Contributor: Joseph Curphey

Full Name – Joseph Curphey

Age – 19

Country of Residence – New Zealand

Nickname – Joe

Weapon of choice – Nikon D90 w/ AF-S 70-300mm 4.5-5.6G VR

Car – 1997 S14 Kouki

Next car – Whatever comes up!

How long have you been shooting drift – Around 2 years now.

What got you into it – A lot of friends racing at track days, And I only had a little point and shoot camera.I talked to a friend that was a professional photographer, And he convinced me to buy a SLR, and it just went from there really.

Best drift event you’ve attended – No Idea really, Probably one of the D1NZ rounds

Favourite drift car – Probably Mad Mikes FD, Or Matt Powers S14

Favourite driver – Matt Powers

Photographer/film maker you most aspire to – Larry Chen

Music – Dubstep, Hip-hop, Rap

Fave Film – The Hangover

Motto – “We all need haters, Haters are what we need to succeed”


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