here

Our comment: APEXi’s WS2 is the ‘gentleman choice’ compared to the N1 and will be an ideal option for those of you looking for a sensible upgrade for your daily driver and looking to add a little depth to your exhaust note.

But don’t worry, although the WS2 is quieter in the lower revs, it still opens up nicely when it comes to reaching VTEC, but certainly won’t destroy your eardrums in the process, unlike the N1.

Manufacturer description:The WS Exhaust series is the APEXi answer to the ultimate street muffler system with all around performance. The canister is made of the highest grade polished SUS304 stainless steel while the mandrel bent piping consists of high temperature, titanium particle coated mild steel“.

The World Sport muffler is for the performance enthusiast who has more on their minds than just pure power. This system is designed to provide excellent low and mid range power without excessive noise. The sporty, yet elegant look is made possible by using a polished SUS 304 stainless steel muffler, titanium particle powder coated mild steel piping, a polished tip“.

APEXi WS2 exhaust video

Buddy Club Pro Spec RSX Exhaust

buddy club pro spec

Our comment: If you’re after a loud exhaust, Buddy Club’s Pro Spec should undoubtedly be another consideration.

The Pro Spec has more depth to its exhaust note, particularly in the lower rev range than the Spec III below, providing a loud, resonant tone and noticeable power gains.

When it comes to sound levels, both the Pro Spec and Spec III have similar volume levels.

Manufacturer description:Buddy Club Pro Spec is a super light weight and highly efficient muffler that is made to perform for circuit runs. In its street version, to optimize torque in the low to mid speed range, it is equipped with an efficient middle silencer (resonator)“.

Pro Spec Mufflers were designed for high performance as well as meeting sound level standards. With its deep throaty tone, it echoes its racing lineage“.

Buddy Club Pro Spec exhaust video

Buddy Club Spec III RSX Exhaust

buddy club spec iii

  • Manufacturer: Buddy Club
  • Internal pipe diameter: 63mm (2.5″)
  • Primary exhaust system material: Stainless Steel
  • Fitment Acura RSX
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your Buddy Club Spec III exhaust here

Our comment: As we stated with the Pro Spec above, the two exhausts are incredibly similar, but the Spec III is known for ‘screaming’ more in the higher-end of the rev range, where the Pro Spec offers a deeper note.

Thankfully, the Buddy Club exhausts do come with an additional silencer, so you can produce almost stock sound levels when necessary, but this will affect the performance.

Manufacturer description:A true RACING SPEC MUFFLER is a light weight and highly efficient system that is designed specifically for circuit racing. In street form, our mufflers are designed to optimize torque in the low to mid RPM range, and our exhaust systems are equipped with an efficient resonator“.

Middle muffler is high flowing, and a silencer is included to supress noise on the street“.

Buddy Club Spec III exhaust video

DC Sports RSX Exhaust

dc sports

  • Manufacturer: DC Sports
  • Internal pipe diameter: 60mm (2.36″)
  • Primary exhaust system material: Stainless Steel
  • Fitment Acura RSX Type-S
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your DC Sports exhaust here

Our comment: DC Sports provides the cheapest offering in our list so far and presents an excellent alternative for those who want something a little different to the Yonaka at the end of this guide.

Although it’s not too loud on idle, it opens up nicely through the rev range.

Many owners have been exceptionally pleased with the quality, especially for a budget offering, and it typically comes highly recommended.

Manufacturer description:Bolt on some serious power and aggressive sound with a DC Sports Exhaust System. Custom-made to perfectly fit your specific application. Featuring T304 Stainless Steel material construction“.

All piping is mandrel bent for optimum flow, featuring a straight-through muffler design for top power output. DC Sports Exhausts are dyno-tuned for maximum performance and have an aggressive exhaust tone under acceleration“.

