How To Maintain Good Mileage For Your BMW?

05/29/201929th May, 2019
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Every vehicle requires regular service for proper functioning. A regularly serviced vehicle will have a better service life and a lesser chance of it breaking down without warning. A full service includes all fluid checks, tune-ups, tweaks, and check for a potential issue that is likely to arise in the future.

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The new cars are more technologically advanced which means the service is not just an oil change but also a software-based tune up using advanced tools that only a decent repair shop is likely to have.

For example, getting a BMW service in Sydney can help improve the performance of a vehicle.

Proper care and maintenance along with regular BMW service in NSW will ensure there are no hiccups and can help maintain a good steady mileage. This article explores the issues surrounding bad mileage and tips to maintain good mileage.

Main Reasons for Bad mileage are:

  • Incorrect tyre pressure affects the working of a vehicle.
  • A bad sensor showing wrong readings affecting oxygen and air filters can mislead the driver.
  • Misfiring spark plugs will affect the performance of just about any vehicle.
  • Fuel injectors are responsible for pumping fuel into an engine, hence bad fuel injectors can be an issue.
  • Bad driving habits are one of the major contributing factors for those who have poor mileage.
  • Type of oil used in a car affects its efficiency.
  • Timely BMW service in NSW is also necessary; irregular maintenance is a big reason for bad mileage.

Tips to Maintain a Good Mileage

  • Opting for premium grade gasoline can improve fuel economy by up to 4% and is usually advisable for performance oriented engines like that of a BMW, Audi, etc.
  • Improving the driving style and maintaining a lower steady speed on freeways or highways will help in the longer run.
  • Many vehicles have an eco mode, as does a BMW (BMW Eco Pro Mod); making use of this mode will help save fuel too.
  • The more advanced vehicles these days (including BMW) have several features to improve the efficiency like an intelligent & efficient GPS, coasting function and the Brake Energy regeneration function. Making use of these features help make the vehicle more efficient as well.
  • Reducing idling and decreasing hard braking can help decrease the strain on the vehicle, require less correction during the BWM service in Sydney, and make it more efficient.
  • Driving a vehicle in the right gear plays an important role too. There are several factors to look out for when selecting the optimal gear; this usually depends on the speed of a vehicle and elevation of the road. Getting this right, will make a big difference on the mileage.
  • Keeping the car clean, free from unnecessary clutter and luggage will help too.
  • Not filling up the tank to the brim when not required is an advantage as well; it can help reduce the weight of the car besides having other benefits.
  • Regular tyre pressure check can ensure a smooth drive and improve the mileage.
  • Aftermarket solutions can have a negative impact on the performance of your vehicle. Making use of replacements not recommended by BMW can also adversely affect the performance of a vehicle.
  • Regular service and maintenance of a vehicle will ensure smooth working too.

Benefits of Regular BMW Service in NSW

A vehicle running normally without maintenance is more prone to failures or breakdowns. On the other hand, if a vehicle is serviced on a regular basis, the chances of finding the potential breakdown issues are higher.

This can mean avoiding a fatal crash, an unexpected breakdown, finding all the issues that are likely to arise in the near future and more.

Besides helping improve the performance of a vehicle, ensuring smooth running, and improving mileage, regular BMW service in Sydney also helps maintain market value and lower running costs.

It can help save a lot on fuel as well. Fixing potential issues prior to the breaking point will also help save money on a costly repair.

Many car enthusiasts are known to maintain their vehicles themselves; however, when it comes to the more advanced vehicles like BMW, a regular service includes many other tune-ups and tweaks.

BMW service in Sydney is likely to include many tasks including a computerized diagnostic, electrical system service, steering & suspension, performance upgrades, and much more.

It also reduces emission level thus making it more environmentally friendly. All moving parts of a vehicle are lubricated to improve roadworthiness. The vehicle becomes safer to drive as well.

All these factors help one maintain a good mileage of a BMW and ensure you always enjoy a smooth drive.

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