Car repairs you can do it yourself to save money

Paul Hadley
09/11/201911th September, 2019
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Do you want to learn some car repairs, which you can do by yourself so that you can save the money for servicing your car? If yes, then with the help of this article, we are going to discuss some of the essential car repairs, which you can do it by yourself.

Car repairs you can do it yourself- 

Here is the list of car repairs that you can do it yourself and save a lot of money- 

  • Changing Brake Pads- The first car repair that you can do by yourself is, although some people will say that they cannot change it by themselves. But at least give it a try, because it’s straightforward to do.

You need to buy brake pads which will cost you around $30 or a bit above, but if you go to a service station, then the total cost would take about $1000 for changing brake pads.

Here are the steps you need to follow while changing brake pads yourself- 

  • Remove the tier of your car, by placing your car on a pulley or such device for giving it support.
  • Remove the hardware system and the worn brake pads.
  • Push the piston and place the new brake pad. That’s it. 
  • Now install the hardware and then the tier. 
  • Changing Battery- The other car repair that you can do by yourself in the list is changing your car’s battery. This is an effortless task. Here are the steps to follow-
  • Firstly buy a new battery for your car, note the shape and size of the older battery and buy a new one accordingly.
  • Then open the bonnet of your car and remove the older battery. 
  • One note for you is that make sure when you install the new battery; you connect the negative and positive joints to the right places.
  • Install the new battery, and that’s it.
  • Change car oils- Several oils are in your car and can change by yourself, but if you go to a car mechanic, he will take in between $100-150 for the oil change only.

All the oils marketing and joints to fill the oil is inside the bonnet of your car, and you can find all of them easily. You need to buy the oil, that’s it.  

You can do everything else by yourself. 

This was all about the car repairs that you can do it yourself and can save a lot of money. 

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