DC Sports exhaust video

Fujitsubo RM-01A RSX Exhaust

fujitsubo rm 01a

  • Manufacturer: Fujitsubo
  • Internal pipe diameter: 60mm (2.36″)
  • Tailpipe configuration: 89mm (3.5″) tip
  • Primary exhaust system material: Stainless Steel
  • Fitment Acura RSX Type-S
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your Fujitsubo RM-01A exhaust here

Our comment: Although the Fujitsubo doesn’t come cheap, it often gets regarded as one of the finest RSX exhausts on the market.

On idle, the exhaust provides a fantastic low rumble, with a deep-throated tone as the revs build up, and beyond 6,000 revs, it comes alive and begins to scream.

You will almost forget it’s there on the highway, which can be great for those long cruises.

An excellent all-rounder, and combined with Fujitsubo’s impeccable artistry, it’s easy to see why so many owners feel this is one of the finest RSX exhausts available.

Manufacturer description:The RM-01A was developed for gymkhana, dirt trial, and other competition spec vehicles where mid to high RPM power is crucial. Especially for race classes with strict modification restrictions; the lightweight benefits of the RM-01A can truly be realized“.

Improved acceleration, response, braking, cornering, reduced tire wear, and all other vehicle behaviors are influenced by weight reduction. Due to all the light weight materials and advanced construction the RM-01A is 50% lighter than OE for most applications. The RM-01A will decrease lap times with improved power and reduced weight“.

Fujitsubo RM-01A exhaust video

GReddy Ti-C RSX Exhaust

greddy ti c

  • Manufacturer: GReddy
  • Internal pipe diameter: 60mm (2.36″)
  • Primary exhaust system material: Stainless Steel (Titanium Tip)
  • Fitment Acura RSX Type-S
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your GReddy Ti-C exhaust here

Our comment: There are few better offerings on the market for those of you looking for premium quality in a reasonably-priced package than the GReddy Ti-C.

One of the owners’ complaints is that it’s not much louder than stock without supporting mods unless you’re flooring it.

When combined with race headers, the exhaust comes alive, and this is where most owners feel it reaches its full potential.

The Ti-C is an excellent choice for the money, especially given GReddy’s typically-impeccable quality and the unique Titanium tip.

Manufacturer description:GReddy Racing Ti-C Cat-back Exhausts combine the design, looks and flow of our Full Racing Titanium systems with the durability, deep sound, value and large application list of our other Stainless Steel street systems“.

This fusion of aggressive styling and practical construction, makes this the logical choice for both Race and Street Enthusiasts“.

GReddy Ti-C exhaust video

HKS Hi-Power RSX Exhaust

hks hi power

Our comment: When it comes to RSX exhausts, the HKS Hi-Power is arguably the most popular choice on the market.

Not only does it look and sound incredible, but it offers insane value for money and has two choices for both N/A and turbocharged applications.

Quiet and tame in the lower revs, the HKS comes alive and begins screaming in the upper range.

If you’re not sure which exhaust to go with, then we’re confident that the HKS won’t disappoint for price, quality, sound, or performance. It’s a genuinely fantastic all-rounder.

Manufacturer description:Inspired and designed from endurance and GT racing in Japan, HKS developed its Hi-Power Exhaust system for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated applications“.

HKS has incorporated this new race inspired offset muffler and piping design into many street applications, which offers a greater flow and higher-PRM power gains due to the less restrictive design. This is achieved by eliminating unnecessary bends for the straightest exhaust path“.

HKS Hi-Power exhaust video

Js Racing RSX Exhaust

js racing

Our comment: For those of you with big bucks to spend, Js Racing has the ultimate exhausts for the RSX.

These full-titanium exhausts weigh virtually nothing while sounding and looking incredible.

Although the 60RS isn’t too loud in the lower revs but comes alive in the upper range, it’s a different story with the 70RR race exhaust, which is lairy as hell from start to finish.

There’s no better choice on the market when it comes to performance gains, weight, and quality, but you’re going to have to fork out for the luxuries.

Manufacturer description:The very popular J’s Racing titanium exhaust went through a model change and the new version has made a debut to the market. By maintaining the straight structure designed for the minimum back pressure, the new version boats a higher quality with a larger silencer“.

