7 Incredible Cars That Make You Feel Nostalgic

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11/29/201929th November, 2019
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The old memories can pop up anytime you think of a past event. While there is no time table to control our minds, indeed, the thoughts strike in without our permission. The nostalgia about cars can be more real when your eyes hit a past photo.

That aside; you will not believe your eyes when you see an old model car in the street while on an errand. The astonishment can cause one to wonder if those models still exist. Well, they still exist and many people still own them due to various reasons.
Let’s take a closer look at some of these models.


The Renault 5

One surprising thing about Renault 5 is, its French manufacturer brought it to the market to compete with the British mini. The Renault 5 is also a super mini-vehicle that came into existence in reaction to the global oil crisis of 1970.

What’s more?

The car is functional, compact and affordable. Its popularity was at its peak when it became the best-selling vehicle in Europe by 1977. The manufacturer changed its name to Lecar and exported it to the U.S and other nations.

Between 1972 and 1985, the producer recorded about 5.3 million sales globally. Quite fantastic, right?

The AMC Gremlin

You could quickly identify the AMC Gremlin because it is long-nosed with a relatively low price. Actually, many people bought it due to its favorable price. This two-faced vehicle has a truncated body that could project well, especially when rounding a corner.

Did we tell you that AMC manufactured more than 700,000 Gremlins in 8 years? We thought you should know. Precisely, the production happened around 1970 to 1778. Its prices went down to sell at $2000 or less. 

The AMC Pacer

America Motors (AMC) had a designer called Richard Teague. He is known for birthing this model. This was one unique model due to the features it possessed. In fact, you could distinguish this vehicle from the rest due to its rounded shape and huge windows. Unfortunately, the car experienced some mechanical challenges leading to its remodeling to an automated lemon.

After getting it back to the market, the manufacturers gave it a new name; Flying Fishball. It was manufactured between 1975 and 1980. Fortunately, when the car accessed the market, its sales increased to more than 280,850 units. 

The Beetle

Volkswagen, who is a Germany automaker, designed the Beetle when Germany was under Nazi rule. The car has a unique shape; the headlights are round-bug eyed. In addition, there is an engine rumble.

By 1950, the manufacturer developed more than 20 million units. Several nations adopted the Beetle for various functions. For instance, Norway used it as a police car. It was a cab in Mexico. That is to say that this car model was better than most models. That is why this vehicle is one of the most popular among the old models.

The Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang is still on the market till date since its launching in 1964. The manufacturer brought it with an intention of beating the Beetle and cut its influence. Besides, the producer wanted to grab the attention of young drivers.

Since its development, the car underwent various transformations to upgrade it to the modern muscle car. Nevertheless, this Ford model features a unique logo.

The Mini

The Mini-car is a unique vehicle that the producer initially manufactured in the late 1950s. However, it production came to a halt around 2000. 

There is one unique thing about this model; it attracted the attention of young people. The young generation drivers used it as an alternative to the Beetle. 

The lovers of this car used it for fun. For instance, they could use it when acting movies. It was almost impossible not to see young individuals enjoying a ride on the streets of Manchester.

The Camaro 

When Mustang car gained popularity, it prompted General Motors to come out with an alternative in 1966. The challenge triggered the birthing of the Camaro car. The emerging competition from the Ford car (Mustang) gave general Motors some sleepless nights to end its influence.

When General Motors decided to create a pony car, it gradually took over the market. Since then, more than 5 million units got sold. However, its production is still ongoing. 

Final Thoughts

The old models of the discussed cars are the backbone of our modern vehicles. It is interesting to know how original designers came up and creatively implemented their ideas. Some of the old models are no longer in the market when their production stopped.

It can be exciting to hold the history of your vehicle. Maybe your parents used it for their special day like a wedding. If you still own those pictures, it revives the nostalgia about these old cars.

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