Top 4 Motorcycle Riding Tips for Beginners

Paul Hadley
02/21/201921st February, 2019
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Riding a motorcycle is a lot different from driving and drifting. There are quite a few things you need to get the hang of before you take your bike to the roads. The best thing is to have a mentor guide you. However, if you do not find someone, I will help you understand the fundamentals of riding a motorcycle. I have compiled the list of the most essential things you need to keep in mind while riding.

Keep an Eye out for Where You Want to Go

One of the most important things about riding a motorcycle is the target. Do you want to go straight down the road or take a U-turn? Plan ahead! This is particularly important when approaching corners. Keep your sight fixed on the corner, not down at the ground. However, keep a look out for any obstacles in the way; pedestrians, road blocks, children etc. Do you know what makes great riders? The ability to anticipate what’s ahead and plan accordingly. Also, make sure you always use indicators before making a turn; they are there for a reason, after all.

Avoid Braking/Accelerating During Turns

I have seen many folks making this grave error; it is very dangerous to apply brakes during a turn and it could lead to an accident. I vividly remember when I had just started riding out, I came in too fast for a corner and hit the brakes during the middle of the turn and the bike straightened up. I fell to the ground. It was a petrifying experience. What you should do is press the brakes while approaching a corner. When the motorcycle slows down, you can easily maneuver it.


Keep your Visor Shut/Wear Protective Gear

When you ride at high speeds, your eyes can pick debris, bugs and other unwanted agents from the surroundings. This could hinder your vision. These things have a tendency to fly right into your vision.  This is not only unhealthy for your vision it can also lead to a catastrophe on the road. Apart from that, it is a rule of thumb to wear protective gear while riding. Wear a quality leather jacket, leather boots, and leather gloves, get your tires checked from a good motorcycle tire shop, check the weather, and know the situation of the traffic.

Ride with a Defensive Approach

This might sound a tad silly but as I mentioned in the first paragraph, riding a bike is not like driving a 4-wheel vehicle. You are stripped off various luxuries. Therefore, when you are riding, you need to be on the back foot. Pretend as if everybody is out there to hit you. Many people do not even pay attention to motorcycle riders, no matter how colorful or prominent their motorcycles are. Keep in mind, while riding, if somebody hits you, the damage would be far more severe, and it can potentially be fatal. You need to be on your toes all the time, pay total attention at every single intersection, watch out for someone giving you a horn from behind, and avoid receiving/calling someone while you are riding at all costs. A tiny error in judgment can prove to be disastrous.

Get practice online

You can always jump on one of our free motorcycle games to get some practice before you jump on the saddle for real. Good luck!

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