Made by a 1mm titanium pipe, the weight is reduced to the limit. Compared with the stock exhaust, the new titanium exhaust achieved an incredible weight reduction of more than 50%. The main pipe is curbed exquisitely by a three dimensional bending machine for the ultimate smoothness and the minimum air resistance. Furthermore, the distinct shape of the “dolphin tail” will catch everyone’s eyes“.

Js Racing exhaust video

Invidia N1 RSX Exhaust

  • Manufacturer: Invidia
  • Internal pipe diameter: 60mm (2.36″)
  • Tailpipe configuration: 101mm (4″) tip
  • Primary exhaust system material: Stainless Steel
  • Fitment Acura RSX Type-S
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your Invidia N1 exhaust here

Our comment: Invidia offers another bargain to the market with their N1 exhaust.

This exhaust offers a deep tone in the lower revs before providing a robust and powerful tone in the later stages of the range.

Although it’s not one of the most common choices on the market, those who opt for it have been delighted with the bargain performance and quality on offer.

Manufacturer description:The Invidia N1 exhaust system is designed to offer you the ultimate in exhaust flow and performance“.

Engineered to increase horsepower and torque, the Invidia N1 exhaust has aggressive sound due to it’s ultra high flow N1 style mufflers with the unique Invidia sound that enthusiasts love“.

Invidia N1 exhaust video

Invidia Q300 RSX Exhaust

  • Manufacturer: Invidia
  • Internal pipe diameter: 70mm (2.76″)
  • Tailpipe configuration: 110mm (4.3″) tip
  • Primary exhaust system material: Stainless Steel (Titanium Tip)
  • Fitment Acura RSX Type-S
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your Invidia Q300 exhaust here

Our comment: Alongside the APEXi WS2, this is one of the better choices for those of you looking for a subtle exhaust.

Providing a pleasant deep, bassy note, which is excellent for minimal volume when cruising, it almost stock volume levels despite being an impressive 70mm diameter.

For the price, this represents fantastic value for money for those of you looking for a quieter exhaust, but not wanting to fork out for the WS2.

Manufacturer description:Invidia’s Q300 exhaust systems feature a flat bottom muffler. The flat bottom shaped muffler design results in improved high speed aerodynamic performance“.

The muffler inside contains continuous piping design and use of Advantex material that results in an excellent free-flow exhaust with optimized back pressure, giving greater horsepower, torque gains and a rich deep sporty sound“.

Invidia Q300 exhaust video

MagnaFlow RSX Exhaust


  • Manufacturer: MagnaFlow
  • Internal pipe diameter: 57mm (2.25″)
  • Tailpipe configuration: 101mm (4″) tip
  • Primary exhaust system material: Stainless Steel
  • Fitment Acura RSX
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your MagnaFlow exhaust here

Our comment: Although some owners aren’t keen on the look of the tip on the Magnaflow, it typically gets the seal of approval in the sound department.

Below 3k, it sounds almost like stock and then begins to open up with a low-down grumble right the way through to the redline.

Overall, it’s a decent choice, but we feel that it doesn’t justify the additional cost over some of its competitors.

Manufacturer description:Made in the USA and engineered to last, for those seeking increased performance and better economy, MagnaFlow Street Series Performance Exhaust systems deliver the smooth deep sound you want and the wide-open performance power you need“.

Our exhaust systems feature straight-through flow designs for the ultimate in unrestricted horsepower and torque for big power while maintaining exhaust efficiency. These systems are an engineered balance of interior and exterior noise levels and are tested against SAE j1169 standards“.

MagnaFlow exhaust video

Thermal R&D RSX Exhaust

thermal r and d

  • Manufacturer: Thermal R&D
  • Internal pipe diameter: 76mm (3″)
  • Tailpipe configuration: 101mm (4″) tip
  • Primary exhaust system material: Stainless Steel
  • Fitment Acura RSX Type-S
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your Thermal R&D exhaust here

Our comment: For a 3” exhaust, the Thermal R&D is relatively tame, with a deep ‘gurgle’ in the lower range, before starting to open up between 3-5k with a pleasant non-ricer sounding rasp.

Beyond 5k revs, it opens up and becomes substantially louder, with a unique, enjoyable sound.

It’s not one of the most popular offerings, but generally, it’s a solid choice.

It’s worth considering that the rare occasion that issues have arisen, Thermal R&D’s customer service hasn’t impressed several enthusiasts.

Manufacturer description:Thermal R & D Exhaust systems are designed with quality of sound and manufacturing as our number one goal. Built from T304 Stainless Steel, the fit and finish of our products are designed for performance on both the street and the track“.

Understanding that the exhaust is the starting point for many builds, our high-performance exhaust will allow additional modifications to perform at their peak. We engineer our products with the goal of achieving the best all-around product for a given application“.

Thermal R&D exhaust video

Skunk2 Mega Power RSX Exhaust

skunk 2

  • Manufacturer: Skunk2
  • Internal pipe diameter: R – 70mm (2.76″) | RR 76mm (3″)
  • Tailpipe configuration: 110mm (4.3″) tip
  • Primary exhaust system material: Stainless Steel
  • Fitment Acura RSX Type-S
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your Skunk2 Mega Power R exhaust here

Our comment: For those looking for a loud, bargain exhaust, the Skunk2 Mega Power represents a fantastic opportunity.

Many owners who haven’t been satisfied with other exhaust sound levels changed to Skunk2 and have been delighted with the outcome.

Those of you that are daily driving your car may want to check just how loud it is, and with the RR exhaust, we certainly wouldn’t be able to tolerate it on an everyday basis.

Excellent quality at a fantastic price, but prepare for it to be deafening. It does come with a silencer, but remember that this will restrict the performance.

Manufacturer description:A properly designed exhaust system is critical to engine performance. Skunk2’s 70mm MegaPower Exhaust system for the ’02-’06 RSX Type-S was developed with this in mind and is based off of more than 15 years’ worth of racing experience“.

Dyno-proven for maximum horsepower, MegaPower R cat-back systems are constructed of T-403 stainless steel tubing and T-304 stainless steel mufflers, are robotically TIG welded, and feature CNC mandrel bends for a precise fit“.

Skunk2 Mega Power RR exhaust video

SPOON Sports Stainless N1 RSX Exhaust

spoon sports n1

Our comment: With an exceptionally smooth sound and zero exhaust drone, the SPOON N1 is one of the most sought-after offerings on the market.

Many will argue that this is the very best sound you’re going to experience from the RSX and, combined with the price tag, proves that this provides exceptional value for money.

It’ll sound like a stock RSX on idle, but it provides a more profound, in-depth tone throughout the rev range.

The tip is far smaller than most offerings, which is ideal for those of you looking for a subtle look and looks more like an OEM upgrade than aftermarket.

Manufacturer description:The Spoon N1 axle-back sports muffler will provide greater exhaust flow and marginally increasing overall power“.

Not to mention the iconic N1 muffler is an ode to the legendary status of Spoon Sports Japan. You can expect a thoroughly tested product that will give your vehicle an aggressive sound while ensuring the most power without any sacrifice“.

SPOON Sports Stainless N1 exhaust video

Yonaka Motorsports RSX Exhaust


Our comment: Our final offering is from the highly-regarded Yonaka Motorsports, with both ourselves and most RSX owners feel is the ultimate budget choice.

Like the SPOON, the Yonaka looks more like a stock upgrade rather than a massive aftermarket can.

With a more resonant sound than most, it’s quiet in the lower ranges with a deep note and then comes alive further down the rev range.

It’s certainly worth considering for a 2.5″ diameter exhaust, which provides this level of quality, performance, and sound, even if you didn’t intend to go with a budget exhaust initially.

Manufacturer description:Yonaka Motorsports is a grassroots performance part manufacturer since 2001, specializing mostly in Honda/Acura“.

This Yonaka Motorsports catback exhaust system is made of fully polished stainless steel, with 2.5″ OD mandrel bended piping, and a 3.5″ tip. Expect a quiet, clean, deep sound, without that irritating mid range raspy sound“.

Yonaka Motorsports exhaust video

Revel Medallion Touring-S RSX Exhaust

revel medallion touring s acura type s rsx exhaust

  • Manufacturer: Revel (Tanabe USA)
  • Internal pipe diameter: 60mm (2.36″)
  • Tailpipe configuration: 100mm (4″) tip
  • Primary exhaust system material: Stainless Steel
  • Fitment Acura RSX & Type-S
  • Value for money: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your Revel Medallion Touring-S RSX exhaust here

Our comment: If you’re looking for a quieter exhaust, then Revel offers this fantastic alternative.

We’d forgive you for wondering who Revel is, as the newly-formed US-based company is yet to get its name out there in the tuning scene.

However, there is a twist here – as Revel is best known as JDM legends, Tanabe and the Medallion Touring are arguably the most highly-regarded and popular exhaust systems they offer.

With this tasteful offering, Revel provides a subtle and stylish look to the rear of your RSX for those that aren’t looking to wake up the neighborhood when they start their engine!

Assuming the rest of the exhaust system remains stock, the volume of this exhaust won’t exceed 93dB, yet it’ll provide a far deeper tone and the usual performance benefits when you put your foot down.

Overall, the Revel Medallion Touring-S is a fantastic choice for those of you that don’t feel the need to stand out from the crowd, providing the gains of a louder exhaust in a quiet and subtle, high-quality package.

Manufacturer description:The elegant and well defined appearance of the Revel Medallion Touring exhaust is mature and matches the artistry of a tastefully built, highly tuned machine“.

The Revel Medallion exhaust is designed to offer you lots of exhaust flow without making your car sound too loud. This exhaust is louder than stock but has a nice deep tone that’s not overly loud and is considered pretty mellow – even though it offers tons of flow“!

Revel Medallion Touring-S RSX exhaust video

Our winners

There’s no question that RSX owners are extremely spoilt for incredible options when it comes to aftermarket exhausts, and choosing the winners in this guide has been quite possibly the most challenging of all our exhaust guides.

With that in mind, although these are our winners, make sure you also check out the other options and check out which exhaust you feel is likely to be best for your specific requirements.

Our Drifted Choice goes to the HKS Hi-Power

Concluding a winner with so many excellent choices was certainly challenging, but the HKS is the perfect all-rounder for us.

Our Acura RSX Exhaust winner is the HKS Hi-Power

Whether you’re running an N/A or a turbocharged setup, they’ll have an excellently-priced, exceptional quality exhaust for your needs.

Although it’s tame in the lower rev range, it comes alive and begins screaming once VTEC kicks in.

HKS Hi-Power RSX Exhaust

hks hi power

Our Premium Acura RSX Exhaust Choice

These fully-titanium offerings certainly won’t be within everyone’s price bracket, but for those of you looking for the ultimate RSX exhaust, look no further than Js Racing.

Our Premium Choice is the Js Racing Exhausts

They’re certainly not subtle in the volume or looks department, but they’re undoubtedly unique and will set your RSX aside from the rest.

Js Racing RSX Exhaust

js racing

Our Budget Acura RSX Exhaust Choice

Although there are several fantastic choices in the lower price bracket, the Yonaka exhausts have won over the hearts of RSX enthusiasts, and we can easily see why.

Our Budget Choice is the Yonaka Exhaust

Offering a subtle, mellow alternative at a fraction of the price of similar exhausts such as the APEXi WS2, this is an excellent choice for those that want something quiet and refined for daily driving, without splashing too much cash.

Yonaka Acura RSX Exhaust


Thank you for reading our Acura RSX Exhaust guide.

We hoped we’ve helped you make the tough decision of choosing the perfect exhaust for your Acura RSX.

We can see why you’re likely to be struggling; this certainly hasn’t been an easy one!

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